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A House Divided

With all the different major events happening in our world today (the U.S. 2016 Presidential election, the continuing fight for racial, gender, and homo/heterosexual equality, ISIS, global warming, Brexit, etc.), I fear that we, as citizens of the world, are becoming more divided than ever. 1,380 more words


Crossing The Finish Line

I grew up the daughter of a feminist. Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Betty Friedan… these were my mother’s heros. I remember long conversations among my mother’s friends at our church about women being excluded from ministry and the fight for ordination. 883 more words

Teen Date Rape "Drugged by my Lesbian Friend". A Survivor's Story.

I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the details of my rape, but basically I was drugged with GHB by my lesbian friend. I barely remember what happened, but I remember sort of “flashback scenes” of some of the things that happened when I was drugged. 331 more words

Instagram’s Runway for All campaign.

You may have heard of Instagram’s Runway for All campaign. If you haven’t then it’s highlighting diversity in the fashion industry and how the runway  421 more words


“Women Working to Win” Town Hall in Philadelphia

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania state Senator Vincent Hughes and actress/activist Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes hosted a town hall conversation to explore challenges faced by black women and girls against the backdrop of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. 214 more words


A refuge from the storm

This is a summary of the lesson I gave in Relief Society on the 24th July 2016

The lesson was based on a General Conference talk by Elder Patrick Kearon, given in May 2016. 827 more words


Shouting until we're all secure

The term ‘feminism’ gets tossed around everywhere these days. It shouldn’t be. It should just be. We shouldn’t still have to be fighting for equality when we’ve been evolving alongside each other in relatively equal numbers for several million years. 1,164 more words