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A Monumental Challenge to GLBTQ Philadelphia

#MonumentLab #EqualityForum

Dear GLBTQ Philadelphia and Our Straight Allies:

I’m issuing you a challenge. Recently I learned about Monument Lab, a project in Philadelphia this spring seeking new ideas for public monuments throughout the city. 502 more words

Day 5: Bye "bi", you're not my misnomer tie

“Bisexuality doesn’t exist. It’s just a crossroad for those on their way to coming out as gay.”

“Why do they have to be so greedy?” 979 more words


Day 4: Transcendent transexual

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several strong people in my limited life’s journey so far. But some of the strongest people, who I admire and respect, whether I like them as a person or not, are those who identify as transexual. 546 more words


A Philadelphia Gay Leader Elated With Today's U.S. Supreme Court Action

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the US Supreme Court today turning away seven same-sex marriage cases — effectively allowing gay couples in five more states to marry — one of the leaders of Philadelphia’s gay and lesbian community is praising the high court’s announcement. 218 more words


Day 3: Sappho -- the ultimate Lesbian hipster

I’m only on day three and I’m already weary of having to spell out that, “while homosexuality has been around for centuries, here are the first documented/recorded/depicted examples of such-and-such”. 391 more words


Day 1: So noble

Here it is! My first blog post….in like 8 years. And let’s face it, after a three-year gap all the others no longer count.

I’m going to start this word vomit with — in my mind — some noble intentions. 471 more words



^ top : Congressman John Tierney. bottom : challenger Rich Tisei

—- —- —-

Who could have predicted, twenty years ago, that a time would come when candidates running for Congress would all appear — and be glad of it — at an issues Forum hosted by gay activists ? 650 more words