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Monday in a Picture - Tibi Tendlu

In 2016, a documentary premiered in Swaziland. It featured Swazis talking about Tibi Tendlu (pronounced tee-bee ten-jlu), or family dirt, including child abuse and gender based violence. 107 more words


Simon, 49 (soon to be 50), City Centre, Norwich

I wear this hat for all the politicians in the world – they’re all jokers!

I wake up one morning and think, for once, I’m not ruled by the clock.

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Past Imperfect - #573

In an alternate reality, one much closer to the truth than he will ever admit, Donald Trump prepares for his next press conference.

In the background, nearly hidden behind whatever that odd pole-thing is supposed to be, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, current White House Press Secretary, gnashes her teeth. 407 more words


Past Imperfect - #555

Betty was a bit concerned.

She could hear the folks outside her dressing room, babbling about the thing that someone had done to the actress in the other dressing room. 448 more words



This hashtag has been VERY controversial from the start. From the first time Colin Kaepernick introduced the movement by sitting during the national anthem before a preseason game he was getting hate. 366 more words

Does Diversity Mean Equality?

Around the world, teens are told by their parents that if they come to America, they’ll have the opportunity to live the “American Dream”. They tell them that opportunities for success is abundant and all it takes is a willingness to adjust to a change of environment and culture. 341 more words