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Minnesotan To Meet: Jason Lawinger's 'NefCase'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Millions of Americans have food allergies and for many parents, it’s not until it’s too late when they realize their child has a food allergy. 385 more words



Our hives are on private property but that does not mean the public won’t be tempted to check out our bees. The hives face a field that will have over 2500 strawberry plants this summer along with other vegetables. 133 more words

What to do with the used EpiPen....

Hi all (again)!

My mum has a Snoopy mug which said “What to do with the used tea bag?” The line stuck in my head and I thought of it when I had used EpiPens to dispose of. 133 more words


Epipen Noir

I couldn’t see the inanimate object, but I could hear it speak. The Epipen had a voice like an Italian mobster if you can believe that. 417 more words

Needle Length of Auto-Injectors May Need Review for Infants and Toddlers, Study Finds

Breaking news coverage for Allergic Living from the 2016 AAAAI conference.

Epinephrine auto-injectors are a life-saving tool for children with allergies, however new evidence suggests the design of the devices may need adjustment for use on very young children.

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Stock Epi Used in 38% of Anaphylactic Reactions in U.S. Schools

Breaking news coverage for Allergic Living from the 2016 AAAAI conference.

Each academic year, one in every six U.S. schools will have a student or staff member experience anaphylaxis, according to a nationwide survey that further supports the need for stock epinephrine auto-injectors in schools, and training for staff on when and how to use them.

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Coun. Francis wonders about EpiPens in city facilities

Coun. Fred Francis thinks it might be wise to place EpiPens in municipal buildings.

So he has asked city administration to prepare a report on the feasibility of equipping city facilities with epinephrine auto-injectors, used to treat serious reactions to allergens, insect bites and more. 121 more words

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