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Black Gun Owners Worried by Acquittal In Castile Shooting

Supporters of Philando Castile hold a portrait of Castile as they march along University Avenue in St. Paul, Minn., leaving a vigil at the state Capitol on Friday, June 16, 2017. 924 more words


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Apparently some U.S. citizens are guaranteed more constitutional rights than others in the eyes of the legal system and the cops who act as the armed guardians of that system.

731. stepping razor

“In which Peter Tosh (ex of the Wailers) takes a Joe Higgs original about being dangerous indeed, and very much makes it very much his… 43 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse


I’m so inspired by this young lady, and hurt by the Mormon Church. Still.

Danny and I had so much fun at Pride! I hadn’t seen him since we closed Avenue Q. 18 more words


More Colour.

How harmful are a few more colours in the Pride flag? Will it hurt or help someone?

The revelation that someone has proposed adding two new stripes to an alternate Pride flag has caused some commotion. 567 more words


BBC Three's Queer Britain.

I have perhaps kept quiet about BBC Three’s recent series on Queer Britain, because I wanted to see where it went and how it panned out. 850 more words


One Year On...

For some reason my brain tunes into ‘anniversaries’ of various events. Dates of meeting someone, end of relationships, moving cities. In this case; it’s been about a year since my case with the police for a sexual assault committed against me was dropped. 1,313 more words


Life Outside the Tank

You say we don’t understand your experience.
So we ask.
And you say that it ain’t your job to educate us.
Which is true, but doesn’t help solve the issue. 261 more words

Seeking A Better World