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FlaSC: Prenutpial Agreement

Where a prenuptial agreement provides that neither spouse will ever claim any interest in the other’s property, states that each spouse shall be the sole owner of property purchased or acquired in his or her name, and contains language purporting to waive and release all rights and claims that a spouse may be entitled to as a result of the marriage, such provisions serve to waive a spouse’s right to any share of assets titled in the other spouse’s name, even if those assets were acquired during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts or appreciated in value during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts. 15 more words

Equitable Distribution

Divorce Corp - Documentary?

I recently watched the documentary (if you can call it that) Divorce Corp narrated by Dr. Drew.  I was genuinely interested in watching it, as I read some very positive reviews and the trailers seemed great.   319 more words

Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution: Marital vs. Separate Property in a Divorce

Marriage is the chief cause of divorce. – Groucho Marx

Perhaps second only to the issue of child custody, determining what assets are—or are not—subject to Equitable Distribution is the most important factor that shapes matrimonial litigation. 831 more words

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Contested Divorces, Complex ED

Case #1:  Businesses, Banking and Offshore Trusts

Sharon Demarco was 54 years old when she came to our office.  I entered the conference room with a cup of coffee, a legal pad and a pen, greeted her and sat down.   601 more words


Equitable Property Division in Divorce

Question on Avvo.com: In the state of Maryland—- how to determine common property during divorce: house is purchased in just my name while im merried…via bank loan… 262 more words

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