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Special Episode 0A: Radically Rooted

Have you suddenly found yourself transformed, yet distracted by old habits or routines that don’t align with your transformation? Are you striving to find the mindset for self-care or compassion and empathy for yourself and others? 771 more words


The women I meet are so accomplished, and the men, by contrast, are so disappointing.

I am not as thin as some women

that much is for sure, or pretty

or young, but i claim these as advantages

and i do not lay awake, disturbed… 112 more words


I want to keep my wrists

a cross eyed doctor in the dermatologist’s office

of that super rich, ivy league city i was stuck in

didn’t know what to do with my mess of a wrist… 218 more words


How I Outgrew my Pseudonym

When did I grow out of my pseudonym?

at that bed and breakfast in the countryside

of south korea, where these red, plush fruit

were dangling just outside the window… 262 more words


"VISAGE" - Coming October 2

The long awaited Horror game from Sadsquare Studio comes to Early Access on Steam October 2, being developed since January 2015 it’s finally here. For those that aren’t familiar,  668 more words


Let's Talk Tuesday! Top 5 Episodes That Are Angst And That You Need To Hear




  1. a feeling of deep anxiety or dread

    ( or basically, you turn into a cinnamon roll.)

Hewwo there.

Today is a rather gray and dreary day where I am, and times like these make me want to listen to AIO.

770 more words