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Life On Mars Episode 1: recap

I have been waiting for this drama to come out for the longest time! Life on Mars was originally a 2006-2007 TV series from the UK, that has since been re-made various times. 1,232 more words


The 'A licence to print money' blog tour

A measured response  Episode 1

As a young cartographer, Benor Dorfinngil knew he would have to travel. On
the long road that had at length carried him from Toelar to Port Naain, he… 669 more words

Doctors - Reckless Life

“Living a reckless life is a way to abuse yourself.”

“Its worse than committing suicide. Its like killing yourself slowly.”

“Like all other kinds of abuse, you come to enjoy it.” 56 more words

Doctors - Friends Or Foe

“Whether you become friends or foe, you never know… How that person will become part of your life in the beginning.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 1.

Weekend in Dramaland Podcast: Episode 1 'Maiden Voyage'

Episode 1: Maiden Voyage


Andrea and Tiff from It Started With a K-Drama launch their first podcast geared towards all things Asian dramas.

In their first episode, they discuss where they began with Korean dramas and segue into Busted (Korean Variety Show) and do a four episode recap of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (currently airing Korean Romantic Comedy series). 296 more words

Park Min Young

Doctors - Good Memories

“Good memories. I had good memories too.”

“I remembered those memories after I met Grandma.”

“When good memories and good meetings come together, you want to become a better person.”

Doctors, Korean Drama, Episode 1.

Doctors - Meetings & Death

“Those who are destined to meet eventually do so.”

“The person I have to meet is here, too.”

“Death is not a surprise at this place. 25 more words