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Have-not provinces getting too much equalization money, Brad Wall says

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall wants cuts to the federal equalization program, suggesting some of the have-not provinces are getting too much money that could be better spent elsewhere. 651 more words


Manitoba disappointed by federal funding

WINNIPEG – Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Dewar said Monday he was disappointed to learn the province will only receive a 2.2 per cent increase in federal transfer payments next year. 331 more words


James P. Feehan: Searching for fiscal perfection

The federal government quietly renewed its equalization formula — which is used to calculate payments to those provincial governments that are deemed to be below par, in terms of their ability to raise revenues at comparable tax rates — in the 2014-15 budget, with surprisingly little fanfare. 882 more words

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Marcelin Joanis: Take the politics out of equalization

To many observers, Canada’s equalization system — with its side deals, federal unilateralism and complex formulas — is broken. Major reform is long overdue.

But for proponents of reform, the new provisions to the Fiscal Arrangements Act that took effect earlier this year marked yet another disappointment. 911 more words

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Bev Dahlby: Eliminate the ceiling on equalization payments

The federal equalization program is intended to reduce the differences in fiscal capacity across provinces, so that Canadians living in a province with a small or slowly growing tax base can have adequate health care, education and other public services at tax rates comparable to those in other provinces. 597 more words

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Wynne claims federal budget unfairly shortchanged Ontario

ABOVE: Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking aim at the federal budget as she prepares for an upcoming provincial election. Global’s Alan Carter has the story.  646 more words


Unseen Equalization: Provincial Subsidies in Federal Programs

This morning a research paper that I contributed to was released by the Fraser Institute. You can find the research paper here. The report examines the impact of province subsidies that are embedded in federal government programs and how they are distributed across the country.

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