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Canada looks south for help to solve EpiPen shortage

Canada said on Tuesday it is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to access supplies of Mylan N.V.’s EpiPen emergency allergy antidote amid a growing shortage that has spared the United States. 526 more words


Managing Your Food Allergy When You’re Vision Impaired

As a partially sighted individual with food allergies, managing my allergies has been challenging.  For example, when I’m eating at a restaurant, the menu isn’t always written in large print, or when I go food shopping, it’s often difficult to read the ingredients on food packaging.   390 more words

EpiPen shortage in Canada expands due to manufacturing issues

A shortage of EpiPens in the country has expanded, according to Health Canada.

Supply constraints for the auto-injectors, which provide emergency treatment for people at risk of life-threatening allergic reactions, were first reported in January. 292 more words


Manufacturing issues stoke fears of EpiPen shortage in Britain

Manufacturing problems have created a shortage of Mylan’s EpiPens in Britain, forcing the company to ration the devices allergy patients rely on to treat anaphylactic shock. 127 more words

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vulnerability (A Fingertips Poem)

this paper’s my bed
this ink is my blood
these words are my heart
my heart
my heart

these lines are my efforts
these scratches my motives… 91 more words


I failed him

“Oh My God!! What happened?! Liam go get dressed! Grab pants for John we have to go NOW!”

*Shit where the hell is that Epi-Pen* 936 more words

Driving Mr Samuel...

Who knew the school run could be so exciting?

Samuel has been having a few issues with his stomach lately and being the diligent parent I am I am living in denial and avoiding having him tested for what I suspect is a reaction to gluten. 649 more words