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A Little More Love

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jr

My parents raised me to love, to treat people equally and with respect.

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A Gender Identity Summit at GLIDE

GLIDE hosted its first-ever Gender Expression and Identity Summit on May 5–7. The idea came from the GLIDE Pride Team and GLIDE’s pastoral intern, Todd Whitley, who designed the gathering to deepen our understanding of issues related to transgender and gender-expansive people, increase solidarity, and hold space with and for people to discuss spirituality in the fullness of who they are. 526 more words

Your Dingy Old Words

My morning went like this: I put on my black and white striped shirt. To be honest, it’s dingy as all hell, and the armpits have major sweat stains in it, but I keep it around solely to wear under my jean jackets. 1,496 more words

Mr. Trump, Bravery Has No Gender

Mr. Trump,

Please, go away. Our country has had enough embarrassment with your daily tweet and utter disrespect on a constant basis. No one is laughing anymore–in fact, no one truly laughed–ever. 635 more words

Donald Trump

The Ban

I’ve just been scrolling through the onslaught of comments about Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from the military. My first thought was primarily: how the hell does what someone has in their trousers impact on their patriotism or desire to serve in the armed forces? 711 more words


Ending Radio Silence

I know I have been largely absent (or, actually, entirely absent) since my last post on April 20th about Bill O’Reilly but I am back because honestly, this shit is fucked. 1,044 more words

|Things That Get My Hackles Up|

Does the Bible Teach that Women are Second Class Citizens?

I recently received an email from a woman asking for Scriptural proof that that God does not want women to be treated as second class citizens.  5,046 more words