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Daily problem #2

Find the maximal domain of exsistence for the solutions of each of the following Cauchy problems:

(1): note that the first Cauchy problem admits the constat solutions and . 55 more words


Book Review: In Pursuit of the Unknown by Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart. In Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations that Changed the World. (New York: Basic Books, 2012)

I stumbled across this book when a friend mentioned it to me, albeit in quite a vague manner. 56 more words

Book Review

Break-In Game

Matt Miller had a guest post on his blog a while back by John Meehan on a game concept called QR BreakIN. I love to create BreakOUT games so this idea had me intrigued. 525 more words


Telescope Formulae

Lots can be calculated from Astro-images and your telescope, so let’s go through some simple(ish) formulae for observing the night sky. Unless stated otherwise, use measurements in millimetres, not inches. 397 more words


The Light Transport Equation

I have tried to make this follow logically and am hoping I have got the equations correct, please do correct my math if you find an error, criticism and corrections are welcome, derision and disdain is not. 877 more words