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Strengthening the Global Banking System's Weakest Link

As I discussed in my most recent newsletter (please email me to request a copy) and in my February 19, 2016 Forbes column (“Shares Of Global Banks Are Too Cheap To Ignore… 629 more words


Leading Indicators Suggest a Stabilization in Global Risk Asset Prices

Even as the vast majority of analysts stayed bullish on the global economy and global risk assets early last year, I began to turn bearish for a variety of reasons, including: 1) global liquidity, as measured by the amount of US$ circulating freely in the global financial system, continued to weaken, 2) valuations in U.S. 419 more words


Margin Debt Outstanding Remains High but Suggests an Oversold Market

A client said: “U.S. margin debt outstanding remains at a very high level; as such, I expect U.S. stocks to correct further.”

We last discussed the overbought condition in U.S. 395 more words


Quick Fact - As goes January...

We are only halfway through January, but it doesn’t feel like a fresh start to the new year, now does it? From day one markets looked grim and sentiment turned severely negative. 328 more words


To buy or not to buy – Asset allocation holds the key...

With literally thousands of stocksbonds and mutual funds to choose from, picking the right investments can confuse even the most seasoned investor. However, starting to build a portfolio with which mutual fund or stock to buy might be the wrong approach. 650 more words


10 Step Guide to start investing

A very good graph showing 10 steps to start investing  by UTI Mutual Fund house.

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Sell in May - Early Summer Update

Here’s a very brief update on this year’s ‘Sell in May’ effect. The graph above shows that during last winter period (November – April) stocks yielded healthy returns. 192 more words