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The Kindle ain't so bad

I realise I am quite late to join the eReader vs paperback discussion but I’ve recently been using a Kindle and I felt I needed to have my say about it. 327 more words


The Unread Books on my Nook

When given the choice, I’d much rather pickup a hardcover or a paperback instead of my eReader. But that doesn’t mean I don’t surf through the Nook Bookstore on occasion when there are deals to be had. 457 more words

Musings About Books

The Death of a Kindle

Quelle horreur! My old Kindle died a death this weekend, it was purchased in 2009 and I suspect that this was probably a long time coming so I tried not to be too upset about its demise. 498 more words

Book Review

Currently Reading

The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place – The Hidden Gallery book 2 by Maryrose Wood.

Book 15 of 41 reading goal for 2016.



Hello ladies and gents. Today I thought I’d discuss audiobooks, something I have only really started to get into. I have a few pros and cons regarding audiobooks and lots of thoughts. 834 more words

How I Organise My Kindle Paperwhite

I am really interested to know how others organise their books on their kindle. I love the collections part of it as I love having everything organised. 430 more words



Alphabet Book Reviews

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

249 pages

This is the first book by Colleen Hoover that I have read, seeing her books in posts all over in my Tumblr feed made me want to read one, and so when I needed a book that began with N, I chose November 9. 154 more words