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Which type of Middle-Aged Stableboy are you?

I’m not the only middle-aged stableboy on the yard. Oh no, there are more of us that I’d realised. Here are the types I’ve come across so far.* Feel free to add more! 367 more words


Just a buck

Meanwhile, down at the car wash…

The woman without legs who became an equestrian champion - BBC News

Angelika Trabert has won 24 medals in more than 25 years, six of them at five different Paralympic Games.

When she’s not riding horses she works as an anaesthetist in Frankfurt or in Guinea where she travels with an NGO to provide urgent medical care.

Video Journalist: Jan Bruck

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Raspberry rain

Guns ‘n Roses had it right: ‘Nothing last forever, even cold November rain’, so, you can either wait it out and hide in bed with a Netflix marathon, or you can brave the dreary cold drizzle and head to the barn in a super cute raspberry rain #rootd. 184 more words


Wrap up warm in our Stainby tweed scarf .Toggi‏ @_Toggi

  1. Toggi‏ @_Toggi 23h23 hours ago

It was a chilly start today wrap up warm in our Stainby tweed scarf made from luxurious tweed fabric trimmed with super soft faux fur available http://bit.ly/Stainby 


NaBloPoMo - How your family/friends feel about your riding

When I saw the question “How does your family/friends feel about your riding” on the NABLOPOMO list, my first response was: I have no idea!  The thought was in relation to my family. 305 more words