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Advent Calendar #12 - 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

We’ve reached the half-way point on this year’s Joyzine Advent Calendar and to celebrate we have another day of double downloadable delights for you.

First up is spoken word artist  191 more words

Ashtar Command, The Event Called Disclosure

Ashtar Command, The Event Called Disclosure

Channeled By: Elizabeth Trutwin


This Article:


For a one hour booking email Elizabeth at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. 36 more words


A Winter’s Tale

This is the last day of November, very shortly we will slip gently into December. We are truly in winter now, in Scotland.

My transition is progressing, if slowly, from tropical climes and times, to the Scotland of my roots. 622 more words

Lengte van dag en nacht

Waarom gaat de zon eerder of later onder voor een andere plek op aarde? Ofwel, waarom verschilt de lengte van de dag of nacht voor verschillende posities op aarde? 710 more words

Fall Equinox


Twelve hours sunshine, twelve hours of darkness. It’s the autumnal equinox today. To celebrate, I go for my usual walk up the hollow and back, enjoying the cool morning air, the smell of the forest, and the sound of the creek. 169 more words

Magic Moments

It’s Hard to Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin -  Equinox (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In many ways this album is a reviewers dream. Normally the job revolves around a battle of time and energy, wit and wordplay to tease the original properties out of the music before you which, by and large, has left big and obvious footprints back through musical history, plundering freely and not so much bringing anything new to the table, more just shuffling the contents of the table around a bit. 262 more words


I came across something that the guides wrote for the last winter solstice. I think it is even more appropriate now. We are continuing to step out of our old way of being and creating a new life and new world for ourselves. 364 more words