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Imprint Training Part 3: Minimally Invasive Neonatal Interactions

Because of potential harm through the creation of states of flooding and learned helplessness in foals, imprint training represents a serious equine welfare issue and is not a recommended practice.   1,040 more words

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Imprint Training Part 2: Less Invasive Approaches

While Miller’s methods are extreme, there are less invasive variations of imprint training, which omit the insertion of fingers into the ears, nostrils, and anus, with interactions spaced out over a longer period of time. 359 more words

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Imprint Training Part 1: Perceived Benefits & Welfare Issues 

Imprinting refers to the process by which a young animal establishes a primary social bond with another animal (usually its mother) shortly after birth, from whom it will receive information about its environment and learn specific behaviours at critical periods of time and stages of development (Williams et al., 2003; Henry, Briefer, Richard-Yris, & Hausberger, 2007). 1,236 more words

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Equitation Science

While scrolling my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I noticed a question from Hippologic,  What horse book would you like to recommend to experienced equestrians? 377 more words

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From Docile Horse to Bucking Bronco

Having looked at an unwanted behaviour arising from barrier frustration i.e. stall confinement for the previous post, I thought I’d take a look at an unwanted behaviour under saddle for this one. 426 more words

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Barrier Frustration in the Stabled Horse

Stall kicking and pawing are two undesired behaviours observed in stabled horses. There is uncertainty as to whether they represent true stereotypic behaviours or may be more accurately classified as unwanted behaviours arising in response to barrier frustration, which occurs when the expression of normal, species-specific behaviours is hindered (McGreevy, 2012; Nakonechny, 2017; Pascoe & Houpt, 2015). 1,326 more words

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Face it, it's not your horse...

It’s YOU!

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while as it may make me somewhat unpopular. But what the hell, here goes!

I am, as is everyone else in the horsey world, surrounded by riders, handlers and their… 861 more words