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Unleash Unlimited Kindness

I’m not a kind person by nature. I’m selfish, judgemental, and opinionated.

Since beginning my campaign for self-awareness and becoming a mother, I’ve discovered that kindness is a… 315 more words


The Gender Agenda...

Australia lags behind US, UK, Canada, SA and NZ in the metrics on women in senior positions. Why is it so and how do we change it. 248 more words


Men and Women are NOT equal

We’ve come a long way, baby. Now whether that is a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen. For a long time now, women have gotten the so called “short end of the stick”, whether it be salary caps, the right to vote, breaking through the “glass ceiling” in corporate America, the right to defend our country, and probably a myriad of other issues. 410 more words

Latitude 2015: much more than music!

The last music festival I went to was Glastonbury in 1997. I went camping with a group of friends and despite being covered in mud and not being able to have a shower all weekend, we had a fantastic time. 956 more words

Tweets - 2015 - July 23rd to July 29th

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Wouldn’t it be nice if parents didn’t have to beg the government for stolen money to support their kids? #government #welfare #nofreelunch

Medical care isn’t… 756 more words