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Shared Parental Leave - Don't Make a Drama out of a Non-Crisis

It seems that everyone in the HR and Employment Law world in the UK is getting into a bit of a tizz about Shared Parental Leave, which comes into force after Easter. 480 more words

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Our United States flag is the symbol of all we are, of all we hope to be.

That flag, for which so many have fought and died, is the emblem of equal rights.

It means free hands, free lips, self-government and the sovereignty of the individual. 367 more words


the 'nice guy' argument

The ‘nice guy’ argument. You’ve probably heard of it. Or its counterpart, the ‘nice girl’ argument.

If, on the off chance, you’ve never heard of it, I’ll give you the rundown. 684 more words

The DIY Austerity Experiment You Can Do!

During economic recession should a country increase spending or impose austerity?  So who is right in all this?  Economists have been fighting over this for centuries and still we have no answer.   452 more words

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Bigotry, Ignorance & Disinformation

You know when you meet someone who tell you something that is not true, or when you read a view that is historically untrue, but of which a horde of people somehow seems to subscribe to? 425 more words


KAMPALA – I once heard this story about Ugandan relationships. It is the task of the woman to walk the thin line between submitting her sexuality to her man and employing it herself. 1,022 more words

History Repeats Itself: Discrimination Under the Mantle of "Freedom of Religion"

Marriage Equality has been sweeping in the nation in the past few years.  Last count 37 States plus Washington, D.C. permit same sex couples the freedom to marry.  653 more words

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