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How to Know if your Church has Good Acoustics - Part 1

Here is the first test you can do to know if you have good acoustics.  Have two people over 40 years of age standing 40 feet apart in the sanctuary.  196 more words

Church Acoustics

Wambo Mafiaboy Ft. Trebol Clan - Sexo Sin Miedo

Tema: Wambo Mafiaboy Ft. Trebol Clan – Sexo Sin Miedo (Prod. By Super Yei, Chuchein, EQ Equalizer & DJ Joe)


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Church Sound Systems

Analog Mixer

If your church is using an Analog mixer, what make is it and how well does it meet your needs?


Digital Mixers

If your church has a Digital Mixer, what make are you using and how well has it been working in your church?


Microphones can be a health hazardous

If you have a chance, you should read my article about sharing tooth brushes.  I compare the sharing of microphones like sharing tooth brushes.  In the fall when it is Flue season, many performer pass on their cold to other performers by just simply sharing their microphones.  26 more words