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The ultimate goal of egalitarianism—and the western experiment in general—is to create a more just and tolerant society where humans of all backgrounds can thrive together in harmony.   1,536 more words


The theft of moral authority

I disagree, somewhat. From a knowledge of history. It wasn’t even called feminism until the late 19th Century.

1st Wave – opportunity to work
Some of 2nd Wave – opportunity at work… 78 more words

Thomas Paine on Basic Income, and Why Welfare is Compatible with an Individualist Theory of Human Rights

Thomas Paine, advocate of liberty par excellence, is an intellectual hero of all believers in democratic and accountable government. He’s also, especially, a hero of modern American conservatives and those of the libertarian persuasion. 2,884 more words


Economic Outlook: Fiscal Policy, Equality of Opportunity, and Social Mobility

“Your chances of achieving the American Dream are almost two times higher … if you are growing up in Canada than in the United States,” said Harvard’s… 592 more words

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American Women Aren't Oppressed Unless Big Government Policies Exploit Them

VP Joe Biden tweeted this in honor of “Women’s Equality Day” yesterday: “I will not rest until my granddaughters have every single right my son & my grandsons have.” 237 more words


Egalitarians aren't true believers

It is starting to become clear to me that most “egalitarians” don’t actually believe what their ideology preaches. The idea that “everyone should be treated equally” sounds nice to them in the abstract, but go into specifics, and it isn’t long before they contradict their stated values by making it clear that they don’t want to treat people equally. 283 more words

A Cynical Look At Feminism

There is a Difference between Fairness and Equality

Besides writing, directing drama, and coaching softball, I also teach American Government. I purposefully stay away from politics on this blog because that’s not what this blog is about. 936 more words