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Super Lovers 2: Episode 1

A continuation of an incestuous love affair.

Fortunately, they are not related by blood — but they are technically brothers.

Warning: There will be spoilers in this review. 269 more words


Naye Music Journal Podcast: Ep. 1

Allow me to introduce the first ever episode of the Naye Music Journal Podcast. It will run alongside NayeMusicJournal.com, adding greater insight to my written content. 13 more words

Jerome Thomas

Believe: Season 1/ Episodes 1 to 6.5 - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


Think Touch with less mystery, more likable characters, and a kid which can actually communicate.

Review (with Spoilers)

A part of me misses Touch… 6,302 more words

TV Series

Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) Ep: 1

A moment of silence if you please…

This is a special add-on by me. Out of Curiosity reaching its peak and because it is very much new just like the author I thought let’s review the ongoing anime!!! 3,916 more words


Episode One-Derland: Guilty Crown

Plot: The year is 2039 and Japan has been crippled by an outbreak of a mysterious virus. A boy named Shu tries to live his life normally, but typically has problems socializing and connecting with people. 791 more words


Kamen Rider Drive: Episode 1 - Review

This episode had a decent plot, good characters and implemented a great way of introducing characters and the overall story line. I really enjoyed watching Mr. 85 more words

Kamen Rider

Our First Episode!

Here, is our Pilot Episode of The Millennialology Podcast. In this episode, Zach and Nick talk about their relations to the church. Zach speaks on his life growing up in the church where Nick talks about his finding of the church later on in his life. 19 more words

Episode 1