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Couch Chronicles Episode Seven: Emeto...what?

Well, I guess better late than never, am I right?

I’m back this week with a little something new in my videos. I bet you’ll never guess what it is. 196 more words


"Brothers in arms"

Previously on star trek the chronicles of Jack crusher.
While on an away mission,then lt.commander Jack crusher’s best friend captain Jean luc Picard is killed. Jack is given command of the stargazer. 1,181 more words

Star Trek

RWBY ep.7 [Final]

W–why is it Ruby falling out of the sky?! Did we miss something?!

On the other hand, that’s the end of the episode! The credits appear to be different, and on reading them I can see that the last names and such are actually listed. 163 more words

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RWBY ep.7 [10]

Jaune’s voice actor, whoever he is, is confirmed as the absolute best! I know this should be a scary scene, but his freaking out is hilarious! 7 more words

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RWBY ep.7 [9]




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RWBY ep.7 [8]

You smiled at the pony, Blake! I SAW THAT!

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RWBY ep.7 [7]

Ahaha, they’re doing the eyes-in-the-dark thing! I’m just glad I remember whose eye colors are whose. Prediction: a pair of red eyes will show up just to complete the color trio. 7 more words

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