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Snippets from the 11th International Society for Equitation Science Conference

Average rein tension is 34-45% greater in a rider’s dominant vs nondominant hand. -Jenni Douglas #ISES2015

— Alexandra Beckstett (@TH_ABeckstett) August 6, 2015


McLean’s 1st new training principle: avoid and dissociate flight responses!

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Horse Training

Equine Education?

Just to begin with, I am not suggesting that I am some kind of expert or that I know all the answers. I know there is a hell of a lot out there in the equine industry I have never even come across, let alone understand. 721 more words

Horsey Stuff

Nutritional advice - how feeds affect behaviour

On their Best Behaviour!

Every horse owner will be able to tell you about an occasion when they have experienced certain effects on their horses’ behaviour as a result of a feedstuff or dietary component. 508 more words

Be My Guest: Nadja

This blog post is written by Nadja who does a lot of horsemanship methods with the horses she works with. Here is her post on ‘Join Up’/’Hooking On’. 793 more words


Be My Guest: http://www.equiculture.com.au/horsebehaviour.html

This is the second guest blog of the day. It is another article written by Jane Myers but this time it’s from http://www.equiculture.com.au/horsebehaviour.html

Again, I would like to put out there that Jane knows, and has given me her permission, to post these articles off of her websites and that they are written entirely by her – she has full credit for them. 647 more words

Stallions aren't just fancy geldings

I’ve met several stallions.

Most of the stallions I’ve had anything to do with was while I was massaging one or walking them after a race. 1,906 more words

Challenged mare? The answer is T.E.N.

T.E.N. has launched its long-awaited supplement to support calm behaviour in mares. T.E.N. Challenged Mare has been specially formulated following repeated customer requests for a product to help support a healthy hormonal balance. 405 more words