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Obliged to treat a prisoner!

The human right to health care defined that hospitals, clinics, medicines, and health care professionals’ services must be accessible, available, acceptable, and good quality for any individual seeking any of these (NESRI, 2016). 455 more words

Human Rights

This is a time of equality ,

Equal race, gender and sexuality

An equal bearing and hope and means

Or so we were led to believe… 291 more words


Feminists, feel welcome to apply..

#genderfreeDV welcomes careful feminists. YES we do have them as allies, fellow survivors & advocate Academics. Equality and/or egalitarian variety mostly.


Domestic abuse, lets face it, has for too long been a political football. 295 more words


So doctor finally made a medication, I was really subtle so they think it was the heir idea. I also got them to check my self harm on my arm, they were non-judgemental which was good. 8 more words

My Thoughts

Hi, I'm a Feminist

A slam poem in response to famous Youtuber Savannah Brown’s, “Hi, I’m a Slut” poem.

Hi, I’m feminist. What? You can’t be surprised

When you’ve spent my entire life deciding for me that woman equals powerless. 342 more words


The Real Meaning Of Gender Equality

Author:Kayla Black

Date: 09/27/2016

Welcome to 2016 anyone looking at this post in the future, we’ve been expecting you. Coming up soon the nation of ‘Murica will compare their ideas for the future nation among the candidates and determine who wins the presidency. 622 more words