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Passive income through option writing: Part 1

On the path to early retirement (and most likely in early retirement as well), the ERN family will be writing options to generate passive income (in addition to equity and real estate investments, of course). 1,942 more words

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Are Stocks Out Of Gas?

September 27, 2016

Stocks are close to highs but there are signs that they are running out of upside gas. In my latest article for Seeking Alpha, I explain why this could be a great week to take some profits in the equity market or to take protection before October arrives.  27 more words


Will International Equities Finally Outperform?

Marco Pirondini is Head of Equities, US and Portfolio Manager of global equity strategies.

Since 2009, US equities have been on a roll compared to international equities. 761 more words


It Market Tensions

Good Monday,

Markets are now headed towards big shifts in momentum in the next few days and weeks. The two main markets that we will be covering in this article are: crude oil and equities. 800 more words


Exploring Equities – Diversifying beyond the home market

When The Virgin Investor starts out on their investing journey, more often than not there is a bias towards equities in their home market. Approaching investing for the first time can be daunting, especially with the potential to lose more than is gained. 377 more words


Cogent Buy view

Let’s go straight into some of the key trades that were made for 2016: Cogent holdings ltd which returned a total of 120+% in a period of about a year and two months. 489 more words


Invest or Die

Seventy-six million Baby Boomers are earning near 0% (or negative rates) and aren’t getting any younger in the process, which is forcing them and others to decide…invest or die. 673 more words

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