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How to Get a Free Credit Report

Everyone is allowed to have one free credit report per year. Access is granted to the three major credit bureau services. Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax although Trans Union is quickly becoming the preferred bureau for most. 78 more words


You Have Credit Rights!

Did you know that there are 4 very specific laws that provide guidelines and procedures for lenders and that expand your protections?

Safeguarding your credit and financial life is extremely important and, unfortunately, there are many negligent institutions that cross the limit. 570 more words


Two Major Credit Reporting Agencies Have Been Deceiving Us – Is Your Credit Score A Scam?

As the world is pressed ever closer to a cashless society, individual control over one’s own wealth will become a thing of the past and our personal finances will be lorded over by government and the ‘official’ agencies contracted to manage our financial lives. 149 more words

20 Apr 2017 (AFR) - Demand for commercial loans surges - up 25 per cent

(20 April 2017, AFR, p32, by Larry Schlesinger)

‘The number of commercial mortgages applications to acquire offices, warehouses, shops and development sites surged almost 26 per cent in the first quarter of the year compared with a year ago, according to new figures from credit data provider Equifax. 43 more words

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3 things you probably didn't know about your credit score

Here’s what most Canadians likely know about their credit score: It’s a number somewhere on a scale from 300 to 900 — and the higher that number, the easier and cheaper it generally is to get credit. 787 more words


How poor money skills destroy career options for undergrads

By Frank Conway

As the college examination period fast approaches, now is the perfect time to look at a major global issue that can have a significant life impact for every student. 695 more words

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Facial recognition software promises 'passport match' for product applications

Equifax has launched a document verifier solution to provide faster identity authentication for financial product applications using facial recognition.

The solution, it says, can verify whether an applicant is genuine in a matter of seconds by comparing a live image of the applicant with a photograph of their passport or driving licence, both taken on a smartphone or webcam enabled device. 361 more words