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Hockey Feels - September 24, 2018

On this week’s Hockey Feels: It’s the last week of training camp, the Flyers have set loose a new mascot upon the world, a couple young Oiler prospects are making waves, Henrik Zetterberg retires, new third jerseys, and more! 94 more words


Episode 5: Demons (1985)

As the dark nights draw in and autumn clamps its icy jaws around the last squirming remnants of summer, Devlin reminisces about his first brush with an actual horror movie: Lamberto Bava’s Italo-splatter mainstay Demons. 129 more words


Ep. 49 - Comfort In Life & In DEATH


Cary talks about how Christ can be our comfort not only in life but also in death!

Five For Fruit is a proud member of the Society of Reformed Podcasters. 56 more words


Ep 40: Black Lives Matter Four Years Later

This is definitely our longest episode ever and it’s for good reason because we had our high school friend Shirley in the office for a very important discussion. 130 more words


Episode 93: A Wedding Most Strange

Mikey is still wandering the Alps without cell phone reception and can’t be heard from, but given how Bil and Dan feel about this week’s movie, he’s probably having a better time than they are anyway.  155 more words


This Episode Will Put You Off Asparagus

In the Series Finale Eve episode George is invited to a dinner party with ONE BILLION POUNDS (other currencies are available) riding on it. Can he dodge and weave his way out of the oncoming waves of asparagus to take home the prize? 52 more words