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Payment model data and evolution

Gamasutra has an article about payment models based on some research of esports gamers. Here’s a link to the article and a link directly to the… 604 more words


Memorial Day weekend means xp bonuses for everybody!

I love Holiday weekends like everyone else and what I really enjoy is taking time off to play mogs and earning some bonus XP. Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend and for your convenience I present to you some of the xp bonuses available in our favorite mogs. 299 more words


Minas Tirith

Beothjor has reached the level cap of 105 and has reached Minas Tirith.   Minas Tirith is pretty awesome!  Beothjor still has a ton of stuff to work towards which is nice.   91 more words

Middle Earth Adventures

Wildstar: addons and the default quest UI

So far I’ve only played Wildstar with the default User Interface (UI) as supplied by Carbine. That said I’ve never been that 100% happy with the quest log/tracker interface. 410 more words


Vanilla WoW today would have more subs than current WoW

All the recent talk of vanilla WoW is right in my wheelhouse, and not just because its yet another feather in my giant cap of “things SynCaine was right about long before everyone else caught up”, but also because you still have certain people (Az, Tobold, and some commentators) that don’t understand why vanilla worked back then and why it would still work today (perhaps to a lesser degree, but perhaps not). 723 more words

MMO Design

How easy is it to "just play with friends" in different MMORPGs?

A topic I often refer to on this blog is my desire for removing the barriers to grouping in the MMORPGs that I play – especially while levelling. 1,058 more words


Subscriptions comeback?

This blog turned five yesterday – so I’ve been reflecting on the big changes the MMORPG industry has witnessed in those years. One, the conversion of so many games to a Free-to-Play model, seems to be reversing at this moment. 442 more words