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admit it

I told you so

but it was to no avail

Blackout Poetry


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Source: A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Black Out Poetry: c.b.w. 2016

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I’m afraid I don’t know

how to be yours

if I were you

I’d let me go

Blackout Poetry

Erasure: gods

Erasure poem – sourced from Clouds by Aristophones
by Debi


we commanded
then declared
dreadful things openly
an evening
a torch the moonlight… 39 more words


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I seldom ask for anything

now that I could forgive truly

Blackout Poetry

Notebook Cento #2

Sometimes I go back through my notebooks from Graduate school and make centos (collage poems) from phrases I find in the pages.   This is the second of a series of centos from my notebooks. 48 more words


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beauty was bundled into a net

and the uncomfortable girl

with a shy timid voice

seemed to live

in a world of her own

Blackout Poetry