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Bye Bye 2016

I have been really busy during the holiday season and the remaining time was spent with my family decorating the house, Christmas parties, making cookies among other things you do during Christmas.  348 more words

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What happens after the shoot?

In an effort to make the entire photo shoot memorable, I am always looking for new and creative ways to enhance the experience, from beginning to end. 680 more words

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"The Forgotten Breed"

I took a long ride out to the dusty Palomino Valley last week to visit Michelle Winans-Gomez with “Trinityglen Highland Ponies”. A friend (thanks Michael Artemis) told me that she was breeding a special type of pony that is quite rare to find. 481 more words

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My photo shoot with LeAnn

As I am writing this blog, LeAnn who will turn 19 yrs on Sept 5th, just joined the U.S. Airforce and is now going through the rigorous 8 week BMT- basic military training, located in Texas. 626 more words

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Sally & Betsy - Equine Photoshoot

Wow, just cannot believe that a whole month has passed since my last update.  All can be forgiven though as I’ve been so busy!  I hope to catch up with the blogging side of things very soon :). 121 more words

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Degree, Year Three, Help...

And we’re off to a not so flying start.  But we are on the final leg, and we will make it.  Note the use of the work ‘we’ even though I feel totally alone in this marathon (and I have run one of those too, so I am qualified to use that word. 344 more words


An Arcade Driving Game, While Doing One Of Those Dance Machines

I should be getting stuck in to my degree work, I know I should.  I have a Deadline Looming.  It will loom larger soon though and that will make me do something! 136 more words