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Man Crush Monday!

Olivier Philippaerts and H&M Legend of Love! Not going to lie crushing on the horse as much as the rider! I’m also drooling over those FreeJump stirrups. 14 more words


All That Grass!!

With the recent weather we’ve been having my mare now has a big belly full of grass and the energy that comes along with it! So as she loves her jumping yesterday I thought we would get brave and put some height on the jumps. 263 more words


Show Preparation!

Tilly and I have been extremely busy. Which is why I haven’t posted. We had a show on May 22nd, which we did really well in! 289 more words

Equestrian #1 Not Exactly Wild Horses

Not Exactly Wild Horses.

These are some of the lovely horses which live nearby, always curious and usually friendly, except for the Shetland who is a bit of a bully. 12 more words

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