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There has always been a debate between dog and cat lovers about which furry little friend makes the best companion. I have many friends who have cats galore and swear by them, while others like myself, have dogs and always have. 397 more words


Epitaph #NAPOWRIMO #howtoberemembered

This is my way back Grandfather’s (3 or more back) gravestone.  It commemorates his service in the Civil War.  He was an immigrant from England who earned citizenship and  fought on our Union side.  66 more words


Too-Late Tuesday: Poetic Epitaphs

Some literary epitaphs from Greece and Rome:

“If it were right for gods to mourn for mortals
Then the Muses would mourn the poet Naevius. 318 more words


William Elderton and the Ladie Marques part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of work on ballad epitaphs in recent months, inspired by a William Elderton ballad entitled A proper new balad of my ladie marques, Whose death is bewailed To the tune of new lusty gallant. 633 more words


Raleigh on his Execution

One of the books I enjoyed over the winter was Anthony Burgess’s A Dead Man in Deptford, which imagines the life and death of the playwright Christopher Marlowe. 1,714 more words


A Review of Epitaphs (Echoes #2), by Therin Knite

Goodreads Rating: 4.36 Stars
352 Pages
Knite and Day Publishing
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Adem Adamend still has it rough. His name is still ludicrous. His friends are still few. 867 more words


the gravest one

(the smallest sense of things that melt on tongue)


they say
no two
are alike.

you, me.
sky. sea.

give me a light
….ing any day. 30 more words