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Sakura Quest - Episodes 11 & 12

It’s fine to stay who you are. Regardless of what you think of yourself — be it a dragon, an unemployed “food fighter” or what ever — one of these days you’ll meet someone who you can see eye to eye. 636 more words


Goggle V, Episode 12

Kijima (Goggle Yellow) finally gets an episode. In this episode, Kijima befriends a young boy who is a habitual liar. The only ones who will believe the boy are his sister and her young friends. 120 more words

Goggle V

iZOMBIE: Season 3, Episode 12: "Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1"New Promo & Stills Released

This season of iZombie has just two episode left to conclude the season and new promo has been aired for next week’s installment. Watch promo below.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Episode 12

“You are either with us, or against us”

A quote that has been uttered countless times in mankind’s history, all the way from the Bible to George Bush’s anti-terrorism campaign. 866 more words


Suspicious Partner Episode 12 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 12 “The Beginning That Hasn’t Begun” (part 2) Recap

Hyun Soo describes his day to his lawyer Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) who want to establish an alibi.   1,273 more words