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What happens after the shoot?

In an effort to make the entire photo shoot memorable, I am always looking for new and creative ways to enhance the experience, from beginning to end. 680 more words

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"The Forgotten Breed"

I took a long ride out to the dusty Palomino Valley last week to visit Michelle Winans-Gomez with “Trinityglen Highland Ponies”. A friend (thanks Michael Artemis) told me that she was breeding a special type of pony that is quite rare to find. 481 more words

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My photo shoot with LeAnn

As I am writing this blog, LeAnn who will turn 19 yrs on Sept 5th, just joined the U.S. Airforce and is now going through the rigorous 8 week BMT- basic military training, located in Texas. 626 more words

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Sally & Betsy - Equine Photoshoot

Wow, just cannot believe that a whole month has passed since my last update.  All can be forgiven though as I’ve been so busy!  I hope to catch up with the blogging side of things very soon :). 121 more words

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Degree, Year Three, Help...

And we’re off to a not so flying start.  But we are on the final leg, and we will make it.  Note the use of the work ‘we’ even though I feel totally alone in this marathon (and I have run one of those too, so I am qualified to use that word. 344 more words


An Arcade Driving Game, While Doing One Of Those Dance Machines

I should be getting stuck in to my degree work, I know I should.  I have a Deadline Looming.  It will loom larger soon though and that will make me do something! 136 more words


That Was The Finished Document ...

Well, that was a week…

I may have mentioned that I am coming to the end of the second year of my photography degree, or, as a work colleague calls it, my ‘Degree in Taking Pictures’, and the work has to be uploaded by the middle of May.   392 more words