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Homonormativity and Equal Marriage

Equal marriage has become the epitome of LGBT rights struggles in the last decade. The debate has been reduced to the question of for-or-against with no room for critical reflection. 600 more words


Australia: Midsumma Pride March In Melbourne And Date For Apology

Thousands celebrated with the LGBT community in Melbourne yesterday, as the Midsumma Pride March took place in St Kilda.

To support the gay community, there were politicians from the Labor Party and the Greens, together with the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews. 253 more words


The bittersweet taste of being #NeverMarried in Australia: Michael Burge

WHEN the South Australian government was caught out by the world’s media for its lax approach to recognising overseas same-sex marriages on death certificates, the justifiable outrage about British national Marco Bulmer-Rizzi being documented as “never married” to husband David resonated with many readers. 1,545 more words


Time for Equal Marriage in Gibraltar

It is time to say Yes to Equality, to say Yes to Love, and to Say No to discrimination against people of the same sex who love each other. 420 more words

Australia: Petition "Stop anyone else from going through this pain" - Marco Bulmer-Rizzi‏

Rodney Croome, director of Australian Marriage Equality, writes to us about Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, husband of David Bulmer Rizzi, who recently passed away on their honeymoon in a tragic accident in South Australia. 410 more words


Civil partnerships for everyone?

Ciera Littleford explores the option of civil partnerships being made available to opposite-sex couples.

This week on the national news, I overheard something about a heterosexual couple whose challenge to the ban on civil partnerships had recently been denied. 1,194 more words


Taiwan: New Female President Supports Gay Rights

“In the face of love, everyone is equal. Let everyone have the freedom to love and to pursue their happiness. I am Tsai Ing-wen, and I support marriage equality”.  183 more words