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Episode 49: A New Hope

Our good pal @PhilipAIver joins us once again as we talk about a little movie called STAR WARS: EPISODE IV . . . A NEW HOPE!!! 37 more words


Rey's Journey Doesn't Echo Episode 4

Star Wars Episode VII is often accused of paralleling Episode IV too closely.  But it seems to me that Rey’s journey in Episode VII actually more closely parallels the journey of a character in another (less well respected) episode of the Star Wars saga.  395 more words

The Hero's Journey and the Rhyme and Reason of Narrative

One of the most famous works that inspired “Star Wars” was Joseph Campbell’s seminal work “The hero with a thousand faces,” which tells of the common patterns of the hero narrative that resonates throughout the world’s cultures. 334 more words

Episode IV: A New Hope

Welcome to the first episode of the Star Wars Introcast as we take on the film that started it all: Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope… 129 more words

A New Hope

The Five Stages of Luke Skywalker’s Hero’s Journey

Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope may be one of the most perfect examples of the hero’s journey and three act structure. No doubt, Lucas outlined the heck out of the script to ensure it hit every beat, twist and milestone that screenwriting manuals insisted a story should have. 1,357 more words

Writing Fiction

Star Wars: Episode VII - A New Awakening

It’s no secret to anyone who saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens that J.J. Abrams leaned heavily on A New Hope (and to a lesser extent… 625 more words

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