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EQ2 Adventure: the end!

I can say that i gave EQ2 enough chance, it is one of the games i like to watch others play it but not play it by myself, not any more anyway, here is what happened. 523 more words


Diving for pearls #EQ2 #Everquestii

Everquest 2 has a new seasonal event, the Oceansfull Festival. This Othmir event has special clamshells spawning in coastal waters in various locations. Each shell contains housing items and other cosmetic treasures to collect. 309 more words


EQ2 Adventures: step one

I’ve been sick for few days now, nothing serious just cold, sore throat and coughing, almost gone now, and it is time to try a new old game, Everquest 2. 966 more words


Non-combat abilities are cool

Massively OP had a discussion topic on non-combat abilities yesterday. It’s a topic I care about, if only MMORPGs had more non-violent or flavourful abilities I’d be happy! 241 more words


The importance of trading in MMORPGs

Massively asked a Daily Grind question yesterday on the importance of person-to-person trading in MMOs. It’s something that I actually firmly believe should be in MMORPGs as one of several means for players to interact with others in economic terms. 501 more words


Making it easier to return to a MMORPG

As someone who plays a variety of MMORPGs, I do face the problem of returning to a game and not finding the return a very easy or pleasant experience. 1,087 more words


What I'm playing this summer

With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s two… 391 more words