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A top Wall Street report has some bad news for stock traders

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Pity the poor stock trader.

Those working in the equities divisions at Wall Street banks have had a pretty rough time lately. Revenue from equities divisions at the top Wall Street banks dropped 13% in 2016 from a year before, … 262 more words

Money Matters

3x3 method for swing trades

I would like to share with you guys another method I use for swing trades.  I use 2 methods, the other which I covered earlier.  This second one has been very successful for me as of late.   967 more words


Measuring Up - Effective Benchmarking for Individual Investors

Reading time:  9 minutes

What’s the best way for individual investors to benchmark their performance? I was recently asked this question by a fellow member of the… 2,102 more words

Philosophy And Process

Creating Income Stream

So I was on the train journey to work a couple of days ago. And for some reason, a simple thought came to me. If there was one way I could share about how to grow wealth over time, what would that be? 372 more words


Side Charts May 26th

$COOL nice flag up here forming, ww 17.5 break we should see a push toward the 18.9, nice amount of room.
Alert: Bid>17.5

$GLW love the chart here, primed for a break out to 30+, ww 29.72 break… 48 more words


May 25th Side Charts

$BEBE looking for a 5 break for continuation, nice curl here with decent vol.
Alert: Bid>5

$GLBS nice downtrend break recently with seriously vol, we should see continuation tomorrow IF it can break 1.92… 49 more words


Moody's China downgrade to A1 rattles Asian stocks, Aussie dollar


Moody’s China downgrade to A1 rattles Asian stocks, Aussie dollar.

World stocks inched lower on Wednesday after China’s sovereign credit rating was downgraded and as investors eyed a pause in Wall Street’s four-day winning streak, the longest in over three months. 68 more words