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The Aspect of Soccer at which the U.S. is Beating Everyone Else

The American football community – and that is the football played worldwide using the feet, the one with a World Cup and no Super Bowl – is often the butt of many jokes. 412 more words


art: defined or infinite?

The Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts(DIVA) was founded to bring together artists and the community for Arts’ sake. How and what you define as Art is most assuredly viewed in a different light by someone else. 344 more words

Are Your Sure You Know What Feminism Is?

How many of us actually consider ourselves true feminists? Really think about that. Many of us may think of ourselves as true feminist but what does that really mean? 435 more words

Good Luck on your journey :-)

For all those people about to start university , or start their own ‘journey’ for whatever reason . A 6×4 card made by Paper Twists using the John Lockwood media gel plate, with stencils , stamps , pearl drops and ink .

Art And Expression

Philosophy to teach equality

Anyone with experience of working or living with children will know their ability to detect injustice is highly developed – “but it’s not fair” is a regular refrain. 44 more words


Rights of disabled people: how the UN Committee’s findings relate to Wales

Darllenwch yr erthygl yma yn Gymraeg | View this post in Welsh

In August a UN committee examined the UK on its implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). 1,030 more words