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Mediation, What Happens After the Process?

By:  Gregory L. Grossman, Esq.

Often times during both pre and post judgment, parties are ordered to appear for mediation.   Mediation is a process whereby the parties appear, either with their counsel or alone, with a third-party who helps facilitate a resolution to the parties issues and/or case.    339 more words

Equitable Distribution in New York Divorce Cases

Gordon Burrows has over thirty years of experience handling matrimonial and family law cases. In that time, Gordon Burrows has established case law in a variety of matters, including those related to equitable distribution of assets. 277 more words

Gordon Burrows

Going Pro Se in an Attorney's World - 5 Things to Remember at Settlement

Going pro se or representing yourself in a divorce is not for everyone.  Family law is a division of the Judicial Branch that is not governed like criminal law.  1,518 more words

Divorce Strategies


by:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

Well, other than being legally married to someone, in order to file for a divorce you must have what are called “grounds” for divorce.  221 more words

What Happens to Assets and Debt in a Divorce?

“What happens to our assets and debt when we get divorced?” This is a very common question I get asked by clients starting the New Jersey… 748 more words


The Pitfalls of Making “Side-Deals” in Divorce

By Robert B. Kornitzer, Esq., and Zach Levy, Esq.

A Property Settlement Agreement (“PSA”) is the blueprint for how the parties to a divorce agree to divide assets, and establish custody and support, among other issues to be resolved. 551 more words