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S4, Ep 15, Sc 3: The Accusations

Holly knew that technically confronting Clint hadn’t accomplished much, but it did make her feel quite a bit better. At least it did until she was standing outside of McCall’s house, faced with the prospect of talking to him about the photographs. 870 more words

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S4, Ep 15, Sc 2: The Trust

Nikki gave a contented side and scooted a little closer to Clint. He had one arm wrapped around her, his boots propped up on the coffee table, and the two were watching a movie. 862 more words

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S4, Ep 15, Sc 1: The Fakes

Holly woke up the next day exhausted. It had been nearly five in the morning when she’d finally dropped off. She had the unpleasant sick feeling of not enough sleep and she was quite prepared to roll over and fall back asleep. 1,434 more words

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Ashington - Episode 15 - Stuart is not in sharing mood, William and Judy find common ground, Tony's takes his anger to B&P Candy, and Shirley's surprise visit to Phil's place of work does not receive the response hoped for.

Episode 15

Tuesday – 19th March

Stuart had been silent since his confrontation with William on Sunday morning. He’d gone about his clerical duties as normal but he spoke only when he had to. 1,513 more words

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She Was Pretty Ep 15 ShamzCapz- "Let Me Do What's Fun For Me Now" [Shin Hyuk]

This episode I kind of liked. I was smiling more because of the way all individual chapters closed. Because they were actually well done. I preferred this to yesterdays episode and overall the episode was mainly a way of preparing you for the ‘1 year later’ episode which probably would be episode 16. 954 more words


New Science Sound Bites - Cut the Cord and Keep It

Life can give you many things. Life can give you reasons to smile (even on a Monday morning). Life can give you lemons (and of course when this happens to a scientist, we turn it into an experiment by seeing if we can guess the pH of the juice by using size, color, etc. 224 more words

Corazón Salvaje (1993): episode 15

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Juan prevents the old couple from being kicked out.   They notice a resemblance between him and their old boss, Francisco (Juan’s father). 184 more words

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