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EQ2: Daybreak's website, bonus XP and CEO interview

I logged into Everquest 2 for the first time in some weeks, the longest break I’ve had from this game since September of last year. I had a good run in the game up until recently but the old-school slow pace of leveling really got to me, something that FFXIV as a more ‘modern MMO’ does not suffer from. 325 more words


MMORPG sequels: what happens to the elder game?

I recently had the chance to run part of the adventure from the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Starter Set. It was well put together and the rules are a mix of familiarity and some new ideas but it’s not different or striking enough for me to want to go out and buy it in a hurry, that’s a long-standing problem for RPG developers, their products do not go obsolete just because they say they are. 651 more words


In Response to Extra Credits: Humane Design

by: @wvmauthor

On April 15 2015, Extra Credits released a video on Humane Design in video games. In short, it’s decrying the present tendency to create skinner box exploitative experiences that nudge players to stick with a game long past the end of enjoyment. 501 more words


FFXIV and the currency symbol switch

Although I’m loving playing FFXIV at the moment, this doesn’t blind me to the greedy little decision to just swap currency symbols on the pricing of the Collector’s Edition of Heavensward from $130 to £130 (it should be £87.95 approx.). 251 more words


Adornments Everywhere

MMO Viking has been having a lot of fun recently in Everquest 2 Altar of Malice expansion.  The wrecking crew has moved up to 1-grouping raid zones.   49 more words

Everquest 2 Adventures

Gaming update: spring edition

As I sit in the early spring sunshine, I’m writing a quick update on what I’m playing as I’m wont to do on occasion.

The Secret World… 308 more words


If You Can't Go Back, Go Back Even Further

Wilhelm has a good piece up right now detailing the ins and outs of doing a progression server for EQ2, and how that probably would not, generally speaking, really be all that fun for anyone. 679 more words