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Migrants or refugees? | On British discussion shows & harassment.

It’s been a few days since my first post, mainly because the internet has not been operational in our house for reasons best known to ‘I don’t know who’! 1,189 more words

3rd Wave Feminism

Star Wars FTW!

“To update an old saying: Hell hath no fury like a ‘Star Wars’ fan scorned.”



“And the male is not like the female.” (Surah Imran)

QUESTION: Is there a mention of the equality of women in the qur’an?


Praise be to Allaah.


This word – equality – which many thinkers in both the east and the west advocate in various fields of life is a word which is based on deviation and a lack of understanding, especially when the speaker attributes this idea of equality to the Qur’aan and to Islam. 2,428 more words

Muslim Women

"Equal Topless Rights"

Decided to switch things up a bit — I am sitting in the office on my break and decided to do this quickie touching on why I chose not to participate in Bodypaint Day or Topless Day this year here in NYC.  34 more words


Frying pans and rolling pins: Male Victims of Rape and Domestic Violence

Watch this video … go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now, tell me, honestly … did you laugh? Wasn’t if funny when she said, “Fight back. Fight back!” And even funnier when she changes her tone and breathlessly tells the young girl watching, “Please do not show me that at this point in time.” 1,536 more words


People I Don't Like 


This week I’ve decided to get serious again.

Not too serious – as in about 3 weeks I’m going to begin the most serious three years of my life (alcohol-fuelled fun aside) – but serious enough. 1,223 more words