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Melalui tokenisasi, investasi menjadi lebih murah, lebih cepat, lebih aman dan tersedia setiap jam setiap hari. Ini membuka aset dunia nyata dan dunia cryptocurrency kepada orang-orang yang sebelumnya mungkin tidak dapat berinvestasi karena keterbatasan geografis atau keuangan, dan menawarkan alternatif untuk metode investasi tradisional yang sebagian besar sudah usang. 771 more words


What's the State of the Art of Equity Crowdfunding in Italy?

According to the latest findings from the annual report by Politecnico di Milano on the state of the art of the equity crowdfunding industry in Italy, the market is small but promisingly growing. 184 more words

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Equity Crowdfunding: 3 Challenges to Grow, 10 Years Later

Ten years later, equity crowdfunding market has matured. This is one of the main conclusions of a recent article published by the scholarly journal Venture Capital… 431 more words

Equity Crowdfunding

Kissed by the Wind: Q&A With Ripple

Someone once told that “the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind.” Others, like the UK-based brand-new clean energy ownership platform… 502 more words

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Fundraising Strategies in Equity Crowdfunding

What does determine a fundraising campaign outcome? To address the question, a new study by Thomas Hellmann, Ilona Mostipan, and Nir Vulkan change the analysis perspective by focusing on the strategies deployed by entrepreneurs. 252 more words

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“We see the equity crowdfunding industry changing at an incredible pace and we expect to discover, as a result of this study, an evolved reality vs.

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“Investment crowdfunding platforms are looking to scale by becoming broker-dealers (…). Some may offer other affiliated investment banking type services or secondary trading platforms. Digital assets issued via blockchain based platforms may streamline securities offerings, reducing both friction and cost.

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