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After the March ..

Why did you march? Let your senator know.
The following is the first of the action in the 100days of action – every ten days a new action will be posted by the Women’s March organizers. 570 more words

Equal Pay

Why I went to the Women's March

I’ve been trying to write this godforsaken article for hours now. So much of my social media feed is cluttered with people demanding to know why women across this country felt the need to protest and, as someone who participated, I felt it was my duty to explain. 620 more words


Why I marched?

I do not like to get political on here, because I want to be inclusive and accessible to all people. That being said, I was a part of the women’s march yesterday with my mother and I wanted to share my experience via a photo collection. 196 more words


Equal Pay for Un-equal Work.

The first wave of feminism began in the 1920’s with women getting the right to vote.

Here we are some 40 years since the second wave of Women’s Lib and women are still crying that they are not getting equal pay. 1,265 more words


CALL TO ACTION: Mnuchin, 'Foreclosure King' confirmation hearing

Anyone who has been touched by foreclosure be it their own or someone they cared about, should be angry and ready speak out about Steve Mnuchin. 518 more words

Equal Pay

Call to Action: Tom Price, confirmation hearing HHS, amid questions of insider trading

Tom Price is up for confirmation for Secretary of Health and Human Services, the department responsible for the Affordable Care Act.

But now we learn, Tom Price may have broken the law and abused his position to gain from investments. 607 more words

Equal Pay

Still Dreaming

I’m still in a little shock at how the word “pussy” has invaded my life.  A word that never once escaped my lips before, it’s now just a part of the vernacular, usually used next to the word “grabber” or “hat” in my circles, but still implying that most private and sensitive part of a woman’s body.   1,074 more words