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My Future is just as good as my Sutures - Females in Medicine

“If you were male, we would have assumed you could suture.”

The doctor had bright smile on his face and, as always, was trying to be charming. 1,108 more words


This is my ‘trademark’. This sentence formed itself during the Trump elections (I know, typical), but this is not a politics blog. (however you might say that striving for equality and being an activist is some sort of politics). 224 more words


the daily commute

I’m going to take you on a five minute journey that is in fact a five hour journey if not more. You will remain in the comforts of your seats but I hope you will not remain in the comforts of your world’s. 939 more words

Cape Town

Fostering Diversity: When Good Ideas Lead to Bad Places pt. I

It’s a progressive staple: increase the diversity of all the things. It’s not a bad idea. In fact, it’s a great idea. Increasing diversity everywhere is absolutely something we must continue to fight for and practice in our own organizations. 1,242 more words


Rape Culture: A Comparison

While discussing issues surrounding sexuality and gender I encounter a great many conversations affirming the idea that we live in a rape culture, a society that excuses, normalizes, or even condones particularly male perpetrated sexual violence toward women and girls. 1,917 more words

Men's Rights


And one day,

She broke all the “Because you’re a girl” chains,

And freed herself. . .



Analyze Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s Movement

Who is Cesar Chavez?

He was a union leader and labor organizer who dedicated his life to improving treatment, pay and working conditions for farm workers. 106 more words

Us History