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More silly silliness:

Not terribly happy with the “Y” but I think this is the best option.

Ponyvision in Pink

Ponyvision in Purple


Dolls & MLP XD

Hello, readers/followers! XD

/)(\ /)(\ /)(\

I am not just a Brony and Potterhead, I’m a collector of dolls! :D

Because of this hobby I have, I frequently watch doll/miniature craft videos on YouTube. 66 more words

Standard Post

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (Fragman)

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks (Fragman)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Reviews ~ Season Five, Episode Eleven: "Party Pooped"


In an attempt to take the initiative in making new friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle has seized on the northern country of Yakyakistan opening its borders for the first time in 100 years to try and foster a friendship between them and Equestria, and has invited the yak Prince Rutherford to Ponyville to welcome him. 849 more words

Cordial Nova, or, A Demonstration Of Memetic Infectivity

So anyway. This is from the being-even-weirder-than-usual department – at least for those of you outside the group of my readers who are also My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic… 304 more words


My Little Pony y Equestria Girls, El Show en Vivo

El Show en Vivo de My Little Pony y Equestria Girls hizo su Premier Mundial en México este Octubre del 2015.

Adéntrate en el mágico mundo de Ponyville y Canterlot con tus personajes favoritos en un show de 90 minutos donde vivirás una gran aventura amistosamente musical, baila y canta todas las canciones que ya conoces. 142 more words


My Little Pony as a Fate Core game

This isn’t a tweak per se but a manifestation of the flexibility inherent in systems like Fate, The Pool, Primetime Adventures, and so on.

It’s probably something my grown as shouldn’t admit, but I love  727 more words