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An Inevitable Empire Strikes Back Post

I say in the postscript of my A New Hope review on Catholic Movie Nerd:

[Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back… 665 more words


Rogues, Rides, & Rebels

Padawanline: bringing you the newest Star Wars news… once it becomes old news XP Haha yeah it’s become a bit of a habit. But there was no way I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on the cool stuff revealed at D23 and the cool stuff to be revealed at NYCC! 721 more words

Star Wars

General Willard

You’re safe. When we heard about Alderaan, we feared the worst.

– General Willard, A New Hope

Today we remember Eddie Byrne who died today 1981 (born 1911)

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A New Hope

An Inevitable Star Wars Post

Less than a month ago, I rewatched the original Star Wars trilogy and wrote a review of A New Hope on my former site, Catholic Movie Nerd (with an additional note on the rest of the saga). 811 more words


We're gonna need a bigger trench

Njiaaaww! Bleep bleep! (exciting music!) Pew pew! Woosh! Bang! We all felt the excitement and intensity of the iconic trench run scene, watching the movie on the edge of our seat. 319 more words

Non LEGO Star Wars Forum Related

Save the banthas

There are two Banthas down there but I don’t see any … wait a second, they’re Sandpeople all right. I can see one of them now.

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Star Wars

One of many

Do you know what’s going on?”

“Maybe it’s another drill.

– Stormtroopers, A New Hope

Today we remember Morgan Upton at his birthday (born 1930, died 1991)

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