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Fence Hugging

Monochrome Madness: 2-9 
Theme: Fences



Bear hugs the fence for where the grass is always greener, creating a play of light and shadow that I love. 8 more words


Some like it hot. And I wondered why.

I used to think one must be able to ride any horse through any condition to be considered a good rider; a bit of a perfectionistic ideals, if you care to take notice. 360 more words

The Learning

FCEBH: Satin for the Queen

What is your favorite ribbon / prize / award that you’ve won in relation to horses? Is there a story behind it? Or was it a bucket list prize you’d been chasing for ages?  634 more words


How to stay balanced in the canter

I observed last week that while I was cantering, my butt was going here and there and I thought I was going to fall off. It wasn’t the front or the back, it was the side that I was concerned with. 75 more words


One very long day

I typically use my phone to set alarms, several alarms, to make sure that I get up in the morning. Now, my phone has had many mornings where it has been thrown on the floor or bashed by my hand but today I wanted nothing more than the alarm to shut off so I could sleep. 231 more words


Polling Recommendations for Golden Lance Sought

Their serene Majesties, Edward and Thyra passed the Order of the Golden Lance at their last curia at Mudthaw. The Golden Lance will be an order of high merit for those who have excelled in the Equestrian Arts. 109 more words