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Fletcher Jones Gardens: light in the gloom

You camera collectors out there, you know that feeling when you use a camera with IQ that’s less than you like, but nevertheless surprises you with how good it is considering? 41 more words

Black And White

Abandoned Caravan Window: the ghost within

Sometimes we make images that capture far more than seemed to be present in the originally viewed scene: in editing this photo in the Snapseed app, the main subject seemed to me to be the curtain, hung precisely in the middle of this abandoned caravan’s window, and its ghostly quality like that of a long-ago girl’s petticoat.


The Life Creative: an artisan's studio

I was privileged to visit the studio of a friend who has marvellous creative abilities for a variety of mediums, including tapestry – but not just your store-bought variety of tapestry, she very cleverly creates the whole, from stringing theĀ  68 more words


Drive By Shootings: landscape with farmhouse and watercourse

These days I don’t shoot as often “on the fly” as I once did, but that’s how this photo was taken. Somehow, I like the result – I think has something to do with the dead trees at the right of the watercourse.


Landscape With Clouds: stripped of colour

If you stand at the gate in the previous post and pivot clockwise, this is the view you’ll see. Where the other photo was coloured and showed off the late-springtime green of the valley, this photo could just have easily have been taken in late summer. 41 more words