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It gets tough...

About 3 weeks ago Marcos got a bad cough. His daycare called me to pick him up because he was very down, and was not feeling well. 903 more words


More Than One Dose From an EpiPen..

Ten years ago, my EMT instructor at Tyson McGhee showed us a cool way to get a couple more doses out of an EpiPen. Caught in the act, he was chastised by his commanding officer and I stood by in disbeilef, as I witnessed the disparity between concern for liability and practicality rear it’s ugly head. 125 more words

First Aid

Our First EPIPEN Experience

It happened; we knew it was a matter of time. D-Man needed to use his EPIPEN.

It was a Monday morning I was coming downstairs to breakfast with my 2 year old. 1,213 more words

Food Allergy

Halifax mother raises concern over EpiPen shortage

HALIFAX – While many kids and their families will be out enjoying Halloween this evening, some kids need to be wary of a serious risk. 490 more words


Sanofi recalls all pen injectors used for allergic reactions

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Sanofi is recalling hundreds of thousands of epinephrine injectors used to treat severe allergic reactions because they may not deliver the correct amount of the life-saving drug. 107 more words


Auvi-Q Brand Epinephrine Auto-Injector Recalled For Dosage Concerns

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Auvi-Q brand of epinephrine auto-injector has been recalled by the manufacturer. Now, parents of children with severe allergies are scrambling to find replacements ahead of Halloween weekend. 132 more words


EpiPen Price Surge Puts Pressure On Parents' Wallets For Life-Saving Tool

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For someone with an allergy, an EpiPen can mean the difference between life and death, but they’re getting harder to afford, even with insurance. 378 more words