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Review: Star Wars [1977]

a review by the Swan!

This crow is very proud to introduce the first of our guest reviewers: the Swan! (No relation to this Crow’s home pub.) Otherwise known as the Lion, this boy is the biggest  2,181 more words

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Lessons: A New Hope

Now that my newest book has launched (and is available in paperback!) and the promos are finished, I’m finally diving into a passion project/writing exercise that has been on my mind for years. 872 more words

Star Wars

Star Wars Soundtrack to release on Vinyl modeled after the Death Star

Source: ScreenRant.Com

There’s something magical about that familiar Star Wars fanfare. Adults become children again, and restless kids settle down and lock their eyes on the screen. 483 more words

Star Wars

Top 101 Movies by the Numbers

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Today’s post entry takes a look at some fun numbers involved in the making of “Star Wars: Episode IV”, the original movie of George Lucas’s two trilogies. 106 more words

Four Star Movies

Episode 49: A New Hope

Our good pal @PhilipAIver joins us once again as we talk about a little movie called STAR WARS: EPISODE IV . . . A NEW HOPE!!! 37 more words


Rey's Journey Doesn't Echo Episode 4

Star Wars Episode VII is often accused of paralleling Episode IV too closely.  But it seems to me that Rey’s journey in Episode VII actually more closely parallels the journey of a character in another (less well respected) episode of the Star Wars saga.  395 more words