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ED Eats

Before you decide on anything else, if you are suddenly having trouble getting or staying hard, go see your doctor. There could be something seriously wrong. 393 more words

Is Ayurvedic Medicine Really Effective in Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction: A common cause of sexual problems in men

It is interesting to know that, Ayurveda can help you in real terms in case you are suffering from any kind of sexual problems.   397 more words


The Psychological Component of Erectile Dysfunction

It is estimated that 5-20% of men experience erectile dysfunction at one time. We are going to explore how stress and testosterone levels may contribute to these high rates of ED. 698 more words


Advancements In E.D. Treatments

Most treatments not accepted by the FDA aren’t covered by private or government insurance benefits.Nutritional supplements Nutritional supplements are very popular and frequently less costly than prescription medication for ED. 352 more words

Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

The most frequent complication of ICI treatment is really that an prolonged erection. Extended erections (>1 hour) could be reversed with another shot (antidote) at the workplace.Men that have penile erections lasting more than just two to four weeks should look for medical Room care. 367 more words

Factors of Sexual Dysfunction (Sexual Aversion Disorder)

Summarize the effects of one type of sexual dysfunction that can affect both men and women. What are some factors that may cause this type of dysfunction? 322 more words


10 Best Foods to Eat for Male Enhancement

10 Best Foods that Help You Stay Erect and Last Longer

The foods that help you stay erect and keep you extra charged for the lovemaking. 471 more words

Erectile Dysfunction