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Barnes & Noble: That Ebook is Only Yours Until Your Credit Card Expires

If you think buying an ebook for your Nook is a one-time purchase, think again. A reader at The Consumerist said that when he tried to download an ebook he’d purchased months before through Barnes & Noble he was denied – his credit card had since expired. 10 more words


Curl up with a good... e-reader

I love books. I’ve always dreamed of owning a home and turning one room into a gorgeous little library. In the fantasy there is also oversized armchairs facing a bay window overlooking the grounds of my small country estate with groundskeepers trimming the topiary trees wishing they too could be locked away in my library. 438 more words


Social reading

Moore (2012) says that social reading is the new frontier. Maybe she’s right.

One of my colleagues attended the Brisbane Writers festival this year and was telling me how she had the opportunity to meet a favourite author she frequently chatted with via Twitter. 725 more words


Update On Using Old Tech

So, I’ve spent a week or two trying to find websites that play video, tv or radio for the old Asus Transformer TF101 but come to find out the tablet’s OS is just too old, being Android 4.0.3. 319 more words


Why E-readers will never replace physical books: an unscientific list

What will we burn?

How will we show our righteous indignation when someone writes something incredibly offensive to us? Throwing e-readers into the fiery chasm just doesn’t have the same dramatic “oompf.” We need printed books to be able to show the world where we stand on issues.   203 more words


Happy Friday! Out of Time Giveaway

Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate…Out of Time style. I’m giving away 20 Kindle copies to lucky random winners on Amazon. Check it out here: Out of Time Amazon Giveaway… 49 more words


Poll - Audio book, Ebook or a good old fashioned book?

Just sitting here wondering about this question and realised if I think about it others must do also!

I subscribe to Audible and I use the… 170 more words