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Equinox Chant

(Marie Summerwood)

Onward we go round the spiral
Touching darkness, touching light
Twice each turn we rest in balance
Make choices on this night
Make choices on this night


Shattered Equinox

I ignored what I felt because you made me believe the world I know, you knew too. I didn’t understand manipulation could take different forms but now I see it infected all inside of you. 317 more words


Some people think that it’s love,

others a joke.

To him is nothing but,

part of life.

he asked me;

how can a married woman pursue a bachelor like me? 75 more words

Forever blowing bubbles

I’ve been banging on for a while now about a looming property bubble in Phnom Penh, but clearly prophets are without honour even far away from home. 654 more words

Vacation without all the hotels

I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday. Now I see why people desperately need to be void of responsibility for brief periods of time. Let’s take a snapshot of my life right now so you can get real jealous. 458 more words


Zodiacal light

“ … it was so bright that I couldn’t believe I’d never seen it before. I was in Chile … I commented to my host … that the light pollution from nearby La Serena was unbelievably intense. 657 more words