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Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking book review

I got this book free for review by netgalley.com so thank you very much and this will be a spoiler review but it’s a 4.5 star rating for me so if you don’t know if you want to read the last book I would defiantly recommend you doing so. 292 more words


Books are my Bag: Why Buy Physical Books

Today is the beginning of the 3 day extravaganza known as Book are my Bag. According to their website: “BOOKS ARE MY BAG, celebrates books and bookshops and the simple truth that bookshops do more physically to let people enjoy their passion for books. 483 more words


Acknowledging the Artifact: how we privilege physical books and undermine reading

When I was in grad school, I took a course on digital rhetoric full of students whose reaction to e-readers ranged from “I just prefer holding real books” to “kindles don’t have an old book smell.” This was about two and a half years ago and I struggle to recall a student who had anything positive to say about digital reading in this class on digital media. 854 more words


WD - 3 Sleeps – The Pressure Mounts

Oct 7 – WD – 3 Sleeps – The Pressure Mounts – Except, things are very quiet at Chez Moorehead on the wedding front today. In effect – nothing seems to be happening today (at least nothing that I know about or that concerns me). 782 more words


But What Is An Ebook, Anyway?

My dictionary defines an ebook as ‘a book in electronic format designed to be read in an e-reader.’ It goes on to describe an e-reader as ‘a handheld electronic device for reading publications in electronic form.’ It’s certainly not a… 321 more words

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Whaaat? Print Books Are Back?

Armageddon for the printed word never materialized, it passed us by. Well at least that’s what we expected when eBooks arrived on the scene. Five years ago, we (authors) feared the printed word was on the way out and that to see our work in print would be the exception rather than the rule. 437 more words


Give me a book any day

Just last week, my library had a book sale. An entire floor was set up with thousands of long ago forgotten books. Fiction, biographies, textbooks, and children’s books: There was something for everyone, and it seemed that everyone in the area had come out to confirm that. 531 more words

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