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Secrets and wives: Gay Chinese hide behind 'sham marriage'

Shenyang (AFP) – When Xiaoxiong and her lesbian lover wanted to hide their relationship from their parents, they decided to find men willing to marry them. 658 more words


The system is rigged

Donald Trump was right about one thing: the system is rigged. How else could only six people be as wealthy as the poorest half of people in the entire world? 626 more words


Sexist Me

In 1984, at the age of sixteen, I heard about female genital mutilation.  I was horrified and angry, but I had nowhere to share this information or how I felt, no way to make a change. 986 more words

Gender Inequality in the Creative Industries

Gender inequality has been around for centuries, a long struggle in all cultures. It surrounds problems such as employment opportunities, equal pay, healthcare, and education. Often, women themselves are blamed for gender inequality, they are blamed for not being competitive enough, being unable to negotiate pay rises, lack of education, and only wanting to work part time so that they can have children. 653 more words


Hadley Freeman.

Ok kids, T.T. is going to get a little weird on you here. I’m leaving the foul language, the shock, the awe, and all the general disgusting satire the you usually find here, on the side lines. 751 more words


Sister, Shoulder, Daughter, Lover, Healer, Broken Halo, Mother...

I don’t understand?  I really truly don’t.

Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Franken, Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Tambor, Brett Ratner, Cosby and many more…

I am no saint. 523 more words


WWJD - about Transgender?

This article first appeared on the Christian Today website. 

What Would Jesus Do – About Transgender?

It’s that moment you always know will arrive. You’re in the midst of an online discussion in which you are going against the general zeitgeist on a social issue (in this case transgender) and then it happens: someone comes up with what they think is a devastating riposte – ‘WWJD?’. 1,401 more words

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