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The Equalization Scam: Ontario the "Have" Province Gets $963M

The School for Public Policy published a useful review of the 2018-2019 equalization payments.

Let’s take a look.

Looks pretty typical in a lot of ways. 228 more words


John Robson: Everybody knows equalization is broken and awful. Why's it still here?

Equalization certainly is a gift that keeps on taking. It sends too much money to the wrong provinces in the wrong way at enormous cost to national unity. 814 more words

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Provinces, feds set to debate proposed changes to equalization program

OTTAWA — A decades-old sore spot in the Canadian federation is days away from another flare-up as the country’s finance ministers prepare to discuss potential tweaks to the formula behind equalization payments. 904 more words


Colby Cosh: Get ready to be angry, Alberta, over a new equalization grab

This is a column in the “smallish things that might become important later” genre. You have probably noticed an increased quantity of squawking from Alberta lately about the federal equalization program. 877 more words

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Why are Albertans so mad? Everything you need to know about the federal equalization program

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forgot to mention Alberta during his Canada Day speech on the weekend, some aggrieved westerners reached for a familiar response to a slight from the East. 807 more words


It’s not a carbon tax, it’s a ‘behaviour-changing measure’: government officials

The Liberal government today released the carbon-pricing scheme it will impose on any province or territory that, by spring 2018, doesn’t have its own comparable scheme in place. 501 more words


Brad Wall criticizes attempt to link carbon tax with equalization payments

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said any attempt by Ottawa to link the money it transfers to a province with that province’s carbon tax policy would be a serious attack on federal-provincial relations. 348 more words