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The gender pay gap in every job sector, charted

On average, women get paid 18% less than men in the UK. That may still sound like a lot but it’s the lowest since records began in 1997. 269 more words

Why 'girl power' is so important

Girl power. We seem to talk about this idea a lot. I actually bought a top which says ‘power to the girls’ and it got me thinking a lot about girl power in general. 349 more words


Christian colonialism in Canada and its impact on indigenous women

This article discusses the impact of the Christian faith on Indigenous women and gender relations, and traditional family and marriage structures of Indigenous communities. The role of the Church, and its missionizing task, in the context of the Canadian settler project will be examined through a feminist lens to understand how the conversion to Christianity – whether Catholic, Anglican, Protestant – imposed Euro-Christian gender roles, marriage and family norms, which were disruptive for Indigenous peoples across the “New World” in general, but especially for Indigenous women. 2,358 more words


Free Speech and How to Use it

Last night, I was having a detailed and (slightly) out of hand discussion with someone about whether or not free speech should have its limits. In a part of the world where we are free to speak what comes to mind, do we-realistically-need censorship? 407 more words


Women's rights - Equality project

As I described in my introductory post to this project, I will be discussing how even though women have a lot more rights in society now than they did years ago there still isn’t that equality that should be there between genders. 943 more words


Randomly Assigned

So, you were born. If you weren’t you obviously wouldn’t be reading this post. You exist, just like the other 7 billion people on Earth. And though you may feel triumphantly proud of some of your human features, it was so very random that you’ve no right to hold pride about any of them. 124 more words