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Chuck vs The Ring II: Season Three Finale

We have finally come to the end of Season Three, and while one story ends another begins to preview on whats to come. This episode would mark the end of the battle between Chuck and Shaw at least for now and we will explore the benefits of Shaw on the overall landscape of Chuck. 5,573 more words

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Episode 77: Ether 11-12

Click to Listen: Episode 77: Ether 11-12

I think we finally come to the end of the pointless family drama, and none of it seemed to have a point. 58 more words


Against what you trust [Plastic Memories E:4]

With this episode we are back to the Giftia retrieval stories, and I’m glad we get back to work as the character development in the previous episodes were a bit lackluster. 444 more words


Season 1, Episode 5 - "The Script and the Sherpa"


Claude joins us this week as we help him figure out Entourage, we see if the grass is truly Grenier on the other side, and Erik debuts the first chapter of his seminal work, Turtle Tales.


When a Binge Watch Ends

It is a feeling like none other: the feeling of a finale.

In my experience of binge watching there have been many highs and lows in a binge. 555 more words


S08E06 - Parents

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