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Calendar reform

I’ve wanted to reform the calendar for a long time. We need a better epoch than Jesus’s birth. For one, we know it had to have been before 4 BC if the Herod stuff happened, since that’s when he died. 157 more words



I cannot understand why human beings should be so little individualised, why they should behave with such great collective uniformity. I do not understand why when I ask for a grilled lobster at a restaurant, I’m never served a cooked telephone.


Extinct Fossil Crab in Monterey

Pinnixa galliheri, extinct shore crab, aguajito shale matrix, Jacks Peak County Park, Monterey County, California

During the Miocene Epoch (the first epoch of the Neogene period, the period before our current, Quarternary period), approximately 12 million years ago, the seas covering Monterey County began to recede and a small island appeared, the peak of that island today called Jacks Peak. 26 more words


Eskimeaux - I Admit I'm Scared

If only every thought could be ‘buried in the ground’ and ‘kept inside my head.’ Those emotions are troublesome things, but catharsis can come in the form in the music, and… 154 more words


Anthropocene, the Human Epoch

We’re living in the Human Epoch, an age where humanity is profoundly affecting the Earth’s biosphere. We can’t control it – too many of us running off in all directions – but we may be able to precisely date its beginning. 469 more words

Neat News And Thoughts

On Epochism

I can’t say when the eponymous arbitrary segments of time alluded to in ‘Epoch’ first became important to me from a critical theory perspective. 974 more words


Epoch Is Coming!

I look forward to Epoch appearing in the 3rd quarter 2014. Please continue to watch this page for purchasing information and media events.