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We the People

We The People

Kathryn M. Balteff

The cries of a baby in distress instantly woke me. I sat straight up in the bed somehow transported back 30 years to when our youngest was an infant. 2,081 more words


“There can be no equal justice until a black life is worth the same as a white life.”  ~ James H. Cone, “Theologians and White Supremacy: an interview with James H.

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LD50 Gallery hosts white nationalists in pathetic bid for noterity

The Dalston London art gallery, LD50, directed by a 35-year-old Spanish woman and former herbal-supplement-company owner named Lucia Diego, acted as a platform white nationalist art and speakers all last year. 626 more words

The 'Factual Feminist' debunks stats about sexual assault and the wage gap

When Christina Hoff Sommers, a “former ’60s flower child” turned philosophy professor, began investigating academic feminism, she discovered numerous “mistakes, half-truths and untruths.”

“As a feminist and an academic, I felt the need to set things right,” she told USA TODAY College. 1,016 more words


No Grabs Pin

For the generation that seems to only now be learning it’s voice, this Kickstarter presents pins that capture the spirit of protest as a mean’s of identity and preservation of society. 155 more words


long island, new york (shinnecock nation) / santa fe, new mexico

In Loving Resistance

Why We Still Need Feminists

I graduated high school in 1995, having never taken one elective class I’d really wanted to take. Every year I asked my mom, and every year she told me she would refuse to sign off on any schedule in which I tried to register for the class. 1,245 more words

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