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BOOK REVIEW: The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

Once in a while, books come along that feel special, books that leave me choked up for no reason, books that make me feel like I’m on a runner’s high when I read them. 376 more words


Transcontinental love

Tarzan’s Tonsillitis by Alfredo Bryce-Echenique. 1999. French title: L’amygdalite de Tarzan.

Preamble: I have read it in French, translated by Jean-Marie Saint Lu. I translated the quotes into English and as often, it’s not easy to translate a Latin language into English. 1,267 more words


The Sorcerer's House, Letters 1-3

And so begins the chapter by chapter review. Technically, The Sorcerer’s House (“SH”) is divided up into a series of “letters” not chapters. Spoilers in every post! 1,418 more words

Gene Wolfe

Epistolary Novels

Some of the memorable and beloved reads are epistolary novels. Recently I popped the cherry of The Color Purple, a collection of letters between two African African sisters from the south that was censored over the years since it was published. 253 more words


Review: Adios Scheherazade, Chapter 2

To: Donald E. Westlake, c/o The Final Mystery

From: ‘Fred Fitch’, via The Westlake Review

Dear Mr. Westlake:

Thanks so much for your response to my previous missive, and for answering my question about Ambrose Bierce (a hero of mine as a boy, as perhaps he was for you as well).  5,325 more words

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