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Making a home run

Asianmacro has not posted since the 1st week of May to smell the roses into early summer and also in travels across Europe.  Looking back in the past where I have been in the futures… 731 more words

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Why No Tech For Buffet ?

Buffet is not the best investor this year but he certainly still holds a pretty unblemished track record that is longer than many banker’s ages. 459 more words


Tuesday's Lost Its Magic - S&P 500

No Magic 21 for S&P for Tuesday rallies.

“The Hindenburg Omen is a combination of technical signals that together forecast the likelihood of a stock market crash.  118 more words


Tuesday Comes To Save The Day : 3 More Days To Spoil The Party

Month end coming for the 7th consecutive UP months for S&P.

Yesterday we had the 20th Tuesday of rallies.

Take a look at the number of new highs this month. 130 more words


Hindenburg Headache and Jaws of Death - S&P 500

Hindenburg omen was mentioned a few times last month and they have gone quiet after the SPX flew to historic highs.

I was lucky I did not pay much attention to it, keeping an eye on the Jaw of Death charts and we are lucky to see UST yields climbing back up, logically along with the history made in stocks. 127 more words


Insights From Drinks With A Hedge Funder

I have always felt semi exalted in the company of hedge fund friends, akin to the glamourous feeling of hanging out with the Olympians that makes you feel like a winner too. 291 more words


China rumour mongering on a Friday

Illustration 1: If CNY trading band is widened .. be careful what you wish for as CNY weakened previously!

Rumour #1: Heading into the G20 Finance Ministers meeting this weekend, the first rumour is that China will probably widen the yuan’s trading band within the next three days after central bank Deputy Governor Yi Gang signaled policy makers will loosen control over the currency.   500 more words