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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Dam Breakthrough

While they prepare for Christmas, Cabe shows up with team from Dam. They found that Dam is damaged from the flood, they need to fix it. 160 more words


Doctor Who S2, E12 "Army of Ghosts" Review

Army of Ghosts starts off with an intriguing introduction as the supposed death of Rose Tyler is quite compelling but there is some off putting cheesy dialogue “How long you gonna stay with me? 413 more words

Doctor Who

Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap

Moo Ra tells the tale of Nak Bin a human offered as a sacrifice for the gods. Lord Habaek feel in love with Nak Bin. 3,575 more words


Twin Peaks - Episode 13 - Hey, I'm not gonna take this anymore

It’s hard to place the theme of Twin Peaks, Episode 13, but I guess if I’d have to choose, I’d say this episode shows how characters are at their wits end.   345 more words


David Rothenberg

It was 1983, David Rothenberg was in a hotel room with his father Charles Rothenberg. At the time his parents were going through a custody battle, so his father decided that if he couldn’t have him that no one could. 152 more words

'TWIN PEAKS' Season 3 Episode 12 - TV Review - "Let's Rock!"

Episode 12 has the show once again opting for a more linear approach to telling the various stories here and doesn’t really make any progress from where we left off last episode. 1,605 more words