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Feminism is Bigotry Masquerading as an Equal Rights Movement

Of course, I am referring to modern feminists, namely in first-world countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK. And before I get started, yes I used another Emma Watson pic… 1,414 more words

Social Matters

The Right to be Ungrateful. 

It doesn’t matter what color you are. None of that matters.

The issues of color are completely random and could’ve been reversed in different circumstances. What if we were yellow and orange? 525 more words


It hardly seems fair that a 1300 pound cow had to give its life to feed my 80 pound dog...

There is no justice in the world – just ask the 1,300 pound cow that gave its life so my 80 pound dog could eat tonight. 25 more words

Black Fatherhood Matters

Before our youth understands that #blacklivesmatter, We must first teach them #blackfamiliesmatter. The most vital yet overlooked role in our community is the role of the Father. 47 more words

Black Breastfeeding Week '16

Did you know breastfeeding can come in many forms?

There is the traditional nursing- which involves baby to breast.

There is expressing or “pumping” milk in order to bottle feed (as seen in my first image). 96 more words

THE truth of our society

“they told us everyone was alike and deserved a fair break but they meant those EVERYONE who is like you… belongs to your class.They told us they wanted us to change the world, to make it better but what they meant by becoming a doctor, lawyer or an economist and marrying someone from Howard…” 134 more words


We Say We Want Equality

I was in my Rhetoric class today, and during our discussion we got on the topic of bias in the media. My favorite topic.

(A short synopsis of my feelings: the media is too commercialized, too biased, and fails to provide people with the information that said media was created for.) 128 more words