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Friday Fictioneers -- Unholy Epitaph

Genre: Dark humor
Word Count: 100


hic iacet sepultus

a gardener who loved Nature minus Man.

Born in Islington, June 13th 1836… 96 more words


Epitaph: Sir Isaac Newton

Mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton (25 December 1642 to 20 March 1726/7), is buried in Westminster Abbey, London.

The Latin inscription on the base of his monument is translated as: 131 more words


Chain, Chain, Chain

‘The sheep eat grass. You eat the sheep. Voila!
You are eating sunshine paused along its route
though living creatures,’ laughs the carrion crow
uneasily. He knows he’s next. 16 more words

Poems By Alan Reynolds


After doing enough of this and that we die;
the life on Earth that continues is not ours.
Snows alternate with seasons of bright flowers. 40 more words

Poems By Alan Reynolds

Visit with Dead Friend

He leans into the wall. That makes me shiver.
Not ‘against’ but ‘into’ – he’s flaunting that he’s a ghost.
I have to convince him I think he’s alive or… 90 more words

Poems By Alan Reynolds

An Epitaph for Anacreon; and Some of His Poems

Greek Anthology 7.26, Antipater of Sidon

“Stranger passing by the humble grave of Anakreon,
If my books were of any use to you,
Pour some wine on my ashes, pour it out in drops… 132 more words