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Speak Loudly and Carry a Big...Purse...Bitterly

I’ve never truly enjoyed shopping. I’m a simple kind of woman. If I had one necklace, one pair of shoes, and one pair of earrings for the rest of my life, I’d be totally happy. 590 more words

Traveling with allergies

One of the inconveniences of being allergic to many things is the handicap of traveling safely. If you suffer from food allergies or you are traveling with someone who is allergic you would have to plan ahead! 646 more words

Destined for Food to be a Focal Point

The main struggle with an eating disorder is the obsessive focus on food. It becomes a compulsive behavior where the only thing one can possibly think about is food.  733 more words

Dear Epipens and AuviQs

Dear Epipens and AuviQs


Thank you for being a thing. Thanks for saving my life.

  AuviQ thanks for calmly talking me through these moments in life where my heart beats fast as my hand holds you and I take a deep breath and put you in my leg to save my life. 212 more words

Food Allergies

The silent fears of going to school and summercamp with food allergies.

If daily life activities don’t seem to feel normal when you have food allergies you are not alone. Going back to school or a summer camp is not  exciting times of the year for students with food allergies or their parents.   1,685 more words

Food Allergy

Achoo! Bless you.

I’ve no doubt many of you have had experiences with allergies. Apparently 1 in 5 Australians are afflicted with one or more allergic disease. Jesus wept! 753 more words


Could using an #asthma inhaler and other allergy medications trigger a severe #peanut #soy or #milk anaphylaxis reaction?

Articles about asthma inhalers containing peanuts continue to worry #food allergic individuals and especially parents of small children with severe #anaphylaxis #food allergies. Few years ago the concern was that inhalers contained soy, then peanuts. 362 more words

Food Allergy