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Racism in Pop Culture

In New Zealand we seem to have the mentality that racism isn’t a thing anymore. As a country we like to think that we are progressive and that racism is a thing of the past. 293 more words



Empowerment. Empowering. Empowering Women.

How we should feel, act, behave. What we should strive for, aim for, and need.

Kind and soft?

Men and marriage? 485 more words

Feminist Rant

“House is a mess?” He is perfectly capable of helping you clean up. “Are his clothes dirty?” He is perfectly capable of using a washing machine. 132 more words


Does this shirt make me look gay?

Fashion has always been used as a form of expression to display ones identity to the world. For the the longest time the fashion industry has been seen as predominantly female not putting much of a spotlight on men. 160 more words


What Makes you Proud!

One should reflect on this at the times of feeling superior over others and at the times when the feeling of Pride prevails one:

Oh human you are made of Soil and you live on Soil and at the end you would be merged into Soil; then what makes you Superior over others! 268 more words

Why Religious Preferences Can't Keep Gays Out of Your Restaurants

I know I’m a little late to the party, but let’s talk about this *new* law that allows store owners and business owners to not serve  379 more words


Bravo Ireland! - First Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By A National Vote!

Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by a public vote on Saturday, supporting the push for matrimonial equality by an overwhelming 62 to 38 percent margin. 139 more words