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Yours or Mine?

Robert Mueller once asked a Burmese why women,

after centuries of following their men,

now walk ahead?

The Burmese man had replied, “there are

many unexploded land mines since the war.”

The Sun, May 2016



Is Any One Race The Villain? No.

Okay one thing that really hurts race relations is the fact that, and yes this is a fact. White people have done a lot of bad things. 465 more words

The Choices We Make...

So in an earlier post I had talked about having trouble making that jump, and figuring out how and when.  Well, the next few weeks may have made that choice for me.   327 more words


Do you know any female directors?

I read an article about the upcoming movies funded by the big Holywood production companies and discovered that 20th Century Fox and Paramount (if you don’t know, they are huge movie producers) have no films directed by women in their lineup form now up to the end of 2018. 262 more words


I Don't Want to Use the Same Bathroom as You

Guess what.

I don’t want to use the bathroom with anybody.

And that could just be because I’m a mom and 100% not exaggerating when I tell you I don’t recall the last time I had a piss in peace. 689 more words


A Boycott, A Bathroom, and the Fine Art of Discrimination

I don’t often share my opinions of political or societal issues on the internet.  Face-to-face, sure, but the internet doesn’t often allow for safe expression of opinions.   1,934 more words


Whatever Happened to a Woman's Right to Privacy?

The “Right to Privacy.” It’s something the left has argued for decades as one of our most important rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Yet, when it comes to a woman’s right to privacy in a restroom or shower, the staunch defenders of… 309 more words

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