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Why Rushing Your Divorce Can Give You Heartburn (And Cost You Money!)

“I want to be done with this! Why is this divorce taking so long?!” said every divorce client ever. While there is nothing wrong with a quick and friendly divorce, there are many times that rushing the legal process won’t help end your emotional pain. 685 more words

Marital Finances

What's in a name? Everything.

If you think you have something to complain about, listen what’s happening in Japan.  The highest court in Japan ruled that married women must use their husband’s married name and never be recognized by their birth name.  245 more words

Can I Protect My Pension From My Soon-to-be Ex?

MA adopts the position that ALL assets of the parties (individual and marital) are put on the table for distribution at time of divorce. Many states honor “separate property” doctrine at time of divorce–that is property the parties’ owned before marriage or in their name only — but MA does not.   391 more words


Is Equitable Distribution Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

The end of a marriage isn’t what anyone plans for when they’re saying their vows. However, the reality is that divorce happens sometimes, and it when it does, it brings a lot of… 448 more words


FlaSC: Prenutpial Agreement

Where a prenuptial agreement provides that neither spouse will ever claim any interest in the other’s property, states that each spouse shall be the sole owner of property purchased or acquired in his or her name, and contains language purporting to waive and release all rights and claims that a spouse may be entitled to as a result of the marriage, such provisions serve to waive a spouse’s right to any share of assets titled in the other spouse’s name, even if those assets were acquired during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts or appreciated in value during the marriage due to the parties’ marital efforts. 15 more words

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