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HD Monitor–99$ Bucks

Cinemartin Releases a 7” HD Monitor for 99$ Bucks! I’ve purchased cheap monitors before and to be honest I think I got out of them what I needed from them at the time I could afford them. 40 more words


Anti-Gas Eye Shields

Photographs of Rommel in the desert frequently show him wearing a set of British Anti-Gas eye shields perched on the peak of his cap. These eye shields were issued to all troops who carried respirators, a special pocket being provided for them in the respirator haversack. 388 more words


The Essential Items for Baking Edibles

From novice to expert baker, these are just some of the most important things a baker can have in his or her home. This list was compiled from what I have in my kitchen that I seem to use regularly as I’m baking & what I’ve seen my mother use for the 20+ years that she’s baked. 992 more words


Equipment Purchased!

Ok, so I may have given the impression that this would be my first ever foray into brewing beer at home.  This isn’t exactly  true, I have dipped my toe in a couple of times before, but not for a while and with extremely mixed results (including over sugared bottles of cider exploding in a cupboard!) 249 more words


How Street Sweepers for Sale Help Keep Your Local Communities Safe

When it comes to keeping cities, municipalities, and other locales clean, having the right kind of equipment for the task is just as important as having a viable program for implementation. 91 more words


The Unconsidered Accessory

I can reveal a secret from the camera-seller’s trade that you probably did not suspect: some cameras don’t make money for the shops that sell them. 514 more words