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Scattering of Linchpins

The gardens were quiet in the pre-dawn light. There was the faint tinge of red on the horizon, but everything was that slightly dusty shade of pale blue/grey and the breeze brought a coolness with it that spoke of the time between sleeping and wakefulness for those without heavy cares. 1,104 more words


Next Steps

Lara sighs as she puts down the whiteboard marker and reviews the additions she’s made to the seemingly never-ending lists. The board and markers are ones she brought back from London on a previous visit, Amber City not being up with such technology, and she finds them far more useful than the scattered thoughts contained on bits of paper strewn across her desk. 1,901 more words


Anchor Points

She’d been staring at the wall for a good five minutes. Too many things in her head, it felt like she was running in circles and her mind wouldn’t stop. 646 more words


The clothes maketh the man

Talion stared at himself in the mirror. Or, more accurately, he stared at his edges; at the points where his outline and the Palace of Amber intersected. 1,430 more words



Dear Mr Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service M,

You will be happy to know that through yours and Mr Scientist Q’s very gracious assistance, the Queen of Amber’s life was saved. 415 more words