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THE truth of our society

“they told us everyone was alike and deserved a fair break but they meant those EVERYONE who is like you… belongs to your class.They told us they wanted us to change the world, to make it better but what they meant by becoming a doctor, lawyer or an economist and marrying someone from Howard…” 134 more words


May It Be So

Can we, together,

like a band of brothers, stand

united despite wedges?


If that band also

includes sisters we can stand

united despite wedges.


Why You Care About Gender Inequality in the Developing World

Infanticide, child marriage, bride burning, female genital mutilation. We care about these issues because we have empathy and compassion. Don’t we?

Sure, empathy is a Grade A reason to care about the suffering of others. 264 more words


Ability in Disability

I love that song “Budding Trees” by Nahko Bear. Before I began my first semester at Chico State University, a friend had posted the early version of it, “New Eyes” to my Facebook page. 1,003 more words


Game Criticism

With the somewhat recent row about Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s sexism and with anger at the comments about the reality that choices in video games are… 2,475 more words

Feminists: To Embrace, or Exclude

Like most people, I am aware of the new wave of feminism sweeping across the U.S. You may be wondering, what do these women want? Well, I will tell you. 916 more words


#NotAllWomen #NotAllMothers

The due date for the book is 23 September – it is available for pre-order here!

Here is your third extract from Liberating Motherhood. 1,895 more words