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Take the Train

Hey babes. This outfit kind of came out of nowhere. Originally I thought this shirt was a romper and then I thought it was a shirt when I cammed in closer. 373 more words

Toil and Trouble

Hey babes! So I hope you have heard that the third annual Dark Style Fair is OPEN! My brother and I have put together this fun post of goodies. 389 more words

Older Figures Added to Legend of Zelda Figure Buying Guide

The most complete guide on the internet for Zelda figures is now another step closer to completion! At about 75% done, you can now see all of the Zelda figures that have been released in America. 108 more words


Epoch Lacrosse: Made in USA

Pretty cool history on the shaft company.

Carbon fiber coming home.

Anybody using an Epoch shaft currently? At least one pole on our high school team has used one this season.


Take 1

In the premier episode, we talk about everything from possible podcast guests, porn gone wrong, and our highly questionable views on girls before we dive deep into the epochs of Dean’s old MySpace page. 40 more words



Hey babes. Have you ever just needed a day to yourself so you felt like going on an adventure? You go off by yourself and do whatever? 336 more words


Good morning, I apologise for the lengthy vacancy but I have been ever so busy with university with the year coming to an end. I also booked a holiday, therefore with that in mind I am going to aim the majority of products at summer, ideal for the hotter temperature home or away. 64 more words