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Generating a Planning Generation Table with Groovy

If you haven’t read our earlier blog post on exporting the outline you should check it out first.
A generation table has it’s uses but I personally get the most use when I combine it with a fact table and / or a parent/child table which is what we’ve created already. 1,966 more words


Outline Export from Planning DB

Extracting metadata from the Hyperion Planning repository database.

Many times I need to do analysis based on the metadata loaded to Planning and this query has been very useful for me so I’d like to share it and maybe break it down for others to take a look at. 3,041 more words


Don’t Let Incremental Overtime Plague Your Healthcare Organization!

Get to the Root Cause: Increase Productivity and Patient Care While Reducing Labor Costs

The Causes and Consequences of Incremental Overtime

Incremental overtime may be costing your healthcare organization thousands of dollars unnecessarily and result in decreased employee morale and poor productivity, so it’s important to understand its root causes by gaining the ability to track overtime. 191 more words

Standardization of Comparative Analytics in Healthcare

A Comprehensive Solution for Value-Based Care

As healthcare providers are quickly consolidating and purchasing smaller health systems, standardization is paramount to enable comparative reporting across organizations or sites that facilitates changing attitudes, decreased costs, and better, more cost effective care. 118 more words


A Honeymoon in Cancun: The Top 5 All-Inclusive Resorts for a Memorable and Romantic Getaway

I have a friend getting married soon who asked me to put together a list of the all-inclusive resorts that I would recommend in and around the Cancun area for her upcoming honeymoon. 790 more words


My Discovery of Luxury All-Inclusives and The All-Inclusive Insider

It was my soon-to-be husband’s idea. Soon after we were engaged he suggested that we take an all-inclusive vacation for our honeymoon. I’d never been to an all-inclusive resort, but l thought, why not? 1,042 more words


Quick Thoughts on Tagetik Acquistion by Wolters Kluwer

Earlier today, the tax and accounting division of Dutch publishing giant Wolters Kluwer announced the acquistion of Italian enterprise performance management (EPM) vendor Tagetik for 300M Euros, or about $318M. 407 more words

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