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Epochal Moments

So, do you want to do an experiment with me?

Let’s measure your frustration level on a scale of 1 to 10.

How did you do? 1,190 more words


Even skin rutine for my make up application

Hey guys, so skincare whats your rutine??

First off everyone has different skin types so choose the correct products for you. you wouldnt put an oil cream on if you had oily skin, that would make your skin more oily so get a skin analysis if your not sure what skin type you are :)  because you may also be a combination of both.. 1,038 more words


objective-c date time in milliseconds

In order to get unix styled date time in objective-c you can use

timeIntervalSince1970 from NSdate 

So the current milliseconds since the UNIX epoch would be… 18 more words


Epoch Tie Ups at LaxCon

The carbon fiber shaft company (plus Hawk head and Otter mesh company) did not have a booth at LaxCon, but they did draw attention to themselves. 138 more words


Masharakat Baik - Hegel dan Benjamin

Maeve Cooke adalah seorang pengajar di UCD. Di kalangan ahli teori kritis, nama beliau sudah cukup terkenal. Pengarang buku Language and Reason (1994) and Re-Presenting the Good Society (2006). 690 more words



This flying platform was made for Epoch 2 – Rendered in 3DS Max

3DS Max

ipfilterX Codename XodBrok

>Date 23/01/2015


>New Menaces Blocked : 329


>Parsed lines/entries:13K Found IP ranges:13K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>Deleted (0)/Merged-Extended (45)

>IP Count : 544k… 81 more words