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Oh My Ghostess Ep 1 ShamzCapz- "I'm A Pitiful Love Song, A Soul Full Of Regrets" [Soon Ae]

Finally a new drama to watch!! Sorry about the slow uploads but will be on it like sonic since I’m trying to get a post out every 2 days now. 1,669 more words

Drama Review

shitty roommate chronicles: episode 1 - what have i gotten myself into?

my roommate fucking sucks. it’s still under two months at this point and i’d say it’s a pretty bad sign that that thought goes through my head dozens of times a day. 1,507 more words


Sense 8: Episode One

I’ve heard great things about Sense 8. Netflix usually does a great job at creating quality, binge worthy television.

Sense 8 starts off quite confusing. But I suppose that was the point. 102 more words



The spectacled psychiatric doctor worked feverishly from book to book in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the unconscious young man that lay on the bed in his office. 527 more words

MS Series

The Slap: Episode one

I know I am a little late to the party, but I just watched the first episode of NBC’S The Slap.

The show’s look and feel is cool, different. 252 more words


TV Show Review: True Detective Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2

The first season of True Detective conveyed very specific things to viewers. It gave a glimpse at the gritty, lower levels of Louisiana society. You got a great character study on McConaughey’s and Woody Harrelson’s characters. 222 more words


TV Show Review: Suits Season 5 Episodes 1 and 2

After these last four seasons, I’ve figured out what I love most about Suits. I love scenes with Lewis and Donna. I love the humor. I enjoy watching Jessica mentor, protect, and smack down the rest of the cast. 342 more words