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The Fight For Equality: Why We Need To Give Women A Voice

Why are women restricted and forbidden to raise their voices? Why do women feel hesitated for public speaking in front of men? The right to speak is a basic requirement and a form of wealth for every individual. 410 more words

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A Marriage Equality Story, by Rich Paschall

All through senior year of high school, Eddie was telling everyone that he would be going on to college.  1,067 more words


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“Student loans barely cover minimum living expenses, sex work is not always an option for some students, it’s a necessity…

— Neville Southall (@NevilleSouthall) June 11, 2018…

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Communique from Cómpeta - #2

Pablo de Pato, surveying his kingdom, spotted the interloping tourists unloading their SUV outside the nearby villa. All of them were very chatty and exuberant, traits that were not necessarily favored in this sun-baked land. 394 more words


Marie's thoughts on...Father's Day & gender roles

Brace yourselves, I’m going there.

Okay, so I have ranted about consumerism and about the fact that we put too much emphasis on Mother’s Day, however, let’s talk about Father’s Day. 1,528 more words


Adult Black/African Americans are 20 percent more likely to report serious psychological distress than adult whites.