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Women's Equality Day: It Starts with Perception

I remember when I was in elementary school. I remember talking to a male classmate of mine, it must have been around first or second grade and he said to me, “Women can’t be doctors.” To which I replied, “Yes they can.” 407 more words

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Men/Boys. Women/Girls. What’s in a Word?

The words used in a conversation, a story, an article, a TV news item carry important perceptions ad our views are heavily influenced by the actual words used to describe males and females just as a start.  1,067 more words


Another positive day 😊

Another positive day… Finally got our face to face apology from Barnsley Hospital NHS which will come with a written statement of apology. They are going to use our journey and complaint as a case study to help train the doctors/junior doctors/nurses to give fair treatment to same sex couples who have infertility. 283 more words



Sometimes current events completely confound me because I can’t believe that in 2016 we even have to argue for some of this shit. Example, yesterday I was listening to radio and some guy was saying, “We have to be very CAREFUL with marriage equality because we are changing the face of what marriage really is.” And I can’t believe we even are having this conversation because it seems so simple to alter a few words in whatever legislation exists that may say ‘man and woman’ to ‘two people’. 686 more words


A Man's Encounter with Street Harassment

‘I wrote on the chalkboard inside my mind a thousand times, “Women are not objects placed here for my pleasure.” …

‘As a guy, this doesn’t really affect me, but as a human being, it does.’ 18 more words

Lunchtime Olympics

Ever been whacked upside your head with a metal lunchbox? Are you old enough to remember when things used to be made out of metal? Well, back in my day, manufacturers really enjoyed making everything for kidlens outta metal. 361 more words

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