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still it's not over

Another “Pride” is under our belts; 48 years since the Stonewall riots, 44 years since homosexuality’s removal from the DMS, 2 years since we gained… 305 more words


Past Imperfect - #83

As Zelda walked into the Gamma Bamma Slamma sorority house for her interview, she was not at all disturbed by the exuberant smoking, the obvious fact that none of them had a professional stylist, or even the aura of possible lesbianism. 455 more words


Transitioning at work

I transitioned at work a while back (time flies when you’re having fun as they say lol), but wanted to make an entry talking about my experiences in it. 3,003 more words


Some thoughts on the grounds for basic equality.

In summarizing chapter 1 of Waldron’s new book, I mentioned that it was important to distinguish between differences between people that justify treating them differently in specific situations, and differences between people that justify applying totally separate moral apparatuses. 371 more words

Women gamers rising

I’m not saying she’s now the poster child for Women Gamers but I asked some Gamer Ladies and they said this was their first thought. 540 more words