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Returning to Everquest 2, 2016 edition

I was browsing Steam games awhile back (and refusing to buy anything; have to play all the dreck I have already bought and never played) when I noticed a different entry – Everquest 2. 742 more words

EQ2: crafting gameplay and WoW's crafting quests

Monday evening I indulged in a session of EQ2 to have a break from playing so much World of Warcraft. To maximise the contrast, a different game and different activities, I also ignored questing and instead focused on gathering and crafting. 456 more words


EQ2: pre-expansion XP bonus and public events

Daybreak have announced the next expansion for Everquest 2, Kunark Ascending and there is double XP this weekend as part of the build-up. I finally gave in to temptation last night and used my… 365 more words


Calm before the (demonic) storm

It’s that special time – the calm before the storm when a major MMO expansion is about to release. I’ve resisted the urge to double-down on invasion running in an attempt to level… 322 more words


MMO screenshots: ruins


You can just see my assassin on the left there, this dungeon (Vasty Deep: Vestigial Cella) was part of the epic conversion questline and I remember this being quite a fight at the time. 116 more words


EQ2: free heroic (level 95) character

Kind of a public service announcement post today. Daybreak is offering a free heroic (level 95) character on any account if claimed by 6th September… 294 more words