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Participation and the Digital Divide

The digital divide is the ever increasing gap between people who have access to digital technology and are able to participate in the digital world and the people who do not. 281 more words


Bold and Brave!

I wonder if you limit yourself by building your own fences. I know I do! Too often I limit my own opportunities by assuming that either I don’t have the skills, I am not quite ready or I am the wrong person. 266 more words


The Problem With It Was Never A Dress

“So what?”

This was my initial reaction to the now-viral campaign It Was Never A Dress. The campaign redefines the female washroom symbol, which was previously assumed as a figure wearing a dress. 493 more words



“In my world I realized that everyone is good and so, sunflowers are my favorite, and blah blah blah, I rolled it together, and I got the sunflower tattoo. 17 more words

Feminism...it's not just for women!

I am 28 years old, male… and I identify myself as a feminist. For many of my fellow males, the idea of me being a male feminist is seen as laughable and an oxymoron in definitive terms. 385 more words


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A sniffle of poppies

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Writes froms Tel Aviv

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Love that this keeps moving in the right direction.

Congrats to Ian Campeau and our First Nations Neighbours.

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