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William H. Krauth Monument, Prospect Cemetery

A splendid bilingual zinc monument—German on one side, English on the other. As usual with zinc monuments, it is as legible now as it was when it was put up. 134 more words


Elizabeth Flowers Monument, North Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery

A particularly well-preserved monument in the romantic style of the 1860s, with two poetic epitaphs.

She was a mother good and kind
While she with us did stay… 34 more words

Smaller Graveyards

Robert and Abigail Hopper Monuments, Bethany Cemetery

A pair of matched urn-topped ,marble monuments—matched, but not quite. It looks as though Robert’s heirs could not get exactly the same design when he died three and a half years after his wife. 82 more words


Richard Coulter Tombstone, Bethany Cemetery

memory of
who departed this life
May 4th 1821, Aged 22 years
Long, long expected home, and lo:
Home he has scarcely come, 145 more words

Early Settlers

The Gravestone Game

An employee at my local supermarket was posted at the end of an aisle, trying to sign people up to a card points scheme. He smiled winningly and asked ‘do you have a Nectar card, sir?’ I told him I didn’t and walked on. 1,901 more words

Goodman Y. Coulter, Jr., Monument, Bethany Cemetery

Died in N. Orleans
March 1, 1851
interred here
March 21, 1851
in his 21 year.

To the young
He being dead yet speaketh. 33 more words


'But the work shall not be wholly lost'

I like reading the inscriptions on tombstones. Often they speak of sadness, sometimes of futility, and sometimes of hope for something better. Some people even compose their own. 131 more words

Life's Journey