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Barn and Bicycle: roadside vignette

Olympus OM-D E-M5 plus legacy Canon FD 50mm f1.8, grainy mode filter – straight out of the camera.

Country Rambles

Silhouette With Flare: photography's happy accidents

While trying to photograph an abandoned garage from too far back, I realised the low sun was going to create an abstract, graphic image.


Art Criticism: when to be constructive, and when to leave well alone

There is a man who lives in my area who, at every opportunity, forces on me his educated opinion of the deficit my photography shows with regards to technical skill. 357 more words


Wonky Cottage, Interior

I liked the way this weatherboard cottage had slumped uniformly to one side. Taken with my Olympus, processed using Pixlr Express.

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Burnt Out Cars: sadness and beauty

A friend took me to see his collection of old Holdens which were burnt out in the recent bushfires in the northern Grampians. With a growing sense of wonder and appreciation for this photographic opportunity, I got closer to the wreckage to see details, such as charred paintwork and melted plastics. 23 more words

Country Rambles

Life and Death: autumn in my garden

Feeling inspired by an article in Black + White Photography magazine, I ambled about my garden today looking for contrasting and textural images using my android smart phone and Vignette app, then combined them as a collage in Picasa.


Eden in Ruins: rediscovering TtV photography

There were big “hurrahs!” at my house when I discovered that the new PEN is perfectly well suited to being used for Through the Viewfinder (TtV) photography, which I had abandoned after selling my DSLR last year and discovering that my XZ-1 couldn’t do the job. 135 more words