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Credit Bureaus Must Pay $6M, Fix Errors More Quickly Under 31-State Agreement

The three largest companies to collect and disseminate credit information for millions of Americans – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – must significantly change the way they treat disputed information on credit reports as part of a massive multi-state settlement announced this week. 663 more words

Myfico - My Favorite Tool for Checking Credit Scores

There are lots of tools out there to check your credit score and report.  I’ve used a lot of them,both free and paid and have finally found my favorite: MyFico.com.   768 more words


Nearly 26 Million American Adults Have No Credit History

While a recent survey found that nearly 35% of consumers have never pulled their credit report, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau points out that some of those consumer might not have anything on their reports anyway. 658 more words

Will a "Credit Inquiry" Lower My Score?

Well it’s been an unusual Monday to say the least, but such is the nature of Monday’s it seems. If nothing else, it’s brought about some questions from several of our client’s, and one specific one that coincides nicely with some information that our head office just released. 566 more words

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Nearly 35% Of Consumers Have Never Checked Their Credit Reports

While consumers are often urged to take advantage of the free once-a-year opportunity to request a credit report and make sure they aren’t riddled with errors, a new survey suggests many Americans simply aren’t heeding the suggestion. 361 more words

Boosting Your Credit Score

Each time you whip out your credit card, your purchase and how and when you pay it off contribute to your credit score. That score can determine – or wreck – your ability to buy big-ticket items such as homes. 475 more words

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