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Are peanut free schools really safe? What if the child has other food allergies?

When our child entered Kindergarten, the concept of peanut free schools didn’t exist and trying to educate his teachers about food allergens was quite a challenge to say the least. 557 more words

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Must have when traveling with food allergies.

Most essential safety net when traveling with food allergies is to carry allergy free snacks especially during transit. A food allergic reaction could rapidly escalate to… 202 more words

Peanut Allergy

Traveling with celiac and food allergies? Also, list of airlines that don't serve individual packages or bags of peanuts.

The following is a list that includes only those airlines that do not serve packaged peanuts (i.e., peanuts are the only ingredient) in coach class. Please note that some airlines may still serve peanuts in first or business class even if they don’t in coach. 1,352 more words

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Finally getting better... for now

So around mid November Marcos started to get better in his skin he looks great!! He started to even eat rice again which was removed from his diet. 201 more words


It gets tough...

About 3 weeks ago Marcos got a bad cough. His daycare called me to pick him up because he was very down, and was not feeling well. 903 more words


More Than One Dose From an EpiPen..

Ten years ago, my EMT instructor at Tyson McGhee showed us a cool way to get a couple more doses out of an EpiPen. Caught in the act, he was chastised by his commanding officer and I stood by in disbeilef, as I witnessed the disparity between concern for liability and practicality rear it’s ugly head. 125 more words

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Our First EPIPEN Experience

It happened; we knew it was a matter of time. D-Man needed to use his EPIPEN.

It was a Monday morning I was coming downstairs to breakfast with my 2 year old. 1,213 more words

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