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Millions Of Credit Scores Could Improve Due To Changes

NEW YORK (CBS4) – Millions of Americans may see an improvement in their credit score soon.

It’s because certain negative information can no longer be included in credit reports. 106 more words


TransUnion pushes Liberals to grant access to newly issued social insurance numbers

OTTAWA – An international credit reporting agency is pushing the federal government to give it access to a monthly list of new social insurance numbers… 554 more words


For Some Burlington Home Loan Applicants, a Surprise Boost

A few Burlington mortgage applicants may see a one-time favorable change in how they are viewed by home loan lending institutions. It’s a technical change that could amount to a significant difference in the results they get when they apply for Burlington home loans. 453 more words

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These Black Marks Fall Off Your Credit Scores Starting July 1

NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – Starting July 1, the credit scores of up to 14 million people could begin to rise as credit reports are scrubbed of nearly all civil judgments and many tax liens. 235 more words


Stolen wallet? What to do when thieves get your cards and PIN

Lisa Butler, 37, had her wallet stolen on May 15 in Toronto. Two of her credit cards were compromised and the thieves were able to guess her PIN, too. 856 more words


Canadian provinces ranked by average consumer debt: Equifax report

Canadians’ demand for credit reached a record high in the first three months of the year, according to data by credit report bureau Equifax. Credit inquiries rose by 3.6 per cent compared to the final months of 2016, with total debt rising by nearly 7 per cent to more than $1.7 trillion. 472 more words


El misterioso factor #010. Reparando tu Crédito Tú mismo y en menos de 1 mes. Cómo funciona?

El factor #010, what?…Sí!! ..uno de esos secretos guardados que mucha gente no desea que sepas. Este es el código del factor adverso que baja tu Score dramáticamente, pues califica el segundo más importante aspecto de la historia de tu crédito. 586 more words