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Mobs I hate - IntPiPoMo 2015 (4)

As I’ve discussed in a recent post combat is pretty central to most MMORPG gaming. The enemies, monsters and critters our characters face every session can be scary, challenging, surpising or, sometimes, just plain annoying. 433 more words


Thoughts on MMO combat

Syp of Bio Break has a post discussing MMO combat systems. and the relative merits of certain action MMORPGs’ attempts to mix-up the old formula of tab-target combat. 392 more words


#IntPiPoMo (6~10) Bows

An archer or ranger type is normally the first type of class I roll in any game, as a result I tend to collect a lot of bows and strangely grow quite fond of them…  I can still remember the names of my favourite bows in EQ2 from oh about 8 years ago :P… 110 more words


EQ2: a time for heroes and server merges

I popped into EQ2 for a couple of sessions over the last two days. The second session was dedicated to doing the round of “ 256 more words


Remembering to vary gaming activities

It should be apparent from my blog feed that I play a mix of MMORPGs at any one time. For a long while now I’ve wanted options when I sit down at my computer for a gaming session. 245 more words


Favourite MMO Characters IntPiPoMo 2015

My first themed post for the Interational Picture Posting Month is to feature my favourite characters from MMORPGs. Creating characters has always been a particular pleasure of mine – I tend to make multiple alternative (alt) characters in any given game just to try out different class/race/spec combinations. 507 more words


Oh, Trion. I love your dimensions, but...

I have to confess that dimension building has lost its luster with me due to how many nice, new items are confined behind puzzles, a rare fishing lure, etc. 194 more words