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28 Plays Later - Challenge #24


Write a play in another language (a real or made up one) and make it interesting for an English speaking audience.


God Damn it! 591 more words


Simultaneous Equations using real life examples

Students need to sort the cards into matching pairs and then use the information on each card to find the price of each item (2 equations, 2 unknowns). 21 more words


The Mathematics of Love and Depression

Love: exciting, interesting. Synonymous to happiness. A feeling everyone wants to embrace.

Depression: dull, gloomy. Antonymous to happiness. A feeling everyone wants to aver.
How are they related? 499 more words


Equations in Science

I’ve been refining the way I teach equations in science for a while now, and think I’ve found a way that is┬áreaping good results. The key principles are as follows: 1,195 more words

Teaching & Learning

A Bank in a Nutshell

Businesses rely heavily on information and data. Many businesses actually store data. Some businesses use this data to derive statistics and models which are then used in an attempt to make the business more profitable, more efficient and streamlined. 1,236 more words


First Week Back

First week back =

Appointments + Time Crunching + More on My Plate

Sickness + Healing + Mind over Matter

Excitement + Anticipation + Melting Down… 23 more words