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    Feminism, is almost used as a dirty slur, not only in India but around the globe. With the President of United States of America, one of the most powerful man in the one of the many advanced countries having alleged charges of sexual misdemeanor and sexual misconduct, along with his general disregard to treat the opposite gender with respect and dignity. 588 more words

Equal Pay

When will equal work = equal pay?

No matter what women have on their resume or how well they do in a job interview, chances are they won’t get paid the same as their male counterparts when they get the job. 531 more words

Laine Jaremey

What are they thinking?

The other day something remarkable happened, it was how it was done and by the person who did it.

A plane going from New York to Texas lost an engine, well not really lost; the damn thing blew up, exploded, went where it was not suppose too.  681 more words

A Special Person

#AZ Republicans Refuse to Debate #ERA... again... (video)

For the second year in a row, Arizona House Democrats used the “ninja parliamentary move” to force a vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). 717 more words

Pamela Powers Hannley

How Long Does It Take to Figure Out Equal Treatment?

This has been a rough stretch for Starbucks, what with the arrest in Philadelphia of some black men who hadn’t ordered anything while waiting for a friend to arrive. 491 more words


Equal pay vs no job offer 🤑 Misleading Americans on equal pay for women will be counterproductive 🤑 When you obfuscate an issue, you make it worse. 79% is fake (highly misleading) news

Of course Americans support equal pay for women and well they should. Discriminatory pay practices are not tolerable.

However, the overall pay gap of 79-80% is mostly the result of factors unrelated to discrimination and activists for equal pay know that. 301 more words