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This story is purely a futuristic fictional story which seeks to speak to the conscience of all Ghanaians against violence in the forthcoming election. 1,833 more words


Game of Thrones S6:E7 Review (Spoilers)

By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

This week’s Game of Thrones broke from tradition and had a pre-credits opening. While it was a little strange, having being accustomed to the opening credits after the HBO title card, it was worth the confusion when The Hound returned to our screens! 1,052 more words

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Brothers in arms the conclusion.

“Captains log a surprise invasion of a seemingly insignificant colony deep in the heart of federation had taken several surprising turns. The federation fleet has engaged the asana occupation fleet. 679 more words

Star Trek

Brothers in arms part six.

U.s.s horatio
Under star fleet poetical,when there are more then one ship involved in a situation,the commander of the largest vessel commands the mission. In the absence of the enterprise,the next in line was the ambassador class vessel horatio. 999 more words

Star Trek

Brothers in arms part four

Planet Cousteau
The asana military was everywhere. They had set up checkpoints on nearly everywhere corner. Things were quiet eerily so.
The human colonest were watching. 1,300 more words

Star Trek The Next-generation

Couch Chronicles Episode Seven: Emeto...what?

Well, I guess better late than never, am I right?

I’m back this week with a little something new in my videos. I bet you’ll never guess what it is. 196 more words


"Brothers in arms"

Previously on star trek the chronicles of Jack crusher.
While on an away mission,then lt.commander Jack crusher’s best friend captain Jean luc Picard is killed. Jack is given command of the stargazer. 1,181 more words

Star Trek