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Easy Value with FDMEE Reports

Strolling into work sipping coffee, the realization soon hits that information is needed out of Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) for internal audit.  After logging in to Data Management, what happens?? 705 more words

Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS) – First Impressions

Continuing its momentum with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud initiatives, Oracle recently released Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS). Here are some initial impressions of the application to provide fundamental information and spark discussion. 823 more words

EPRCS Series: Connecting MR to Essbase Cloud

One of the cool tricks of EPRCS is its ability to connect to Essbase Cloud. It can handle this through multiple tools under its umbrella: Narrative Reporting and Management Reporting. 1,589 more words


Oracle Data Visualization for Strategic Analytics

The world of analytics and data visualization continues to change at a rapid pace. New tools, processes, buzz words (Cloud anyone?) have penetrated our industry and can become overwhelming.  420 more words

How to Configure Project Server 2016

In SharePoint Server 2016, one of major change is to include Project Server 2016 as service application therefore separate installation is no longer required. As SharePoint Server 2016 included MSI file and will be installed during the installation of SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise only. 135 more words


Boosting Your Horse's Immune System to Parasitic Infection

We all want the same thing: a healthy horse with a strong immune system free from any unwanted health conditions whatsoever. In order to protect your horse from EPM – the most common neurological disease in horses today – we’ve designed a product that has potent anti-parasitic properties. 66 more words

An Immune Booster That Fights EPM

Here at Equiade we’re proud and eager to share about our product EPMX because of its success with infections such as EPM.

EPMX is a powerful herbal supplement, in a liquid base for the best absorption possible. 137 more words