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Liberia: Female Presidential Candidate Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Macdella Cooper, the only female candidate in the presidential election in Libera, a country on the west coast of Africa with a population of 4 and a half million people, has indicated that she supports equal marriage, and that gays and lesbians should be allowed to practice their relationships without discrimination, according to allafrica.com. 313 more words


Australians Overseas May Vote If Registered With Overseas Address or Have 'Trusted Person'

If you are an Australian living abroad, for instance in Ireland, but have registered an overseas address with the Electoral Roll, or can nominate a trusted person to vote on your behalf, or get a secure access code from the ABS, you will still be able to vote in the Australian marriage equality plebiscite, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.   288 more words


The Australian marriage equality debate underlines the need to stay vigilant

Guest writer, Michal Astley, examines and deconstructs some of the main arguments in the debate on marriage equality in Australia.

As the Australian plebiscite on same-sex marriage approaches,  2,522 more words


Australia: 20,000 at Sydney Gay Marriage Rally Ahead of Postal Vote Plebiscite

More than 20,000 people rallied in Sydney yesterday (Sunday 10th September) urging the legalization of same-sex marriage, days ahead of a contentious postal survey on the issue that has divided the country. 497 more words


Not That Long Ago I Would Have Voted No For Gay Marriage

There’s really nothing special about my gay friends who live with their partners. Their relationships seem just as mundane as my heterosexual friends.

None of them are really that happy about how much time their partner spends on Facebook. 643 more words

Australia: Only 11 Days To Ensure A Yes Vote In Marriage Equality Plebiscite

The Equality Campaign in Australia want to let their supporters know that the time to act, and mobilise people to vote YES in the postal plebiscite on marriage equality, is now, and there are only 11 days to do it. 269 more words


Australia: Vote ‘Yes’ campaign full steam ahead after High Court marriage equality outcome

The Australian marriage equality plebiscite is due to begin on September 12, after the Australian High Court yesterday (September 7) ruled in favour of the Australian Government, in the Human Rights Law Centre’s challenge against the postal vote. 288 more words