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The Horse World...

The horse industry is well and truly a completely different world. It can be both a beautiful yet a dark world to be in.

I’ve had a love for horses ever since i could walk. 1,192 more words


Life doesn't always...

go the way that you planned but if you stay open to opportunities…they WILL come!

Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will. 77 more words

Showing Show

Last Sunday Eva and I had a showing show! We have done it once before during which we both were thoroughly soaked, leaving Eva highly unimpressed at the whole showing faff. 1,064 more words


Halters on horses

How often do you see it, horses & ponies running around a paddock completely unsupervised wearing a halter.

If you’re one that does this, ask yourself why? 153 more words


‘Equine Man’ (2017)

Created in Adobe Sketch with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro.


Redefining Happiness

Elysian Fields

For as long as I can remember I have said that if there is an afterlife I’ll know that I made it to the good place if I wake up on Givinchy’s back, easily cantering through a field.   1,065 more words


Feel Good Sunday: Trainer Herrick and Resilient Horse Follow Music Back from the Flames

by Bryce Miller as published on the San Diego Union-Tribune

“When Herrick and Lovely Finish look at each other, they see the fading pink streaks and stubborn patches of flaky skin that show the fire’s lasting imprint..” 1,294 more words

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