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Invisibility and its Cloak of Protection

Hundreds of athletes proudly stood in line to open the Olympics ceremony in Rio less than four weeks ago. Men and women came from all corners of the globe to showcase their exceptional athletic abilities and provide a healthy ego boost for their countries. 927 more words



If ur sitting here reading this and ur white/upper middle class or old..just know u’ve probably got it very sweet. Firstly let’s address why: u ((predominantly) don’t give to charity, or have a periphery nation-esque struggle: i.e. 1,096 more words


Love is equal- Stop homophobia

Who are you? What are you? Heterosexual. Bisexual. Homosexual. Transgender. HUMAN. 

Why does it still matter what sexuality you identify yourself with?

Remember being a child. 762 more words


Question of the Day - 9/26/16

Question of the Day:

What are your thoughts on the race issues going on in the U.S.?


Mary's end of month thoughts - September

September is coming to an end, this month as been a great month of realisation as Kylie Jenner said. I didn’t have a topic to talk about this week so I thought I’d give a little insight on my current thoughts and my current lifestyle at the moment. 1,006 more words


Despite the fact that gender equality has been an issue for decades now, it is still an unsolved problem. Society may have come leaps and bounds from the days when women were nurses, not doctors; and men were doctors, not nurses; but I don’t think anyone could honestly say gender discrimination is a thing of the past. 558 more words