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Episode Fifteen - 'Dancing at the Midnight Hotel', Part Four

Having made his confession Henry James declined the offer of a third bourbon and, pleading tiredness, retired to his room. I sensed that, on reflection, he rather regretted his candour for in the days that followed he returned to his elusive ways. 2,860 more words


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Awwwww… Sang Wook and Sul. Why so sweeeeeeeet? They share heartwarming moments and this time when Sang Wook declares, ” I love you, Noona ssi”, it’s for real and not Sul fantasising over her adorable dongsaeng ssi. 58 more words


Episode Fifteen - 'Dancing at the Midnight Hotel', Part Three

The next few days just seemed to sort of slip by. Our search for Sturridge’s hidden door became bogged down in a morass of good intentions that never quite got us anywhere. 3,434 more words


crossing the line

When is enough enough? So is reaching his breaking point as those around him manipulate him, holding his loved ones hostage to their evil desires. It just breaks my heart that every time So genuinely tries to do good and help someone, he ends up being the fall guy and forced to commit heinous deeds against his wishes and honour. 2,730 more words


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Yo orders So to kill Eun and he flatly refuses. I hope he sticks to his decision. The OTP share a sweet hug though I’m still not buying the depth of Soo’s feelings for our magnificent prince. More action and angst later…


Episode Fifteen - 'Dancing at the Midnight Hotel', Part Two

It was somewhere near four o’clock the following afternoon when Michael and I finally reconvened in the cocktail lounge with the ostensible aim of at last getting our search for the hidden door started. 3,249 more words


Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Last night we got not one, but two episodes dropped on us. Wrath, and North. In order to keep things sane, I am going to break them down separately. 1,999 more words