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Naked Doctors: A Look At Male vs. Female Nudity in the Media

Edited by: Sarah Schwartz

As a pre-teen, if I ever even thought about writing an article about naked doctors (which I doubt I did), I am pretty sure that my 13-ish year old assumption would have been that I would be writing about McSteamy or McDreamy from… 881 more words

13th Doctor

Equus is here!

It’s launch day! Happy Book Birthday to Equus!!

To celebrate, I’m sharing one of the posts I wrote for the blog tour, which originally appeared over on Angie Rega’s… 390 more words


Scatter The Foals To The Wind Excerpt

It’s launch time for Equus. Enjoy a teaser taste of my story!

Scatter the Foals to the Wind

My mom always said, “Michelle, never trust a short man. 452 more words

Equus Guest Blog Wrap Up

Thanks for following along with the Equus blog tour!

Here are links to all the other blog posts if you happened to miss one.

July 7th — … 86 more words

What *is* Normal? An Equus Review

Less than five minutes ago, with the singing of Filipino men derailing my thoughts and rocking inside my head, I finished reading Equus. Perhaps because I am inexperienced, or well, lacking passion in my own life, I find myself at a loss for words. 695 more words


Guest Post by Diana Hurlburt

I am thrilled to have fellow Equus contributor, Diana Hurlburt, as a guest here on the blog. Can’t wait to read her story, Eel and Bloom! 709 more words

Equus Guest Post -- FrankenHorse

Today on the Equus Blog Tour, please welcome Michael Leonberger.


When you run the stories of the Elephant Man and Jack the Ripper side by side, you get a tragic kind of tapestry that is gruesome on the side of the gentlemanly doctor, and gentle on the side of the freak show performer. 1,573 more words