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Episode 62: Gallowwalkers


The GBBV Crew moseys on over to the their trusty couch to watch Gallowwalkers, a Wesley Snipes led Weird West film that has some great shots, cool costumes, and interesting concepts but ultimately never informs the audience too much about what is really going on. 56 more words


Leadership Quiz

You can take the same “What Kind of Leader are You?” quiz the crew took to find out what YOUR leadership style would be.

CLICK HERE to link to the PDF…

16 more words


Ep 181 - Angels and Demons of the Punjab

Golly, another lovely-but-heavy episode of Doctor Who. Join Erika, Lizbeth, and Tansy as we dig into this historical-with-aliens. We talk about the history of history in the show, the use (or not) of religion, and much, much, much more! 133 more words

Doctor Who

Episode 38 - Text Selection and New iPads with Chris Lawley

Learn how to handle text selection with your keyboard and hear from Chris Lawley about the 3rd generation iPad Pro.

If you like the show please review it in iTunes. 64 more words


Faking Movies – Ep 74.5. Inventions that will change the world


Do normal shoes get ya down?  Do you require various forms of lubrication for wildly different scenarios?  We’ve got ya… don’t worry about it.


S2 E4: Alton Coleman & Debra Brown


On this episode we get talk about killer couple, Alton Coleman & Debra Brown, who in a span of two months, assaulted, raped and murdered their way from Illinois to Michigan and down to Kentucky before authorities were finally able to capture them. 612 more words


S02 E03: Morgan; @House_Feminist


Season 2, episode 3, starring Morgan, @House_Feminist.

This week’s charity of choice is the YWCA. Please donate anything you can to this, or your local equivalent. 70 more words