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My Disappointment in Today’s Social Justice Movement

I recently read two articles from Secular Pro-Life which have helped me articulate my qualms with today’s mainstream social justice movement. As I shared in my first post, … 748 more words

The F Word & Other Things

“Yes I am a feminist. No I do not hate men.”

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking when I say the phrase “The F Word”, but let me tell you right now, we are not talking about that F word. 505 more words


Phenomenon of Feminine thought: from The Second Sex to The Feminine Mystique

The term feminism is used to describe the political, cultural and economical movement that fights to gain equal rights. Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan are considered to have influenced the feminist movement through their perspectives on the quest against sexism. 1,721 more words

Poetry And Writings

New Report: Transgender People Face Discrimination Well Beyond the Bathroom

Boston, MA – It’s not just controversial bathroom laws; a new report says transgender people must cope with a wide range of discrimination and that leaves them more likely to end up in jail or in prison. 331 more words


I’m enslaved.
Enslaved to society

Chains wrapped around my mouth that now–I don’t have the power to speak

Tear drops falling like a soldier in battle… 162 more words


My chat with Miriam Onwochei-Garcia on her volunteer experience in refugee camps.

This week I interviewed Miriam Onwochei-Garcia about her experience of volunteering to help with the refugee crisis in Calais (the jungle) and Dunkirk, with a particular focus on the vulnerability of women in these camps. 1,672 more words

Intolerance & Controversy over Imminent Precipice of Land Distribution Reached


Land redistribution has been a subject well-known to cause a stir in the melting pot of racial tension in South Africa. Equal rights are being rightfully demanded from all racial groups and opinions involved; however the balance of land division has not yet been established to a degree that is found to satisfy all parties. 519 more words

South Africa