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“NO CONDOM, NO PUSSY”: Housework is Real Work. Sex Work is Real Work. Under Capitalism All Work is Shit.

Bahar Mustafa writes:

Women’s struggles are worker’s struggles. As early as 1800s, women and girls have been central to agitating for class emancipation and have been on the frontlines of strikes and walkouts in… 77 more words


Remembering the sacrifices of the Ford Machinists: when did we become such cowards?

Let me introduce some of these women to you; Rose Boland, Eileen Pullen, Vera Sime, Gwen Davis, and Sheila Douglas (the Ford sewing machinists).

These women took a stand back in 1968 for equal pay and It was the sacrifices and determination of these women that brought about the Equal Pay Act 1970. 84 more words


5 Things I Learned from Mika Brzezinski

In a world where women are being paid significantly lower than men, women are starting to push back and get the pay they deserve. But how do you do it? 158 more words

Equal Pay

Labour Market for Women

Recently, a report related to Ontario’s Gender Pay Gap was released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The report, “Every Step You Take: Ontario’s Gender Pay Gap Ladder” indicates the following: 96 more words

Labour Market

Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Saw this this morning. I totally love everything Jennifer Lawrence. She is my favorite female actress and although I don’t know her personally, I have always thought I’d like her. 21 more words

Gender Inequality in Sports

Gender Inequality in sports is a serious problem because the Salary Pay for Women sports athlete compared to Male sports athletes is completely different and the gap is as real as it get’s when it comes to how much money a Male athlete earns compared Female athlete.A maximum a Women NBA player can earned is $109k compared to NBA player who earned 16 million and then the minimum is $38K compared to $525k. 134 more words

Equal Pay

Unfair X-files

As everybody probably knows by now – the new X-files show is out – which for this Mulder and Scully fan was very exciting.

What was not so exciting to learn though, is about the pay dispute Gillian Anderson had to go through in order to receive equal pay to David Duchovny. 491 more words