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Episode 4 Review: Finally, An Insert Song That's Not Aikatsu Step

With the placement exams behind us, it’s time to see what life at Four Star Academy is really like. Are things about to get glamorous? Well…it depends on your definition of glamorous. 970 more words


It's Up To You

Have you seen Sandra Oh’s first feature film, 1994’s Double Happiness? If not, you’re not alone. Asian-Canadians are criminally under-represented on screen. This week we’re asking, whose responsibility is it to make sure stories like this get told? 76 more words


What Makes a Hero?

What makes a hero? Is it the choices they make? The way we see them? On today’s episode of All That Matters, we talk to the creators of Heroes of 107th, an attempt to reframe how Edmontonians see the people who live and work near 107th Ave. 49 more words


Episode #53 - Nick Winkelman

Nick Winkelman is the Head of Athletic Performance & Science for Ireland Rugby. We speak with Nick about the communication mediums coaches use with their athletes including implicit learning vs explicit learning, external stimuli, external vs internal cueing, and how to use constraints to improve the environment of training your team and athletes are exposed to. 7 more words


TBT 10: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Our designated #LOGHSQUAD discusses the recently-released English translation of the first light novel in this acclaimed Japanese science-fiction series, as well as its comparison to the popular anime adaptation. 88 more words


Weird Life

From extremophillic bacteria to the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intellegence, NASA Ames to fictional sentient nebulae: there is a long history of fascination with weird life. … 31 more words



Several days before I made the call, I was suddenly overwhelmed and struggling with irrational anger at myself and at Bob for us going ahead eleven years ago and having another child. 793 more words

Bipolar Disorder