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Me and Games

I’d like to talk about something of which I feel very strongly, and has been a huge influence in my life and changed me for the better. 873 more words


Murf's Screenshot Safari ~ Epic Achievement

Part of the NBI2015 (honestly, just get blogging!) and part of Murf’s Screenshot Safari.

So this is my ranger, about to face the Shade of Khalan Dar and Phara Dar for the last item needed for her mythical bow, Eagle’s Talon.  375 more words


MMOs and exploring

Massively OP had a post recently to ask about what MMO gets you exploring. I have written posts on exploration in MMORPGs before but nothing touching that topic recently, that got me thinking. 425 more words


Essence of Void/Mind/Flame/Frost/Venom/Disease/Divine

Essence of …. type of dmg – name of proc – debuff needed

Disease – disease dmg – disease – noxious
Divine – divine dmg – smite – arcane… 621 more words


Grand Reopening!

I’m baaaaaaaack =)  More stuff coming soon – check back often!  <3


Playing a tank as a solo character

I was going to write a post some time ago about Everquest 2 with a title along the lines of “why did I boost a tank of all characters?” My experiment with… 378 more words


It doesn't take much - inspirations to return to a game

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit fickle when it comes to what games I’m currently playing. I like variety in my gaming mix and I get bored quickly if there’s too much grind involved in progressing story or my character. 257 more words