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The Back Office: Management Meeting

Albert Meijer 

Some people start a new year with new year’s resolutions. Some are just trying to get over their New Year’s Eve hangover. Here in the offices of Euroculture, we have a different tradition to start the new year. 295 more words


Weeks Eighteen & Nineteen

The new year has started, and life continues. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, because I believe that we should start on self-improvement today, and New Year’s resolutions make it seem like we have to wait until the start of something– the start of the week, the start of the month, the start of the year, the start of a decade– rather than doing it now. 578 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Weeks Sixteen & Seventeen

Boy was I glad it was time for holidays. My husband came to visit me in Europe and we traveled to Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Saarbrücken, all in the span of around 1.5 weeks. 530 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Menatap 2017

Tahun 2016 sudah berlalu.

Mari membuat resolusi baru untuk 2017.

Bagi yang sedang merencanakan untuk apply beasiswa, bulan ini mungkin adalah bulan terakhir untuk aplikasi Erasmus+ 2017 (mulai kuliah di Sep/Okt 2017). 97 more words


Diary of a Master's Student Abroad: Month 4 (December 2016)

Somehow we’re already at the end of 2016 and with it, I’ve left the Netherlands as I near the end of my first semester at university. 2,445 more words

Great Britain

The Screen

Trees grow tall and lean upon the hills, swaying gently in the light breeze, as their green leaves soak up the midday sun. It’s not hot any longer, but it isn’t cold either, so I can get by with just a light jacket. 455 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Saying Goodbye to Groningen

Yesterday I packed up my belongings, said endless goodbyes and left Groningen. Technically the semester doesn’t finish until the end of January but I have no lectures or exams after Christmas, only deadlines for essays that I can submit online. 808 more words