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They opened him up and found
… Nothing profound.
Some say it is in his poetry,
Others disagree.
Whatever the case may be
He is now, forever, free


Back To School Week: An Epitaph for Orpheus

From the Greek Anthology 7.8

“Orpheus, you will no longer lead away oaks or stones
Bewitched by your song, or the leaderless herds of beasts. 61 more words


The oldest church in Norway

Stavanger Cathedral is the oldest church in Norway that is still in use. Construction began on the church in 1123 by a Benedictine Monk named Bishop Reginald from Winchester in England.  300 more words


Future Offing

You can push up daisies in the comfort of your home
and hope you in your pot are set up higher
than the hapless statue of the garden gnome… 68 more words

Poems By Alan Reynolds

Kevin Steiger

Here lie some bits of Kevin Steiger
who rashly tried Ju Jitsu on a tiger. 20 more words


Shaded Statue

Dry tears
that no one sees
crack furrows, fragile lines
in cheeks that no one touches with
kind hands.

Published in The Armchair Aesthete, Autumn 1997 issue; part of ‘July Travels’ collection

Poems By Alan Reynolds


I meander around the local cemetery most evenings. I read the gravestones as my dogs stop to sniff. I like graves, I always have. I can spend hours wandering amongst the stones. 154 more words