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My Erasmus Mundus Master Course application: FIPDes

Hello world!

I dedicate this post to the old of me who made promise to write about this.

Back to December 2013, I failed to get sufficient IELTS score. 489 more words

Erasmus Mundus

I need your help.

Dear friends, family, followers and fans:

I’m going to do something here that I’ve never done before.

I’m asking for help. 454 more words


Economic Policies in the age of Globalization - Erasmus Mundus Program

As my previous post, untuk melanjutkan kuliah S2, saya mendaftar ke Swedia dan Erasmus Mundus Program and I will tell you about my experience in applying for the erasmus mundus scholarship. 439 more words

All About School

Ma trận các dạng học bổng - cách nhận biết và lựa chọn

Ý tưởng “du học” xuất hiện trong đầu. Sau đó là quyết tâm đi du học nhưng vì cò không tiến nên quyết tâm tiếp theo là xin “học bổng” ;) Bắt đầu mở Google ra để tìm hiểu, gõ những từ khóa đầu tiên và CHOÁNG… + VÁNG… Nghe quen không? 2,254 more words

Châu âu

Rakia: the best and worst thing to come from the Balkans

It burns like cheap vodka, is sweet like rum, and strong like moonshine. On two separate recent occasions I’ve been introduced to the alcoholic beverage rakia. 198 more words

Erasmus Mundus

Scholarship for Cambodian Students

There are quite a lot of scholarship for Cambodian students for all levels of education. So what you have to do now is to build up your capacity and don’t hesitate to grasp any opportunity of continuing your study abroad. 578 more words


Bisakah menempuh program EM Action 1 dengan beasiswa EM Action 2 ?

Gara-gara hari ini ada pertanyaan mengenai reserve list, saya jadi teringat kisah seorang teman saya (awardee E+ tahun 2014).

Tahun lalu dia diterima di salah satu program EM action 1 (yang listnya bisa dilihat di… 132 more words