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Goggle V, Episode 15

Things take a turn towards the darkness in this episode. Destopia is still headed towards the South Pole from the previous episode. It’s quickly revealed why as Destopia takes on a mysterious coffin bearing the name Desmark. 163 more words

Goggle V

Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Episode 15

What a staggeringly beautiful display of carnage. This is exactly what this show excels at the most. High intensity, tactical and constantly balancing battles.

As for me, today’s episode serves as a little break from the highly political banter that the last couple of episodes have delivered, and that’s fine by me. 216 more words


Suspicious Partner Episode 15 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 15 “Deceitful Truth Game” (part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) stares at the bar’s bulletin board. He realizes that Hyun Soo constructed his alibi for the murder by using the bulletin board. 1,880 more words


Chicago Typewriter Episode 15 Recap

Our trio’s past story plays out in this next to last episode…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 15 Recap 

1930… The lights come back on at the exclusive party revealing the masked freedom fighters on stage with their guns pointed at the Japanese officers and the Korean sympathizers. 4,108 more words


Tunnel Episode 15 Recap

This episode sets up the finale…

Tunnel Episode 15 Recap

Serial killer Coroner Mok Jin Wook (Kim Min Sang) tells a co-worker that he’s going on an impromptu vacation, place and length are unknown.  4,415 more words


Gotham S3 Ep15: How The Riddler Got His Name Recap!

Yes, we are finally back! It took us two and a half months of waiting before we were at last rewarded with a new episode of Gotham. 1,411 more words


The tiring journey to destination is all that life has now become.