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Why I do these things at the start of very hot seasons, I have no idea.  Makes me think I’m some kind of masochist. 😂 380 more words

Physical Health

The Joy of Reading

I’m enjoying a lot of reading. It’s a way to forbid me from being bored. Reading does help me alter a lot. Reading books are a way to entertain with your judgement. 568 more words


This Writer's Wild Guess as to the decline in ebook sales

Beware. This post will be rife with opinion.

I have read a few articles of late that continue to pound the point that ebook sales have been on the decline lately, specifically in relation to print book sales. 1,108 more words


the kindle

E-readers many have a love hate thing with them

i love them all the free classic and good indie writers that put out some amazong books and yes for everthing good you have about 10 soft porn or badly writen crap like morgan rice… 83 more words



You know that I’ve never been in love?  No idea what that actually feels like.  I’ve been infatuated with someone, I’ve cared for someone, and I’ve loved someone, but I’ve never been… 449 more words


April Books #whatjanessareads

I definitely slowed down this month with my reading. January-March I read over 20 books each month, but I think this time I was distracted, so I got 13. 1,041 more words

My journey back

There was a time when I endeavored to build a vast library of physical books in my home. A visible badge of honor marking the territory I’d read during a lifetime. 512 more words