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Are you a feminist?

“haha nahhh, I don’t believe in burning bras and all that. I have equal rights to men. In fact men have it a lot worse in some ways and feminists don’t care about that blah blah blah blah blahhhhhh.” 538 more words

Opinion | What the Working Class Is Still Trying to Tell Us - David Brooks, The New York Times 9-9-18

This is an article well worth reading in total. I think it makes some excellent points. While our policy makers focus on more subsidies for college i.e. 307 more words


but, I CAN

“it’s 2018, I can’t wear short skirts, run by myself, speak my mind, open my windows when I’m alone in my home, use public transportation after 7 PM, leave a drink unattended at a party or in a bar, go out dancing with girlfriends, grocery shop at night, have another drink, be taken seriously if I’m holding back tears, lose my temper, speak out against my assaulter, walk alone at night, show any skin, let my guard down, choose my own health, or safely say “no,” but I CAN VOTE” 88 more words


Today Is Latina Equal Pay Day. Here's What That Means

Nov. 1 marks Latina Equal Pay Day—the extra 10 months and one day Latinx women had to work into 2018 to earn as much money as white men made in 2017 alone. 344 more words


Colley v. Dickenson Cty. Sch. Bd.

In a case alleging gender-based pay discrimination, the School Board’s disclosure of privileged information wasn’t followed by steps to prevent waiver or rectify disclosure. Therefore, the School Board is required to produce otherwise privileged documents created… 29 more words