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AL-MUQSIT: The Most Equitable

AL-MUQSIṬ (المقسط) The Most Equitable, The Equitable, The All-Just, The Just, The Requiter

Arabic root

From the root (ق س ط) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to act justly, equitably; to do away with injustice; to establish an equitable balance… 340 more words

God's Unique Unity

My Queen

Her natural beauty, mesmerizing.

My shyness anchored my intentions, and it wasn’t until decades later that I build enough confidence and understanding to reveal my adoration. 17 more words

By Ori Aander

Don't Work Day

The “free world”, what does this mean? It seems the only freedom we have is in what we can purchase, and even this is at times manipulated as well. 114 more words

By Ori Aander

ik 296 for December 2015 wp

ik 296
exact extraction?

enamored egos
to emulate, epitomize
and explore every equitable


Inspired by: “Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart… 135 more words



…Living costs increased, as corporations consumed all the natural resources and profits weren’t reallocated properly, forcing her to seek debt.

The lender charged her interest regardless if the act is kind or not, the interest couldn’t be paid by working standard jobs, she moves into lower and lower housing rental. 51 more words

By Ori Aander

Race and Sex Appeal – NOT Service – Determine How Much We Tip

*It’s not the quality of service that counts, but rather how your server looks that determines how much we tip, according to a recent study from Cornell University. 271 more words


Delaware Votechs Spend More Per Pupil Than Any Other District In the State

With all the funding conversations that are taking place throughout the state, I have been looking through the data that is provided on DOE’s School Profile page… 138 more words