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Fu Manchu fantasy in bath

Fu Manchu fantasy in bath, erection beneath red silk robe, f–king his daughter, maybe Hitomi. One day I will write that book.

Something For the Men

And by “for the men,” of course I mean for the benefit of the women as well.  Hmmm

Rachael Schultz at Men’s Fitness Magazine… 832 more words

Extreme Blonde Moments

Full erection. Thinking about Vienna and Brussels

Full erection. Thinking about Vienna and Brussels. Thinking about being Bank of —– chairman up on 7th floor, f–king Erica —– over desk.

So I booked Brussels! Got Max for £35.66 a night!

So I booked Brussels! Got Max for £35.66 a night! And Eurostar for £54.50 each way. Dare I also go ahead and do the Vienna trip now. 128 more words

How To Increase Erection Size In Men With Natural Sexual Pleasure Oil?

If you have damaged nerves and tissues in the reproductive organs due to repeated hand practice and suffering from weak erection, you can make use of the safe and natural sexual pleasure oil. 522 more words


Herbal ED Treatment To Get Rid Of Erection Problems In Men Effectively

As you know already, seeking accomplishment in sex is all that is needed to be closer to your lady love. So you will really want to know how to avoid mistakes. 513 more words


Natural Male Impotence Supplements To Fight ED Safely

ED or impotence indicates failure to get erection, or loss of strength of erection, or loss of power to hold erection for the desired duration. The condition can happen due to intake of harsh medications for high blood pressure, anti-depressants, glaucoma eye drops, chemotherapies, endocrine cures, steroids, low testosterone cures and the problem increases due to neurological conditions, diabetes, depression, anxieties etc. 455 more words