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perpetuum mobile

after concluding severe constipation last week,
I had to admit that it must be 50/50

I have got to push and exert effort
before I can simply relax “to it” … 83 more words

Keys To Self -Awareness

Hie there ,this past weekend l discovered a faculty which the divine has expressed so well, yet you and I the purpose of the expression or creation tend to struggle in that area. 561 more words

Status Quo

old ties and spiritual warfare

Walking home in the rain, I saw your train, with no hesitation I ran far far away, I feel I have not escaped, my body exhausted but my mind awake, as if dead your only in memories, I’m scared of me, your alive you see, living down the street from me, and the rain falls, I wonder how far you’ve gone, if only I could take that train and go in the opposite direction, painful to feel, painful to see, how the demons wrestle you not me, don’t give up, please don’t give up, but don’t come near me offering one ounce of love, the rain falls and your drenched in generations of past failures, put on a raincoat and take it to the tailors, have the hell end chopped off so your burden is light, but you have to give that hell to God and take flight, I wish I could warn, I wish I could say, but the past hasn’t left you, it’s in your DNA, to make matters worse there is no one to give you a good example, to tell you your mind has been trampled, please be the one to conquer this demon, or your children’s children will be more then knee deep in a pattern of evil, stop with the excuses, these excuses! 142 more words



Textured Building spotted on the HighLine.