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So it’s been over a week now since the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage, and the idiot politicians are whipping up a defecation storm over what (if anything) should be done about it. 841 more words


An American Confession (On Christianity and Homosexuality)

Dear America,

My name is insignificant. My existence is small amidst your great shore for I am just a face in a sea of many souls. 924 more words


Feeling Myself ~ Kathleen Hanna Gets Back To Work


“ I’m really trying to face up to some of the scarier things that happened during my illness and work through those so that I can move on from it, not only physically but psychologically, because the mind and the body are so connected. 11 more words

All About Women

You Have the Right... but it breaks my heart

Large anti-government and anti-war protests are not easy to find prior to the Vietnam war, due to the Espionage Act of 1917  and the Sedition Act… 759 more words


A Little Post of Positivity 

Day to day, it can be so easy to forget that life is so short. If you think about it from a logical ‘real-life’ point of view, we are put on this planet for approximately 80ish years (maybe more if you’re lucky) and then it comes to an end – That is the reality of it. 369 more words


Oppression Envy seems to be a thing now...

So, some people are trying very hard to make “Straight Pride” a thing. I’m going to take a moment out of my day to explain why it isn’t and why it shouldn’t be. 448 more words


Gay Marriage, Tattoos, and Harry Potter - Choose your Sin

Unbelievably there are still people out there spouting off about how the terms of marriage shouldn’t be widened to accept same sex couples. Even reason isn’t sinking in to them. 840 more words

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