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September 2016, Could it be more powerful?  Season of the Witch 2016

So just a reminder for everyone, because even the best witches loose track!

There’s so much power going on in September it should be one interesting month! 168 more words

Astro Doings September 2016

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a wonderful summer! September promises to be quite intense, especially for the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces). And there are no planets in fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) until the end of the month, so it may feel that nothing is settled or finished. 568 more words


I remember when I was writing my novel everyone around me kept asking me what the title of my book was. I didn’t know. Yet. 341 more words



We are told that sun rises in east and sets in west. But actually it is true only for two days in a year. All other days sun either rises towards north-east or south-east. 191 more words


Lasting Whispers Of Fall…

Shh! Lo and behold! Sweet soul of September
Myriad riots of colors, bleed the summer’s ruthless recall
And a sum of bygone longings, sets the air astir… 149 more words


Cedar Summer: late summer silhouette & whimsy

I was inspired yet again by the fabulous, sock monkey.

for the Waxwing,
summer withers
sending the bare bones
of blooms to exit; their shift over… 224 more words


Overcoming oneself's limits

When I think about limits, I think of two kinds of limits; one that you set for yourself and another kind that you impose on yourself. 349 more words