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Episode 1: Henny-thing Is Possible with Dayyvitt

Listen in as my friend Dayyitt and I examine everything from Nicki Minaj’s trip to Prague to our listener named Mimi who is her boss’ side chick. 6 more words


Episode 58: James and Erin Write A Movie ("Time Travel Love Song")

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 58: James and Erin Write A Movie (“Time Travel Love Song”)

Hey, everyone! From the weirdos who brought you “Redo Year’s Eve 1” and “How To Make Friends And Resurrect Your Pets”, a new romantic comedy starring some people who are not named Steve! 44 more words


LVE35-Is Michelle Carter a criminal?

This week we address how time is running out for the GOP congress. They have set lofty goal and have done little to achieve them. Democrats lost again, this time in Georgia. 45 more words


Throwing Shade

i know he likes me
and i think he’s cute
but last time i talked to him
he was in the middle of
a drug deal… 25 more words


Episode 13 "Be Purified"

It all comes down to this, Riverdale, Chapter 13 “The Sweet Hereafter.” Kyle and Noah jump head long into the Season 1 finale in this extra length episode of Maple Syrup, Blood Money. 146 more words