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How Much Is A Company That Knows All About Your Financial Behavior Worth? Turns Out A Lot.

It’s no secret that consumer financial data is valuable: it determines if you get better rates on loans and allows lenders to predict the likelihood you’ll pay back debts. 235 more words

Senator Pushes For System To Notify Consumers 'The Moment Access To Their Credit Is Requested'

It seems like every day, another retailer, service provider, or government agency falls victim to a data breach, and if a hacker uses that stolen info to open up a new line of credit in your name, you may not know until long after the fact. 364 more words

When it comes to credit, many consumers - particularly Millennials - don't understand the score

Only one in five consumers know that bad credit scores are likely to increase finance charges by more than $5,000 over time if you’re taking out a $20,000 five-year car loan, according to a new survey. 424 more words

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Consumer debt continues to rise: Equifax

OTTAWA – Credit monitoring agency Equifax is starting to see small increases in loan delinquency rates in Saskatchewan and Alberta as the fall in oil prices makes its impact felt on the economy of Western Canada. 387 more words


Freeze your credit now after big data breaches, expert advises

Headline-grabbing government and company data breaches only add to reasons why you should freeze your credit, a nationally-recognized expert says. That in effect puts a lock on your credit report and makes it harder for bad guys to open up new credit in your name. 904 more words


[Lesson] Credit Score 101

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a number determined by one of three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) that is influenced by your credit history. 1,528 more words


God settles with credit rating bureau

A New York City man whose first name is God has settled a lawsuit with a credit reporting agency that had refused to recognize his name as legitimate.

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