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Summer heat

This summer has been rather lovely so far – plenty of sunshine and some pretty warm weather. That has impacted on my gaming time somewhat as I’ve been tempted out to go for walks a lot more than I have in recent years. 368 more words


Everquest 2: retro mmo of the month

I have decided that for the balance of the month, EQ2 will be my retro mmo of choice. In case you have not heard, Daybreak Games is doing an interesting thing to try and get more people to buy into an all access sub. 403 more words


EQ2: Race to Trakanon

So the new ‘event server’ is now available in Everquest 2: Race to Trakanon. Normally I wouldn’t be that interested to jump on the bandwagon, the time-locked “maximum nostalgia” servers haven’t grabbed my attention. 338 more words


The inventory management game

When popping my head back into Everquest 2 this last week I was reminded just how generous (or excessive) the amount of inventory and bank space a given character can have. 296 more words


Weekend gaming fun, both expected and unexpected

This weekend I had an unusual amount of solo gaming time so I had some good gaming sessions in several games. SWTOR is on the backburner since I’m waiting on the… 289 more words


Cumulative-effort events in MMORPGs

Some time ago a new server type was mentioned by an EQ2 Producer’s Letter, an ‘Event’ server. Details are scarce still, but there’s more about the EQ1 Event server… 419 more words


Goals of Research Study on MMORPGs + SLA Strategies

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This summer, I started my research study for my dissertation on massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) combined with second language acquisition (SLA) strategies.   227 more words