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My trousers revolution.

I listened to Radio 4 today, driving to the gym. There was an American female politician talking about the dress code in the senate.

Apparently, it was only in 1994 when women on US Senate committees were allowed to wear trousers. 662 more words


BREAKING NEWS: The BSA and Decpetive Headlines

Headlines on the Web read something along the lines of “Boy Scouts of America End Ban on Homosexual Leaders”. While technically a true statement, reading the story tells a slightly different tale. 225 more words

United States

The Price of Freedom

Hey guys!

As we have a “free choice” week, and I am currently on holiday in my home country of South Africa, I thought I would take the theme literally and talk about freedom- specifically, a certain South African who fought for equality in a segregated country. 329 more words


Why I Am A Feminist

I had a dear friend post this video on my facebook feed earlier today. This friend and I do not share the exact same beliefs but I thought this was a little bit ridiculous considering that she has never even broached this subject with me. 606 more words



by: Terrence A. Merkerson

Fatigue. Restless fatigue. It seems as though every other week, black people are victimized, mostly for just being a Black. Violence against Black bodies is no new thing, but in an age of instantaneous, pervasive media and camera phones, we are able to visually witness more violence, unrest and unjust treatment of Black bodies more than ever before. 744 more words


Don't Raise Your Hand, Raise Your Voice.

From a young age, we are told “If you have something to say, please raise your hand and wait for your turn.” This is good on many levels as it teaches us: patience and to respect others around us. 631 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Is Hillary Clinton Just More Of The Same Old Pay To Play Politics?

by Gene Howington

There are many Clinton supporters who tout her as a bonafide progressive bent on reform that will/should benefit all citizens and not just the usual host of monied interests. 732 more words

Equal Rights