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International Students in Australia

International students are given the opportunity to come to places like Australia to study and immerse them with the culture, yet sometimes the reception isn’t always positive. 631 more words


2015: The Year of Marriage Equality

On 29th August – Friday last – Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland (and an adopted and much loved son of Galway) signed the Marriage Equality Act, passed by referendum on May 22nd, into law, officially making it a part of Ireland’s constitution. 1,172 more words


My Islamic Perspective on Gay Marriage

Two months ago, gay marriage became the law of the land. I for one celebrated the Supreme Court decision as a victory of love over discrimination and judgment. 748 more words


Gender Differences, Stereotypes and Achieving Gender Equality

My thoughts: Young boys tend to be competitive, tough and risk loving. Young girls, on the other hand, prefer working collaboratively, being open with their emotions and are pain averse. 1,153 more words


Black Lives Matter, Because All Lives Matter

Well lets just start off with I’m white, now don’t click off just yet. I’m not about to bash the #blacklivesmatter movement. I’d just like to talk about it. 980 more words

Local elections - Feminist Initiative

Local elections in Norway are coming up, and there’s a new party in town! They’re called Feminist Inititative, and the concept is quite intriguing: Not to the left, not to the right, but forward. 232 more words


Taking Hippie Back!!!

Bonaparte read Friday’s post and was struck by the caption I wrote under the photo of Country Joe and the Fish.  Friday’s Post about “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” and Roots Music… 2,850 more words