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Teaching my kids about Martin Luther King Jr

As my kids rejoice at having a 3 day weekend, I asked if they know why. “It’s Martin Luther King’s birthday!” explained my 7 year old. 521 more words

Random Thoughts

A Rap for Martin Luther King Day


Hold these truths to be self evident

That we were all created equal

Under our president

Each woman… 50 more words

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Love, Power, and Economic Justice

Celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King days before Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the Unites States could not seem more incongruous, nor be more timely. 1,059 more words


The Dream Must Never Die

In his first address to the nation as president, following the resignation of Richard Nixon, who had been forced out of office by the Watergate scandal just ahead of likely impeachment, Gerald Ford opened with these words: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” 1,074 more words

Contemporary Culture


“She would be the perfect wife,” he said as I held his pint in front of him, his eyes fixed to the right of me as she stacked half empty glasses precariously on top of each other. 77 more words


Expanding Your Perception of Acceptable Beauty

If beauty is only what you see in the mirror, what media has shoved in front of you, or worse, what your race has taught you, then perhaps you need to challenge all of the above. 169 more words

Today We Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we celebrate and review the courageous work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But let’s keep it real. While King’s legacy has largely been sanitized over the years–in his day, King’s message of equality, justice and peace was vigorously resisted by the status quo. 368 more words