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Philip J.K. Koh

Title: General Manager, Country Head
Company: Bank Mandiri
Location: Singapore
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Business Development

Weatherized Sleep Tight High Return Investing

This is the third installment in the series to examine and optimize the “Permanent Portfolio” concept. As previously, I refer to the substantial work done on the subject by R. 904 more words


Investment for the Serene - Rebalanced to Minimize Volatility

The “Permanent Portfolio” discussion continues here with the question of how often should a permanent portfolio that makes no tactical bets be rebalanced, and how much difference does it make. 685 more words


Singapore's Economy 2014 and Stock Market

Market Snapshot

Located in the heart of Asia, Singapore is one of the few city-states in the world. Albeit lacking natural resources, its strategic geographical location, well-established business infrastructure, efficient government and low corruption level have transformed it from a fishing port to be a regional hub for international trade, finance, shipping and air transport within a short span of 50 years. 425 more words


Using the cloud to reduce complexity and lower costs for accessing and analyzing tick data

It’s easy to talk about utilizing market data to improve your business, but the mechanics of actually acquiring high quality, normalized, cleansed data in the format that you need have always posed a significant challenge – in human capital, IT infrastructure and managing a vast array of sources. 246 more words


Investment Portfolios for Farsighted Unprescient Two Feet on the Ground Types

This series to describe a potential investment vehicle offering nearly constant delight for most investors, continues here with the notion of the simple, unflighty “permanent portfolio” discussed in the… 563 more words