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Why Commitment to Providing Equal Treatment is A Smart Business Move

Treating all people equally isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also good for business. Organizations that discriminate, or are complicit in supporting discrimination against certain groups of people, are at a competitive disadvantage relative to peers that promote inclusivity and tolerance. 706 more words

Is there trouble in allowing equal pay to women?

The wage gap among genders has consistently been an issue in the United States, with women unfairly being paid less than their male counterparts. However, this issue has become even more prominent with the election of President Donald Trump. 400 more words


Christian Feminist Friday - Let's Bridge the Gap Between Christianity and Feminism

As a Conservative Christian (though I feel like there really is no label that works for me since I edge toward being more Progressive) many people tell me that I cannot be a feminist because 1 – Christians cannot be feminists and 2 – Conservatives cannot be feminists. 525 more words


Not all discriminations are born equal

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything new. I’ve been quite busy lately with a lot of things, including rebooting looking4troubles, my other blog. 1,484 more words


Some Things Never Change

There will always be that white man in the grocery store with that stare.

There will be always be that one Black leader rising from the ashes of the fire of misery of his country. 193 more words

Republican Woman

I am she
Who burns the witch
Condemns to death
Other women
To die
Bleeding into
The Back alley

I am she
Who consumes
My sisters’ dreams… 145 more words