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Anthropocene, the Human Epoch

We’re living in the Human Epoch, an age where humanity is profoundly affecting the Earth’s biosphere. We can’t control it – too many of us running off in all directions – but we may be able to precisely date its beginning. 469 more words

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On Epochism

I can’t say when the eponymous arbitrary segments of time alluded to in ‘Epoch’ first became important to me from a critical theory perspective. 974 more words


Epoch Is Coming!

I look forward to Epoch appearing in the 3rd quarter 2014. Please continue to watch this page for purchasing information and media events.


Mass deaths in the Americas signaled start of the Anthropocene Epoch

The atmosphere recorded the mass death, slavery and warfare that followed 1492. The death by smallpox and warfare of an estimated 50 million native Americans—as well as the enslavement of Africans to work in the newly depopulated Americas—allowed forests to grow in former farmland.

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Epochal Moments

So, do you want to do an experiment with me?

Let’s measure your frustration level on a scale of 1 to 10.

How did you do? 1,190 more words


Even skin rutine for my make up application

Hey guys, so skincare whats your rutine??

First off everyone has different skin types so choose the correct products for you. you wouldnt put an oil cream on if you had oily skin, that would make your skin more oily so get a skin analysis if your not sure what skin type you are :)  because you may also be a combination of both.. 1,038 more words


objective-c date time in milliseconds

In order to get unix styled date time in objective-c you can use

timeIntervalSince1970 from NSdate 

So the current milliseconds since the UNIX epoch would be… 18 more words