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#NSFW Work, Play, Sex? Or is it Sex, Work, Play?

The scent was familiar. I felt like I was hit on the head to the point of unconsciousness. My brain was lagging behind my body. I could feel a delicate touch on my neck. 1,044 more words

Our Intimacy

How To Increase Erection Strength And Get Intense Arousals With Herbal Remedies?

Maintaining harder erection for a long time and penetrating perfectly into your lover’s male organ is the key to performing a healthy lovemaking that gives fulfillment to you both. 491 more words


#33 More. (Blythe & Mac) NSFW

Warning this chapter is explicit and NSFW. Rated R. 18+

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More than just sex. 937 more words


Ayurvedic Cure For Male Impotence To Get Rock Hard Erections

Impotence is not just a simple sexual problem and can turn a man’s life upside down because it can raise disputes between couple. Lovemaking is an essential part of a person’s life. 573 more words


Rise and shine

He took the ultimate sacrifice to resolve us from our sins.

Ultimate sacrifice? 2 days dead and then eternity in the promised land?

That’s like going to a restaurant on Thursday for a meal with your mates, getting food poisoning and having to be rushed to hospital on the Friday, then on Sunday the Restaurant calls to say they are sorry, and to make up for it they’re giving you lifetime compensation of a huge luxury yacht fleet, private helicopters and jets, an island in Barbados, with all expenses paid, servants and everything… you’ll never need for anything again… 34 more words


3 Week Erection

a woman in Zimbabwe who slipped a love potion (containing Baboon piss) in her husband’s tea to increase his ardour began to rue her action when the randy bugger was left with an erection for 3 weeks and demanded sex 6 times a day – even when she was cooking or in church – http://tinyurl.com/kk62amv


I haven’t had a genuine unforced erection yet

I haven’t had a genuine unforced erection yet; not seen any pornography yet; not seen a naked woman yet. All these things should change in Nuremberg tonight. 14 more words