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Dr. S. Harper Smith Monument, Richland Cemetery

A really splendid zinc monument, something like a royal tomb in a medieval cathedral. Since zinc monuments like this seem not to have been made after World War I (although the panel inserts continued to be made for decades), this monument was probably installed before Dr. 11 more words


Schusler Family Plot, Allegheny Cemetery

There are some forgotten corners of the Allegheny Cemetery that look as though they might have originally been small graveyards later absorbed into the cemetery. The Schusler plot is in one of those corners. 75 more words


Will you?

Will you, read, my small frail yellow letters, aimed at you and never posted?
Will you, listen, how those syllables ringing for you, in an eastern chime? 74 more words


Here You Find the Poet's Bones: Pacuvius's Epitaph

According to Aulus Gellius, here is the epitaph of Pacuvius (Gellius I.24.4)

“Young man, even though you hurry by, this stone
asks you to look on it and then to read what is written. 322 more words


10 Famous Epitaphs for Headstone Inspiration

Choosing a headstone inscription can be an important part of the burial planning process. They sometimes act as one-line funeral home obituaries.

If you’re trying to choose the right phrase or line for your headstone, here are some famous epitaphs for inspiration: 305 more words

Funeral Arrangements

If the Gods Loved Me, Rome Would Forget Latin: Naevius' Epitaph (Fragments of Naevius; Gellius 1:24.2)

“If it were right for gods to mourn for mortals
Then the Muses would mourn the poet Naevius.
And when he was brought down to death’s warehouse… 43 more words