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dream dreams without being able to explain them

forget how fast you grow up

promise to always be you

Blackout Poetry

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sometimes your true self

is only knowable through solitude

Blackout Poetry

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that painful episode was over

and I write about it now

to redeem the beginning as my comfort

Blackout Poetry

Erasure - Wonderland

There is, as Andy Bell so wisely tells us, “something going on, something not quite right.” Because just a couple of years after Vince Clarke… 601 more words

Pet Shop Boys

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we knew he never failed

his words were prophetic

our doubt was leaving us

Blackout Poetry

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maybe in the summer

right now my heart

is full

Blackout Poetry

The Colonised Body

How many multiplicities and subjectivities can you encompass?

In an endless simulacrum of images and ideals which continually project and pull your body into numerous splintered directions, we become amalgamations; modern chimeras which desperately pull together the fragments of our identity and image in hopes of creating something able to navigate the fluctuating, unsustainable ideals of society. 2,171 more words

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