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Impression 'Cinderella and the four knights' Episode 1


This episodes receipe:

  1. Step one is to take a stereotypical setting
  2. Step two is to make it cliche ontop of stereotypical by making it obvious in the title of the drama.
  3. 330 more words

The Great British Bake Off - Episode 1 - Overview (2016) 

It’s that time of the year again ..BAKE OFF IS BACK and this year I’ve decided to do an overview post for each episode as well as my live tweets because let’s face it I can’t confine all of my excitement on Twitter! 691 more words

Naruto 1.1: Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!

So, the first episode of Naruto. It’s our main character introduction, along with some quick glimpses of some other series mainstays. It sets the tone. Builds some themes. 161 more words


Kerosene Games: Life is Strange (PC)

I was trying to decide if I wanted Life is Strange, found out that the first episode is free so I’ll be playing it on multiple platforms. 9 more words


Splash Splash Love ♥ Episode 1 Recap

Viki finally made this available in my region and I am beyond happy! I’ve heard such great thing about this drama!! And this episode was a definite strong opening! 827 more words


Impression 'Heart to Heart' Episode 1

Heart to Heart

!!What a pleasant surprise!!

Why this drama?? It was listed on as no.10 in a Top 10 psychological Kdrama video. Despite its low ranking it peaked my interest the most. 374 more words