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when a woman loves...

FINALLY. A heroine who sincerely values friendship above everything else – even budding romance. I love San for choosing to preserve the deep-rooted friendship between the men at her own heartbreak and peril… even though they will probably end up all heartbroken and in peril in the end anyway. 3,125 more words


preview: the king loves episode 17-18

Darn. I’m sooo tempted to read the novel just to see how much is being adapted for the drama version. Anyway, previews have never been accurate reflections of actual episodes but we see the first crack between the steadfast relationship between Won and Rin, thanks to court politics and San. 180 more words



I'm not a bloody relationship counsellor.

There are many things I am, that is most certainly not one of them.

…seriously, was I the only person he could think of to help? 293 more words


Corwin's heraldry: a reconciliation

Notes from the Office of the Herald of Amber by Scribe Altonus Bayle

It is still with some trepidation that I construct this overview. Prince—soon to be… 393 more words



Lara kicks off her shoes as they walk back into their rooms at Eorthwick, 10 days without needing to wear such things has made them feel strange on her feet. 2,383 more words


Goggle V, Episode 18

An idea they stole some ten years later for a Power Rangers plot! And really only about six adults disappear so the title’s a bit of a misnomer. 188 more words

Goggle V