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Equal Rights

Disability Manifesto 2017: Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform

The policies of austerity have hit Disabled People particularly badly. Since the Government’s Emergency Budget in 2010, Disabled People have seen massive cuts to their benefits and support services, including £18 billion from the benefits budget. 535 more words


The "Fem" in "Feminism" | BEDIM

I have been blogging every day this month and I thought post exams I’d have all of the time in the world to create brilliant and aesthetically pleasing posts. 665 more words

Disability Manifesto: Employment

Yesterday, SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living launched The Disability Manifesto for the General Election 2017. The aim of the manifesto is to highlight the issues that Disabled People feel ALL political parties should commit to,  following the General Election. 340 more words


The too common reenactment

(Caution- another critique you may not want to read.)


Don’t call something a REENACTMENT, if you are really doing it!!!! (Cause how do we know?) ex. 656 more words

Problem Solving

Not So Feminist

Today I am going to openly talk about sanitary pads. Have you ever been to a store for buying one? The medical store owner looks at you with grave seriousness, scans you in some cases, thank god they don’t jolt back in surprise. 573 more words

Equal Rights

What Does Feminism Stand For?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, feminism is simply the belief in equality between men and women. That no one gender is superior to another. But today, some people have twisted this term to mean that women are better than men. 177 more words