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Fracking Frustration in Finleyville

There comes a point where frustration reaches its limits and becomes Enough is Enough.   Residents of Cardox Road in Finleyville, PA have reached that point with natural gas fracking. 1,211 more words

Merry FRACKmas from EQT

Union Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Population 5,600. It was the kind of place that some people might have dreamed of raising their children; the kind of place where a photo of a winter’s eve, with snow covered hills might have graced someone’s Christmas card. 653 more words

Massive Biotech Stock Sale Highlights Insider Selling Report

As we approach the earnings releases for the first quarter, we are seeing an increase in the insider selling activity. The reason could be many insiders have selling windows closed during earnings reporting season, and often that can last as long as two months. 512 more words


Jefferies Analyst Bullish on Low-Cost Natural Gas Stocks

While the stocks of many exploration and production (E&P) companies and even the big integrated’s have taken a beating as the price of oil dropped almost 60% in less than a year, there could be one energy area that holds tremendous value. 855 more words

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Johnson County never had a chance

The Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas is clearly in cahoots with the oil companies that it’s supposed to be regulating. As this screenshot I took from a gas industry message board alludes to (below), drilling has probably already begun under a “stratigraphic permit:” 276 more words


EQT Letter Characterized as ‘Misleading’ and ‘Bullying’

Landowner and environmental advocate question claims made by Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC attorney

By Michael M. Barrick

WESTON, W.Va. – Kevin Mullooly, a Lewis County landowner and former employee of Pittsburgh-based EQT Corporation, received a letter last week from an attorney representing the company’s Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project. 982 more words


What can you do TODAY to keep fracking out of Kentucky?

It’s perfectly clear that the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas (part of the Department for Natural Resources) is attempting to shove through fracking permits in eastern Kentucky before any significant public opposition can be mounted to stop them. 725 more words