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The Gender Wage Gap Myth

Twice in the past week I found myself engaged in an ad nauseum facebook debate with different people about the gender wage gap. Specifically, people (all white cis hetero males) who believe that there is no wage gap between men and women, or that it is at least greatly exaggerated in the news. 2,484 more words


10 College Majors Where Women Earn More than Men

It doesn’t take long after college for the pay gap to emerge between men and women.

Just five years after graduating, women earn 88 cents for every $1 a man earns, according to… 384 more words


Gender Pay Gap - A Long Road Ahead

In early March this year, in the European Parliament, a Polish MEP said ‘Women should earn less because they were ‘weaker’, ‘smaller’ and ‘less intelligent’. He also went on the claim that the ‘new’ stereotype… 443 more words


Underlying Causes Of The Gender Wage Gap

We can look at these differences and we can see that there is a wide variety of possible reasons to why the wage gap may exist, but the highest one is still unexplainable. 13 more words


The Fight for Equal Pay

Despite the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and federal civil rights laws, American women earn on average approximately 80 cents on the dollar compared to men — the gap widens for African American women who earn 63 cents and Hispanic women who earn 54 cents, according to a U.S. 11 more words

Oregon Legislature

Pay equity bill clears House, awaits Senate vote

HARTFORD —  A bill proponents said will help close the wage gap between Connecticut men and women has cleared the House of Representatives.

The legislation, which passed on a 139-9 vote Wednesday, did not include a provision that would have prevented employers from asking an applicant about their salary history before making a job offer. 79 more words