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Back in Norrath (Again)

Everquest 2 has been free to play for a few years now, but every time I played the game in the past I was always a subscriber. 1,059 more words


Nostalgia Strikes Norrath (Again)

Shortly after the feeding frenzy that was the new Everquest progression server’s launch, another was added, as Daybreak was probably shocked and overwhelmed by the flood of new and returning players. 1,466 more words


"Modern MMO" characteristics

There’s a wave of nostalgia going on in the MMO blogosphere at the moment with a new Everquest progression server (or even two) taking people back to that game’s early days. 682 more words


Me and Games

I’d like to talk about something of which I feel very strongly, and has been a huge influence in my life and changed me for the better. 873 more words


Murf's Screenshot Safari ~ Epic Achievement

Part of the NBI2015 (honestly, just get blogging!) and part of Murf’s Screenshot Safari.

So this is my ranger, about to face the Shade of Khalan Dar and Phara Dar for the last item needed for her mythical bow, Eagle’s Talon.  375 more words


MMOs and exploring

Massively OP had a post recently to ask about what MMO gets you exploring. I have written posts on exploration in MMORPGs before but nothing touching that topic recently, that got me thinking. 425 more words