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Finally MMO genre is free of Smed, at least for now

Back from vacation, and this reentry Monday is ROUGH. After every vacation I question whether actually going on vacation is ‘worth it’, because coming back to 500+ emails to dig through isn’t a lot of fun, especially then all 500+ can be summed up as “we held off doing anything until you got back, but now every deliverable is overdue, enjoy!” 596 more words


Laura Karpman's Everquest II Score, The Main Title

Laura Karpman’s score for Everquest II represents a wonderful combination of orchestration and inspiration. The orchestration heightens the sense of wonder this high fantasy score conveys. 667 more words


Onto Chains of Eternity

As I mentioned in my last Everquest 2 related post, I found out that I needed to be level 92 before I’d be able to enter into the next expansion, … 743 more words


SkyShrine and Beyond

The Everquest 2 progression servers are officially a thing, with Stormhold and Deathtoll going live tomorrow. Despite my interest in going down memory lane and especially getting involved in the frantic action that will undoubtedly happen on at least the PvP server (my memories of the opening of Nagafen are some of my best memories of the game), I’m not going to commit to it. 1,328 more words


Back in Norrath (Again)

Everquest 2 has been free to play for a few years now, but every time I played the game in the past I was always a subscriber. 1,059 more words


Nostalgia Strikes Norrath (Again)

Shortly after the feeding frenzy that was the new Everquest progression server’s launch, another was added, as Daybreak was probably shocked and overwhelmed by the flood of new and returning players. 1,466 more words