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Drive By Shootings: landscape with farmhouse and watercourse

These days I don’t shoot as often “on the fly” as I once did, but that’s how this photo was taken. Somehow, I like the result – I think has something to do with the dead trees at the right of the watercourse.


Landscape With Clouds: stripped of colour

If you stand at the gate in the previous post and pivot clockwise, this is the view you’ll see. Where the other photo was coloured and showed off the late-springtime green of the valley, this photo could just have easily have been taken in late summer. 41 more words


Gently Dilapidated Farmhouse: two editing styles

I decide to make both a black and white edit and an enhanced colour edit of this image. Which do you prefer? I think I’m drawn more to the black and white version.


Circling The Sun: what's to come?

I took this sky photo during my lunch break after noticing interesting cloud formations and a halo around the sun. They weren’t this dramatic, so knew it was time to try my camera’s dramatic tone setting, and was pleased with the result. 9 more words


Postcard From Geelong: woman with camera

It was only after taking this photo that I noticed the second reflection.

Fujifilm X10 – Black and white + red film simulation mode with high contrast and high ISO.

Black And White

Barn and Bicycle: roadside vignette

Olympus OM-D E-M5 plus legacy Canon FD 50mm f1.8, grainy mode filter – straight out of the camera.

Country Rambles

Silhouette With Flare: photography's happy accidents

While trying to photograph an abandoned garage from too far back, I realised the low sun was going to create an abstract, graphic image.