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Sally & Betsy - Equine Photoshoot

Wow, just cannot believe that a whole month has passed since my last update.  All can be forgiven though as I’ve been so busy!  I hope to catch up with the blogging side of things very soon :). 121 more words

Derbyshire Photographer

Degree, Year Three, Help...

And we’re off to a not so flying start.  But we are on the final leg, and we will make it.  Note the use of the work ‘we’ even though I feel totally alone in this marathon (and I have run one of those too, so I am qualified to use that word. 344 more words


An Arcade Driving Game, While Doing One Of Those Dance Machines

I should be getting stuck in to my degree work, I know I should.  I have a Deadline Looming.  It will loom larger soon though and that will make me do something! 136 more words


That Was The Finished Document ...

Well, that was a week…

I may have mentioned that I am coming to the end of the second year of my photography degree, or, as a work colleague calls it, my ‘Degree in Taking Pictures’, and the work has to be uploaded by the middle of May.   392 more words


I have been insanely busy scheduling and shooting this year’s Unicorn Sessions.  The weather has been great for most of them, and the kids have had such a blast playing with the unicorn!   42 more words

This Photography Lark...

So as you may have gathered, if you have been paying attention, I really enjoy photography (and horse riding, but my photography is more successful and less painful generally).   146 more words


So What Exactly Do You Do?

If he asks me that one more time, we will be a statistic.  Which statistic, I haven’t decided yet!

Let’s see… I worked full time, left that job to get a part time job in another part of the country when his job moved, started a family and went back to work, had another baby and ‘gave up work’ to be a registered child minder, moved house and child minded, moved house and started my photography business and worked as a teaching assistant with special needs children at a primary school, moved overseas and carried on working as a teaching assistant with SEN kids, moved back and worked as a teaching assistant with SEN kids, changed direction with my photography business and concentrated on equine photography, worked as an IT contractor whilst continuing with my photography business, worked as a civil servant whilst continuing my photography business and doing a BA Hons degree in photography.   10 more words