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A Contract of Adhesion (or: Paying for Priceless Medicine)

In law, the term “contract of adhesion” refers to a deal between parties that are so disparate in their bargaining power as to leave one of them with all the say-so and the other with no other option but to go along with the terms.   2,233 more words


Face, Airway, Stomach, Total body

They tell you what can happen. They teach you what to do if/when it does. They even say something about things progressing really  quickly – the entire body shutting down within minutes. 133 more words

Right Here Right Now

Community Support *** Illawarra Christian School

Last Friday I had the pleasure of presenting Beth Ellerman of Illawarra Christian School with some FREE Epi-pens and Ventolin to help them take the best care of the Albion Park students in their care. 95 more words

Albion Park

Milk Allergy Death Of 16-Year-Old Leads To Lawsuit

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A Minnesota family wants restaurants to make changes after an allergic reaction took the life of their son.

Scott Johnson, 16, had a severe milk allergy since birth. 592 more words


Can I Eat There?

I just recently made a new and exciting discovery that I have to share. A new website called http://www.canIeatthere.co.uk is in development and due to launch in a matter of weeks. 701 more words

The Epipen - The Most Frightening Superhero In The World...AKA The First Time I Had To Epipen My Child!

My six year old daughter suffered an anaphylactic reaction this past weekend. I am still trying to get over the fact that for the first time I had to give her the epipen myself. 1,141 more words

Allergic Reactions

Your Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Guide

We’ve all been there: you’re out with friends, and they decide they want to get food. I’ve spent plenty of hours watching my friends eat while sipping a glass of water because I can’t eat anything on the menu. 480 more words