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Alignment You! You!

2 eps, 28 mins, score 9

I Am going to highly recommend this one. The arts pretty good. The sounds they make are good. It does it’s job. 184 more words


Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep 1

24 mins, score 6

Chika learns about school idols while in Tokyo and when she goes back to her small home town, decides to try starting a club at school. 154 more words


Chapter 6

I left Kama with a general feeling of uneasiness. Could I really trust her? Could I trust anyone? I felt the need for familiar surroundings, and for somewhere I could relax, and sort out my thoughts. 5,482 more words


Chapter 5

Keir kept me busy for some time. He had me playing mind games for hours. No, he wasn’t trying to get me to manipulate people like Kama would have. 5,993 more words


Chapter 4

I wanted to write a eulogy for Al as something for others to remember him by. They wouldn’t exactly be having a funeral for him, but I felt the need to let people know how great he was. 7,194 more words


MOVIE!: DO ME RIGHT Episode 1 latest Nollywood movies!

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A Quintessential Leadership Perspective of Episode 1 of Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War"

I have been anticipating Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s The Vietnam War on PBS since I first heard about the project, because I knew it would be a comprehensive, thorough, and objective look at the Vietnam War from a before, during, and after perspective. 1,148 more words

Examples And Analyses Of Lack Of Leadership And Unquintessential Leadership