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York food service workers win highlights minimum wage struggles of women and minorities

The minimum wage labour force is overrepresented by most vulnerable groups in Canada

By: Julia Mastroianni

On March 6, York University food service workers won a $15 minimum wage, some health benefits, and fair working conditions. 630 more words


This is how we dooo iiiiit...

Here at KCUK we are all about equality and over the next few weeks we will be praising social activists and cultural geniuses who have helped in these movements.   24 more words

People & Places

Ad Concept: LGBTQ Rights.

The Ad begins with a boy who is looking at a girl, who he likes and the camera takes his emotions and feelings leading up to meeting her one day into account, we build the drama with him, as he comes to the place where the girl is waiting though, he sees the girl talking to a guy, though he feels that the man might be someone she likes, he starts to feel scared, even despondent, yet as she slaps the other boy, he feels nostalgia and hope, and decides to walk up to the girl. 179 more words


Warning: Contains a Dash of Lavender.

The saying is old and dated, but perhaps that’s what we need sometimes. A reminder of what was, and what now seems to stupid. If someone was to ‘have a dash of lavender’ it generally meant that the person in question, usually male, displayed gay or effeminate tendencies, as was used much in the way that saying such as ‘light in his loafers’ and ‘a friend of Dorothy’ were. 543 more words

Dash Of Lavender

LGBTQ In School Environments

Sydney Jenkins


Do you know what LGBTQ stands for? It means Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender and Queer. GLSEN is an organization that has advocated that one of the most effective ways for schools, districts and states to improve their school climates and to make their schools safer and affirming by enacting LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying laws and policies. 190 more words

Student Life

Fight Like A Girl

In the wake of international women’s day, the promotion of feminism has been rife within the media. In combination with the election of Donald Trump as the newest US president, and his degrading opinions of women, celebrities and communities around the world have banded together to advocate for women’s rights. 194 more words

Yes, I'm A Feminist. 👸

” And I Do Not Hate Men ! I hate the privilege that men have in society over women. No man is awful unless he uses this privilege to his own benefit.” …

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