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Collective Intelligence to the Rescue

I had hoped to make it through the remainder of Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter? by Howard Rheingold but there is just so much information in there that I feel like I have to stop after a while just to try to realize everything that he has shared. 584 more words

To Teach or Not to Teach…For That is the Question?

Module 9: eText Reflection

This week I finished reading Mitra, S. (2012). Beyond the hole in the wall: Discover the power of self-organized Learning. TED Books. 616 more words


Rethinking Teaching and Assessment: What to Teach and What to Test On

As I continue to read Why School (2012) by Will Richardson, I am struck by the pertinence of his message. While the entire focus of this EDTC course has, on some level, been that the incorporation of technology is a critical in order to enable our students to become fully educated members of the 21st century, the reality is that it is this novel that seems to have given me more pause than other novels and the posts. 722 more words

EDTC 6431 - Technology

Admitting I Was Wrong

I’m writing this week to admit that I must retract a sentiment that I previously held. It’s not exactly easy for me to admit my own opinion was wrong, however I can take solace in knowing that this particular opinion is one based entirely on personal preference and in no way impacts the lives of others. 690 more words

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Meu ereader, minha vida

Desde muito nova, sempre tive o costume de ler bastante. Com a faculdade, o meu tempo dedicado à leitura foi por água abaixo, já que parecia que o meu cérebro tinha sido sugado por completo. 488 more words


Dust Catchers... Or tools of tomorrow?

Module 8: eText Reflection

This week I have started to read Mitra, S. (2012). Beyond the hole in the wall: Discover the power of self-organized Learning. 663 more words



So, I just read an article about how reading on a screen, as opposed to a paper page, is not good for critical thinking. The article, located here http://huff.to/1EJRWWB , is a decent read, however, I can’t help but disagree. 256 more words