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Bottle, Cicadas, Lake: getting something right 

As a passionate amateur photographer, I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about photography, and less time doing it. After a few years with the micro four thirds system, I have tried a number of cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, and am still trying to get the right kit together. 138 more words


Little Green Spider: lens adventurer 

While looking at a friend’s lenses, I spotted this tiny green spider as it waved its forelegs at me, sitting quite willingly for photos (which don’t do it justice).

Equipment And Techniques

Bells Beach, Victoria: perfect on a public holiday 

It’s been over a year since I posted a series of black and white photos taken at Bells Beach on the Surf Coast, and today I got to go there again. 52 more words


Seeing Things Differently: developing an appreciation for curated collections 

This week I have been ‘curating’ a small collection of my photos for a tiny, handmade book project. Initially, my brief was to use photos of tiny native plants, but as I worked through a selection I started to see a theme emerge of ‘looking down’. 76 more words


Lake Buninjon, Willaura: the winding road 

Fujifilm X30, filters and border applied in Snapseed app. Which version do you like best?


Solitary Red Leaf: experimenting with selective colour

Scouting around a favourite wildflower location, there weren’t any Orchids appearing yet but a few other things caught my eye. I don’t often think about using the filters on my Fujifilm X30, other than the favourites I always use, but when I saw this red leaf beside green leaves, I remembered to try the Black and White with selective colour.


Ballarat Botanical Gardens: big and little

After roaming around the ground, photographing large trees and statues, I was delighted to discover a patch of tiny toadstools. Dropping to my knees on the damp litter, I was glad the Fujifilm X30 has a tilting screen.