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The Athens Olympic equestrian complex

Yesterday I wrote about the history of the Greek racing and the establishments in which it used to and takes place. I wrote that today the only race course in Greece is situated in the super modern centre in Markopoulo, 8km from Athens International Airport. 180 more words


Art in Archaeology: Expressionism or Interpretation? The Lewis Chessmen’s Knights

This week I’d like to discuss a topic within archaeological studies that has always been a conundrum to me, as an artist and an archaeologist. I’ve identified as an artist as long as I can remember, with the title of ‘archaeologist’ only being attached to me in the last 6 years. 570 more words


Happy Birthday to You!

Today we have a special post about my special mare. I have been busy with midterms and missed posting on Tuesday, but this one will have lots of photos to make up for it! 430 more words


Nothing But Air

Captured at the Bromont International, Quebec. July 2014


It's a Bit of a Stretch

A gorgeous Missouri Fox Trotter playing with a beautiful Appaloosa horse.


family clean up day

A couple weeks ago, it was warm enough to start some projects that have been put on hold over the winter.  Izzy’s working as a working student for her horse trainer on the weekends.  169 more words


Big Dreams in Bozeman

At a place like Eagle Mount in Bozeman, MT, connections are everything. People with disabilities can escape for therapeutic recreational activities like horseback riding, skiing, swimming, horticulture, iceskating, etc… 163 more words