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Stars-quilt weekly stats

“Only” six stars more for this week:

Stars basted: 88/88 (528/528 templates)
Stars sewn: 72 /88
Background pieces basted: 9/264
Stars completed: 0


Quilt Karma. Is it a real thing?

A while back I read that you should never exchange a quilt for money. If one did this bad karma would be bestowed upon you. Now when you are trying to run a business this can cause a bit of an issue… However over the past few years I have noticed that when my sales slow down if I do something quilt related out of the goodness of my own heart, things pick up again. 119 more words

5 things I liked this week -12/2/16

1. A son wanted to help his mother find love, so he made a video all about her.

2. A friend of mine has a small part in the next series of  282 more words


Stars-quilt weekly stats

This project has already noticed I’m working on other things… only three finished stars this week. However, the overall picture looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? 10 more words


Cameron’s EU reform divides European conservatives

As David Cameron attempts to negotiate a « better deal » for the United Kingdom in the EU, other European right-wing parties represented in the European Parliament worry about the effect of such negotiations for EU citizens at large. 758 more words

EPP Group welcomes Serbian reform efforts

STRASSBOURG – “Serbia has made substantial progress on its path towards the European Union. The opening of the first chapters in December was a well-deserved recognition of the progress made in the last few months. 212 more words


Embellished Hexies

Hello and thank you for stopping by! Today I’m sharing my method on making 1″ hexies embellished with embroidery. I hunted and pecked my way around it until I found a method that worked for me, so I hope to share any tips you might not know yourself! 514 more words