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Episode 19

Episode ke-19 Benteng Takeshi ditayangkan pada tanggal 17 Oktober 1986. 115 Peserta berkumpul untuk menggempur Pertahanan Benteng Takeshi. Episode ini juga menampilkan Reporter sementara yang hanya bertugas di Episode ke 19 dan 20 bernama Akira Sakamoto. 348 more words


Episode 92: The Best Stephen King Story Stephen King Never Wrote ("The Lost Room")

Unabashedly Obsessed Episode 92: The Best Stephen King Story Stephen King Never Wrote (“The Lost Room”)

Hey, everyone! Friend of the show Amity (hi, Amity!) from The Latecomers podcast and Podcasts Collected Presents upped her Patreon donation to the tier that lets her suggest something annually for us to watch and cover on the show. 178 more words


Ganba no Bouken Episode 10

After a long and rigorous translation process Ganba ep 10 is fully timed, edited and translated! This episode was difficult to work with, featuring singing sections, references to poetry, and lots of wordplay. 6 more words

Ganba No Bouken

Adair’s Chronicles: Chapter 1

Casey, a 21 year old girl filled with fire and ambition. Romantic Relationships were not her priority. She told herself she would never fall in love with anybody. 179 more words


The Curse of the Black Panther - Episode 177

The guys are at it once again and they don’t disappoint. In this powerful episode, there’s epic talk about the Black Panther movie, the Winter Olympics, dental robots and the fate of the world. 11 more words


Team Objection Podcast #325 (02/22/18)

Episode 325: Something’s Fishy — The gang lets Michelle take the wheel and she responds by finding a fish fortune teller and zero new memes. Also, Chris doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and Michelle wants to get a Waluigi Board. 47 more words

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