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I meander around the local cemetery most evenings. I read the gravestones as my dogs stop to sniff. I like graves, I always have. I can spend hours wandering amongst the stones. 154 more words

Some Humorous Epitaphs

Many forget that we should learn to be wise enough to laugh at the world and ourselves.  Without laughter–the universal tonic for all melancholic maladies–it becomes ever easier to take ourselves too seriously, and to retreat into comfortable recesses of our own minds that promise nothing but stagnation and sterility.   791 more words


Tender Sentiments Carved in Stone

Tender epitaphs from the North Conway Cemetery at North Conway, New Hampshire pay tribute to fallen loved ones.


Wife of

Charles S. Whitaker… 242 more words


fact or fiction


warning or welcome

sad farewell

from the grave

darkness of despair

deep message

Jill and I were tracking the call of a Tui in The Napier Botanic Gardens in New Zealand when we chanced upon the historical nineteenth century section of the Napier  cemetery .Time stood still for us as we slowly wandered amongst the graves beautifully adorned with semi wild flowers and creepers. 153 more words


What Do You Want on YOUR Tombstone? 10 Famous Last Words, Epitaphs and Gravestones in Germany

“What do you want on your tombstone?”

We Americans all remember those old Tombstone Pizza commercials from the 1990s, but have you actually thought about the epitaph you want engraved on your own headstone?

334 more words

Friday Fictioneers -- Unholy Epitaph

Genre: Dark humor
Word Count: 100


hic iacet sepultus

a gardener who loved Nature minus Man.

Born in Islington, June 13th 1836… 96 more words


Epitaph: Sir Isaac Newton

Mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton (25 December 1642 to 20 March 1726/7), is buried in Westminster Abbey, London.

The Latin inscription on the base of his monument is translated as: 131 more words