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Can Robots be Caregivers? Let's have a heated debate...

This week, Ian Loynes, SPECTRUM’s Chief Executive, spoke at a debate held at Winchester Science Centre. Below, you can read his presentation which focused on some of the ethical issues that arise from this subject. 936 more words


Caste Discrimination in Public Distribution System (PDS)

Another study in the book ‘Blocked by Caste: Economic Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Modern India’ published in 2010 reports discrimination in Public Distribution System (PDS). 99 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar

The ideology that drove slavery and the Holocaust is the same ideology that drives the destruction of human beings in the womb:  the idea that some humans are less valuable than others.


Caste Discrimination in Jobs at Private Sector. What is the caste of your company?

For those who say there is no caste discrimination in private job market.

Book “Blocked by Caste: Economic Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Modern India” published in 2010 reports an experiment –  208 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar

An Introduction - The 'F' Word

Feminism. Did you cringe? Do you feel a little bit uncomfortable? Do you want to leave this page promptly before I start preaching to you about the patriarchy and my right to wear a boob tube and screaming that I HATE MEN? 356 more words

Αριστερά και Ομοφυλοφιλία: μια ανορθόδοξη σχέση - του Χάρη Καλαμπόκη

Εντάσεις προκάλεσε στη χώρα η συζήτηση για το σύμφωνο συμβίωσης ομόφυλων ζευγαριών, με κάποιους να το υπερασπίζονται και άλλους να αντιδρούν επιλέγοντας να το κατακρίνουν.

Χωρίς κατηγορία