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Going Pro Se in an Attorney's World - 5 Things to Remember at Settlement

Going pro se or representing yourself in a divorce is not for everyone.  Family law is a division of the Judicial Branch that is not governed like criminal law.  1,495 more words

Divorce Strategies


by:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

Well, other than being legally married to someone, in order to file for a divorce you must have what are called “grounds” for divorce.  221 more words

What Happens to Assets and Debt in a Divorce?

“What happens to our assets and debt when we get divorced?” This is a very common question I get asked by clients starting the New Jersey… 748 more words


The Pitfalls of Making “Side-Deals” in Divorce

By Robert B. Kornitzer, Esq., and Zach Levy, Esq.

A Property Settlement Agreement (“PSA”) is the blueprint for how the parties to a divorce agree to divide assets, and establish custody and support, among other issues to be resolved. 551 more words


Equitable Distribution

Figuring out how to divide assets and debts in a divorce case can be stressful and overwhelming. It is important to have an experienced Divorce attorney smithtown NY… 199 more words

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Distribution of Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Awards During Divorce

The question that frequently arises when people are going through a divorce is whether  my ex-spouse entitled to part of my personal injury and workers’ compensation award in the divorce? 1,441 more words

Personal Injury