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Spring Cleaning: Clearing Body, Mind, and Soul to Make Room for Abundance!

Spring is almost here!

As we transition from the stagnancy, hibernation, and internal reflection that often accompanies Winter into the renewed, vibrant, fruitful feeling of Spring, many of us will be feeling the urge to purge the old and bring in the new. 666 more words

Sacred Ritual Dance

every exit is an entry

I saw the above street art last week while walking a new route to work. ‘Every exit is an entry somewhere else’ – yes! I immediately took a photo, loving the random surprises that can happen when I vary my daily routine even just slightly. 417 more words

Personal Growth

For the Spring Equinox

Spring opens a channel in my heart–

a sudden and soft rush of possibility.

Whether blue skies or gray,

the elements beckon me to join the surging, budding, blooming life, 18 more words

Equinox Part 2 (Episode 8)

Episode 8 of Jazz Fifty-Eight 8 continues the celebration of the Spring Equinox for 2018 (which officially occurs 2018 March 20 at 16:15 UTC).
This special 2-part program was inspired by the John Coltrane song Equinox and takes a look at the work of John Coltrane’s leading up to the recording of Equinox in 1960. 142 more words


Equinox Part 1 (Episode 7)

Episode 7 of Jazz Fifty-Eight 8 is the first part of a celebration of the Spring Equinox for 2018 (which officially occurs 2018 March 20 at 16:15 UTC). 129 more words



The other day, a friend invited me to a Barre class at Equinox High Street Ken. As most of you know, I am not exactly what you would call a ‘gym bunny’, let alone a ‘ballet swan’ and I’d always imagined a Barre class as full of jetes, pas de deux, arabesques and demi pointes: full of complicated and difficult ballet moves. 442 more words


Activity For Alban Eiler 2018 [Celebrating Spring Equinox]

It’s coming ever closer. Spring equinox, is on 20 March 2018. In Wales, Spring equinox is known as Alban Eiler, which means ‘the light of the earth’, and it’s a time of new life, restoring energy, and re-birth. 819 more words

Christian Thought