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True Story, Episode Seven: I Love Barry Manilow and You Can't Change Me

The first time I heard Barry Manilow was when I was in second grade. I was taking tap dancing classes and we were doing a routine to Bandstand Boogie. 1,026 more words

True Stories: Life Updates

Episode Seven: Love Gun

The Psycho Circus Podcast is one fan’s analytical commentary on every Kiss album ever released hosted by Ryo Vie (The Rock And Roll Guru). Episode seven is a track by track breakdown and analysis of the album Love Gun. 63 more words


The Force Awakens- The Good and the Bad

So with The Last Jedi only a few days away we decided to write another couple of reviews for the latest additions to the Star Wars filmography. 1,496 more words

Star Wars

Episode Seven

Blog No. 251

At the beginning of the year, I got a big surprise from my buddy Arvin. He told me it was our tenth anniversary of starting Wii Like To Podcast. 672 more words

107 - Berlin Beckons

“The longer I stay in one place, the more of myself I leave behind there.”

On the bus to Berlin now and writing from my phone again. 1,271 more words


Episode Seven: The Turn of the Wheel

The cloppity cloppity of a hand pushed cylinder lawn mower was one of the surest sounds to herald the start of the spring season as far as Sylvianne was concerned. 2,317 more words

Creative Writing

Hulu Recap: The Handmaid’s Tale, Episode 7, “The Other Side”

Last episode ended with a bombshell about Luke, Offred’s husband, having survived his encounter with the Guardians. This episode, we learn what’s happened to Luke since. 1,056 more words