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Journey from Biggest Investor to Biggest Donor:Warren Buffet

Read about investments of Biggest Donor “Warren Buffet”

As we all know that Warren Buffet is one of the Richest Personalities in the world. His name is not only famous for World’s Richest Personality but also famous as the most successful investor. 246 more words

Equity in D/s based poly

Originally posted in Black and Poly BDSM Style an cross posted to the Poly littles and their Caregivers page.

I’m sure many of you are aware that D/s dynamic doesnt always have a couple looking for another partner. 232 more words

VR is changing the world as we know it.

VR is everywhere today from the All Star Basketball Game to the Superbowl LI. You can run from virtual zombies in Resident Evil or walk through Google Earth. 830 more words


My Social Justice Educator Role Model

“Neecha andar neech jaat neechee hu ati neech, Nanak tin ky sang Saath vadian so kia rees.” (There are lower castes among the low castes and some absolutely low. 606 more words


Our PM always celebrate Indian festivals in a different way! Profitaim

PM Narendra Modi will never forget to celebrate Indian festival, and of course his way of celebration is distinct from others!

In Coimbatore, Our Prime Minister Mr. 85 more words

Penny Stock State of Mind.

Have you ever seen a microcap stock go from unknown and illiquid to a 10X price jump and a 1,000X liquidity increase? I know I have and, if you have been around the microcap space for more than a few hours, you probably have too! 469 more words


How Administrators Are Like Bras

I’ve dealt with bras for a while. Being an early bloomer and a busty one at that, I probably bought my first bra when I was 11. 822 more words