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Weeks Twenty-Two & Twenty Three

At the start of this year, my bike was parked in the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) while I went off to travel. When I came back, it was… 479 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Moving to Uppsala: Hej Sverige!

Yesterday I moved to from London to Sweden, and now here I am in Uppsala! This move marks the beginning of the second semester of… 677 more words


Weeks Twenty & Twenty-One

I am still here. Still in Germany. Still studying. So much has happened and so little. Things are getting really busy. Finals are in 3 weeks, and I signed up for probably way more than I should have (of course); I hope I can get it all done. 630 more words

Erasmus Mundus

24. Sanitation Monitoring and Evaluation: An Investigation of Global Models and Implementation Challenges in a Rapidly Urbanizing Setting of Ghana

The main objective of this master thesis was to investigate how global sanitation is currently monitored, the weaknesses of available data, and the present challenges of monitoring sanitation behaviour in rapidly urbanizing settings, using an example from Ghana. 198 more words


The Back Office: Management Meeting

Albert Meijer 

Some people start a new year with new year’s resolutions. Some are just trying to get over their New Year’s Eve hangover. Here in the offices of Euroculture, we have a different tradition to start the new year. 295 more words


Weeks Eighteen & Nineteen

The new year has started, and life continues. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, because I believe that we should start on self-improvement today, and New Year’s resolutions make it seem like we have to wait until the start of something– the start of the week, the start of the month, the start of the year, the start of a decade– rather than doing it now. 578 more words

Erasmus Mundus