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eBook vs Books

The old age argument about how books are much more superior than ebooks always pops out when there’s a discussion on eBooks. While it is true that eBooks in price are not significantly lesser than their physical counterpart (for obvious reasons) and that eBooks can never replicate that page flipping feel or that musty smell of books stored for extended periods of time, eBooks aren’t necessary inferior to physical prints neither are they superior. 631 more words

Coffee Shop Banter

I have an Ereader and it has everything.

Once upon a time, I was the only person I knew who read books on an ereader. I realized this when the highly controversial Fifty Shades of Grey… 589 more words


Monday Musings | How I Read an 850-page Book in Under a Week

Before I get into why I was able to read an 850-page book in under a week, I have to preface this post by saying I’m generally a pretty fast reader, especially when I’m determined to get through something. 245 more words

Monday Musings

Kobo: A Tale of Customer Service

As I have posted before, I currently use Kobo for all of my e-reading needs. I have had some issues with Kobo as a company but overall I like the catalogue and the device/app itself. 373 more words


Most Important Accessory - My Kindle Cover!

Last year for my birthday I received one the best presents ever from my parents. If your thinking books then your right but also wrong. They purchased me a new Kindle Paperwhite. 371 more words


DIY Kindle Case Out of a Vintage Hardbound Book

My 3rd DIY Kindle case! Made this out of a vintage hardbound book. I got the idea from a cool guy I found in Youtube… 822 more words



Hey guys! It has been a long time since I posted. So I wanna post about something more special and compelling to read, so that it makes up for the delay. 399 more words