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Talking Politics and Sexual Harassment with My 86 y/o Dad

Awkward, right?

The sexual harassment part. Not necessarily the talking politics part.

We talk politics. All. The. Time.

Even though I’m not a big fan of talking politics, I know my Dad loves it. 884 more words

Equal Rights

Why Don't ALL Black Lives Matter?

The radically pro-abortion Black Lives Matter movement (which recently announced its “solidarity” with the pro-abortion movement) reveals, daily, its hypocrisy and unwillingness to acknowledge that ALL black lives matter.

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My message: Female voices need to be heard

Dear future president,

I believe that every person on this earth, no matter where they come from should be given a chance in whatever workforce, education or path that they intend to succeed in. 221 more words


A Multi-Racial Coalition

For those of you who have read some of my previous posts – you would have undoubtedly noticed my stance on the current day issues of race in America. 1,011 more words


What's the Answer

One thing I’ve not seen during this election cycle, or maybe I’ve just missed it, is the answer to the basic question that Trump’s election phrase, or ‘call to arms’, raises. 1,117 more words

I Just Joined The Women's Equality Party

The Women’s Equality Party, is a new fully fledged political party, to cater to the needs of young women. During past elections, you may have found like I did, that you didn’t have anyone that you felt like you could relate to. 51 more words