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InDesign: The Revolution of Typesetting as the World's Digital Publishing Suite

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Before I can share with you in the latest way  InDesign has literally revolutionized our world’s way of digital publications.  1,773 more words

InDesign Tools and Ebooks

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InDesign Tools

When you think of designing a document what comes to mind? Is it Word? Do you think of programs that are there to help you write? 1,196 more words

Digital Media

Easing Into a Book Production Mindset

Every indie author knows that there are essentially three major components in a writers’ life. Writing, producing, and marketing a book. My last Casey Holland mystery, … 293 more words



The Ujals are the first supernatural beings introduced on Earth. In exchange of cleaning the polluted water, they were given freedom to remain in the seas.

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New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

The New Moon on February 4th falls in the sign of Aquarius and holds beautiful, abundant, sparkling energy for us all.

It is the perfect time to plant seeds and set intentions, as whatever you put attention and action to will surely blossom into the biggest, brightest flower under this energy.

Happy New Moon

love, k :)

Intuitive Magazine

Fighting Librarians


Alternate Names

  • Tatakau Shisho
  • Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra


Volumes 1–3

Translation Credit

Tatakau Shisho Light Novel Translation


More Books on Google Play

And following straight on from my last post, I’m pleased to announce that my other two novels, Taromancer and A Fairy Story By Any Other Name, are now on Google Play as well. 12 more words