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If You Can't Go Back, Go Back Even Further

Wilhelm has a good piece up right now detailing the ins and outs of doing a progression server for EQ2, and how that probably would not, generally speaking, really be all that fun for anyone. 679 more words


EQ2: little things I love about EQ2

While playing Everquest 2 recently a few of the little features of the game or my main shadowknight character have stuck in my memory as just really nice things to have. 519 more words


EQ2: signature timelines

Everquest 2 delivers if you happen to want long & complex quest chains that will challenge your character’s abilities, your knowledge of Norrathian lore and geography. 429 more words


EQ2: live dev chat

The EQ2Wire news website has a summary of a Live Stream, a webcast of the team discussing what’s upcoming for Everquest 2.

The stream dives straight into a list of planned features with some discussion about priorities. 190 more words


Sword Coast Legends

I’ve just found out about the Sword Coast Legends game, planned for release later this year according to the official website. Reading the website it sounds like a remake of Bioware’s classic… 473 more words


This week in /saved

I’m still playing catch-up when it comes to all these new blogs i’m following, all the people i followed via Twitter and so on.┬áThis week has been a busy one, for me, so some nice posts might have slipped- which i guess is always true, because it possibly is impossible to follow all these great blogs out there. 733 more words


EQ2 Servers/Website/Forums Down Again - Way To Go Daybreak & Columbus Nova - Did You Fire The Person Who Can Fix It?

6 hours ago:

Get your shit together Daybreak. I’ve had dealings with investment firms before and they don’t tolerate non-performance. You think SOE bosses were tough, think again. 97 more words