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00155 | Stop Drop And Roll It

Stop Drop And Roll It

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What I’m Wearing In This Photo

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Beyond The Threshold

Beyond the threshold,
Where a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced and everything falls out of the mold.
A place where reason hangs suspended in the… 135 more words

A wall goes down, temple comes up

It is good that the Hindus have at last realized that they have been kept down all these years in the name of a phony secularism, just as the poor Russians were kept down for three quarters of a century in the name an equally phony socialism.

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How the Wall fell

Within hours, the mass of people streaming toward the border crossings had reached such proportions that the Wall had to be opened, which it was, before midnight.

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Death of distance

Third — and it goes without saying — technology has changed the world. By 1989, personal computers were commonplace in the West, while mobile phones, though they were as big and heavy as a brick, were becoming a status symbol.

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Why 1989 is when the wave of jihad started

The second nonstate factor that has shaped the world since 1989 is the rise of religious extremism. This did not come out of the blue; Khomeini had taken power in Iran in 1979, while it was more than 20 years since the Six-Day War had both fueled a revival of political Judaism and led Arabs, dismayed by the failure of secular nationalism, to turn to Islam for succor.

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