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It all Depends on Maths

My last post questioned the true meaning of the increasingly popular phrase “evidence-based investing”. All investing should be evidence based. Anything else is just punting (speculation). 964 more words



My trading journey started back in 2008 during the  real-estate bubble/crash.  I think most everyone knows the phrase “buy low, sell high.”  So when we had that big crash down, I was working a job that payed pretty well at the time.   735 more words


The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates – Part 10: Debunking Guyton-Klinger Some More

A quick update on part 7 of this series, the Google Sheet toolkit to simulate your own safe withdrawal rate study: I added two more asset classes: Cash and Gold, with returns going all the way back to 1871. 2,330 more words

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2017: A Challenging Year Ahead for Portfolio Allocation Decisions

Surprising many investors and pundits alike, the S&P 500 posted a solid return for 2016, finishing the year up close to 10%. If investors never looked at their statements, one might be naïve to how much markets zigged and zagged throughout the year. 18 more words

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Are we in a ‘big fat ugly’ bubble?

Directly reporting Mr. Trump words regarding a potential bubble, it’s worth to make an analysis on the current conditions of the economy.

We are very likely to be in a big bubble, but not as ugly as Mr. 890 more words

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Market Analysis - Monday, February 13, 2017


This market analysis examines the recent performance of global financial markets, the role of liquidity in supporting financial markets, and the prospect of currency wars from the viewpoint of an analyst-trader that utilizes fundamental, technical, quantitative, and big data analyses. 633 more words

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